Incendiary solidarity action for imprisoned comrades Pola Roupa & Konstantina Athanasopoulou (Greece)


On January 5th Pola Roupa and Konstandina Athanasopoulou, members of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle, are arrested. The anti-terrorist dogs raid the house where Roupa and her child were living, terrorizing her 6 year old son. As if this was not enough, the scum of society, the cops snatch and kidnap the 6 year old. The despicable government of Syriza-Anel inaugurated a new practice of revenging and exterminating the enemy. The following days there was a “struggle” by some parts of society as well as portion of prisoners with sole demand the child’s release.

The members of R.S. pay the price of the anti-state armed struggle. They deal with the state in its most vengeful form, because through these actions they managed to harm, to a greater or lesser degree, the class of bosses and disrupt their calmness proving that the enemy is not invincible. They decided to return some of the violence the lower layers have received in the previous years by domestic and foreign politicians and technocrats.

They decided to attack the existing system that impoverishes, kills and terrorizes, showing the way for an armed insurrection. We “from below” ought to do the same. We should seize the opportunity of the overt attack by state and capital in our lives and organize anti-hierarchically, relying on our own forces, away from elections and party saviors – Against all authority. This is why, as a token of solidarity to the members of the Revolutionary Struggle and wanting to return a bit of the violence we and those around us receive from the banks, in the early hours of Thursday 26/1 we smashed and torched an ATM of a central branch of Piraeus in Kavala, causing little trouble in the heads of the domestic bankers.


Solidarity to the imprisoned members of R.O. Revolutionary Struggle.

P.S. Victory to the armed fighter Dimitris Koufodinas, who is vengefully deprived of furloughs, which he is entitled to since 2010.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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