Athens: Attack against the office of security company SCS (Greece)

In the morning of November 30 we attacked with hammers and fire the office of the security company S.C.S, located in the neighborhood of Zografou, Athens.

Private security companies plays a para-police role, making their profits by selling fear and promoting snitching and collaboration with the police.

For these reasons, and not only, it was not difficult for us to choose them as a target. Also, with our action we have shown that this company is useless and it’s services are just an illusion as they were not even able to protect themselves. Not one of their human or mechanical means of control can stop those who have the desire to attack the existent.

With this action we want to support the call against the G-20 summit that will take place in Hamburg on the 7th and 8th of July in 2017. The 7th and 8th of July as well as the preceding months can be a meeting point between comrades from around the world and simultaneously form a focal point for a campaign that contributes to the sharpening of tensions and create new points of rupture without limitations of time or place.

We will decide on the how, when and where without waiting for anything or anyone. So, we think it is a good opportunity to show through the ruptures our own practices and words in rejection of the leftists and the good citizens who will once again build their own carnival to try and transform the mobilization into a democratic and peaceful fiesta.

We want to clarify that we do not support this call because we want “a better world”, nor a more fair government, more humanitarian laws or a better state. All these reformist and christian-philanthropic values can go to hell!

We support the call because we believe that through the exchange of feelings, moments and experiences between comrades who come from different places and have different backgrounds we can build the conditions that will make us not have to wait for the summits.

Our position has never been and never will be defensive!
War with all means!
We are at war with YOUR existent!

Antisocial Arsonists

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