Report about Gary McNair, prison governor (UK)

325 receives and transmits:

From Freedom of Information requests I have managed to gain some details of another Governor of Her Majesty’s Prison Service and this information yet again presents the question of how the tax paying public could reasonably trust this man to be responsible for the safety and rehabilitation of vulnerable people in custody.

Governor Gary McNair formerly of HMP Manchester, HMP Hindley and HMP Liverpool was concluded in a public record document by a Judge of Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service from 2014 to have seriously questionable credibility and that the entirety of his evidence given that day was ‘was a patently wild exaggeration on the part of that unreliable witness’

For this to be concluded would be in direct contradiction with Her Majesty’s Prison Service website in which under ‘Our Principles’ it is stated that HMP endeavour to ensure ‘Our staff have the right leadership, organisation, support and preparation to carry out their work effectively’

It is also in direct contradiction of Prison Service Order 1215: Professional Standards which states:

‘Staff must not bring discredit to the Prison Service through their conduct on or off duty’

It is also note worthy that Governor Gary McNair was the Head of Security at HMP Hindley when Ashley Lawrence – a prisoner deemed an escape risk – escaped from HMP Hindley.

Mr McNair was also a member of the Management team of HMP Hindley who failed tragic teenager Jake Hardy who committed suicide in the establishment.

Gary McNair should not only not be trusted to work for the Prison Service, he should not be allowed to work in any role in which he is responsible for the care of vulnerable people or expected to operate with integrity or honesty – as he has proved himself incapable of doing this time and time again.

Furthermore, the Prison Service should be held to account as to why Gary McNair was not disciplined and/or dismissed immediately following the finding of the Tribunal Judge regarding his unscrupulous character and dishonest nature.

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