Vodafone antenna sabotaged in Bristol (UK)

Vodafone antenna sabotaged on the 9th of March in Bristol.

Roughly three weeks ago a mobile phone tower operated by Vodafone was sabotaged with fire in Barton Hill, Bristol. This attack against the ever encroaching technological wing of capitalist infrastructure was inspired by recent similar actions in Italy. Across Europe, Vodafone has ‘proudly’ had a wide variety of contracts with a number of different police forces for a long time.

This phone tower, on Queen Anne road, is/was located in front of Kenneth Steele House, the serious crimes unit of Bristol police near Temple Meads train station in Bristol. This is not only a hit to the company but to the pride of the cops and their facade of control. A ‘warm’ greeting to them.

As well as this a G4s car was sabotaged just over a week ago in St George, Bristol.

G4S are a massive global private security company that run a number of private prisons, including youth prisons and migration centres. Where one might see pain and suffering they see profit. They have a history of abuse particularly in their youth prisons and yet consistantly win new contracts with the state. It was the state who came to their rescue when HMP Birmingham (privately operated by G4S) saw explosive riots late last year.

This act was inspired by a similar action in Berlin.

This is an invitation to take action against all repressive apparatus’ whether privatised or not. Attacking the infrastucture of G4S and the police and the companies who support them can seem overwhelming, but it can be simple and empowering.

Good luck out there.

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