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Freedom For All Resisting Women In The Name of

The attacks, detentions and arrests towards the people and their representatives as a part of the ongoing state violence in Kurdistan since July 2015 have reached its peak in the last 3 days. Gültan Kışanak, as the first Co-Mayor of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and resisted for two years against the tortures in Diyarbakir Prison during the military coup in 1980, was taken into custody on 25th October 2016; the municipality building was blockaded and raided by hundreds of police.

On 26th October 2016, the people who gathered in front of the municipality building to protect their will had been attacked with impunity via water cannons and teargas, and, many people were battered and detained.

During this attack, the women who resisted in front line are specifically targeted. As well as many of our women comrades have been detained, co-speaker of KJA, Ayla Akat Ata, has also been battered and detained, and, the advocate and family visit is prohibited for five days.

The day after, her house and KJA, the umbrella organization of the Kurdistan women, was raided by the police and all documents, archives and computers were illegally confiscated.

The detention of Gültan Kışanak on the day that she was listened as a witness in the Parliamentry Commission to Investigate the Coup, the batter and detention of Ayla Akat Ata as the co-speaker of KJA and former MP in the Parliament between 2007-2014, and finally the police raid in KJA shows clearly that the government’s main attack is towards the resisting women.

These attacks conducted against the women, who organize themselves on the basis of gender-specific and autonomously, as well as their representatives and their institutions are the continuation of genocide policies against Kurdish people. During the conflictual process for last 15 months, approximately 100 women were killed, while thousands of women were detained and hundreds of them were arrested. Alike, the attack against our co-speaker that is targeted specifically and on purpose is an attack against the organized women in Kürdistan that carry out this struggle.

Began in the dungeons with the slogan of Berxwedan Jîyane – Resistance is Life and organized in all social areas with resistance, the women in Kurdistan continue their struggle under the leadership of KJA. We, the women who are living the “State of Emergency” in every “state” and mainly subjected to the pressure of male-dominated system, know very well that the only way to break this chain passes through the resistance and organize. Against the system which is totally intolerant of any woman who resists, seeks for freedom and never obeys, as KJA we call all women comrades to show their democratic reactions on the highest level, being in solidarity with the Kurdish women that raise the struggle with acts and activities, and spread the women struggle to all areas.


Committee for Diplomatic Relations of Kongra Star

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