Comrade Davide Delogu accused of attempted escape from the prison of Buoncamminno (Italy)

The trial against Davide, due on 9th March in the court of Cagliari, was postponed to 17th May. Davide is accused of attempted escape from the prison of Buoncamminno.

Sempri Ainnantis!

«… dreams are to be made true here in the present time and not in a hypothetical future, given that the future has always been sold by the priests of all religions and ideologies so that they could steal from us with impunity. We want a present time that is worth living and not simply sacrificed to a messianic wait for the future Eden. For this reason we wanted to talk concretely about anarchy to be realized now, not tomorrow. The “everything now” is a bet, a game we play and whose stake is our life, everyone’s life, our death, everyone’s death…»
Pierleone Mario Porcu

We know people… quiet and loquacious, shy and bold, humble and arrogant people…

People who live obedient like sheet, and others who don’t hide themselves in betrayal, they look into your eyes and stay always side by side no matter what. We know people who dream without imagination and live without dreaming, people whose eyes are used to stare below and whose ears are used to take orders such as “wake up”, “work”, “pay”, “buy”, “believe” , “respect”…
We know many people alone in the crowd, patiently waiting for an answer to their prayers till the end of their lives, for an eternal tomorrow, for better days, for a bright future.

But those who wait for a better life tomorrow are already dead today.

We know many individuals but only few of them are our comrades. Indomitable and unrepentant anarchists are shouting “a slow death or else the anarchist struggle here and now!”

And we are shouting with them, this is the only path of struggle we think worth the joy to take.

We’ve chosen to be there, to be on their side. We know our words don’t speak to the many, but we’d like them to cut like blades today, and to burn the bridges with the past in the concreteness required by action.

In recent months and years many comrades not submitted to resignation, besides showing us they never stopped being themselves to change into prisoners, they showed pure conscience, one which is not driven by some straw breaking the camel’s back, but by the will to give alive contributions to an anarchist perspective of attack that is still going on inside and outside the prison. From a chair that smashes the partition glass between the visit hall and the guards’ office in the prison of Ferrara, a gesture made in early September 2016 by anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito in solidarity with C.C.F., to the failed escape attempt carried out by the anarchist comrades of C.C.F. in 2011, when arms in hands they took 3 jailers hostage in order to pave the way to escape; from the actions of anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti, who recently smashed the windows of the guards’ office with a coat rack in a unit of the prison of Alessandria, and back to the cell he broke down the opaque panels fixed behind the bars in order to prevent any sight of the outside; to the latest episode coming from Korydallos prison in 2015, when the comrades of C.C.F. were preparing an escape plan (this one also failed) which implied the use of a car containing a 150-pound explosive bomb placed in a conical container following the example set by “EFP” (a method adopted by Iranian guerrilla fighters against USA buildings, the conical shape meant to give more destructive power to the blast wave), with which they were supposed to tear a wall of the prison down. We could list many episodes here, alive, real, strong episodes, but far too often coming to nothing on the other side of the wall, outside here. To remain indifferent towards all this would be to accept the unacceptable.

So considering today, we want to remind that on 9th March in the court of Cagliari, Sardinia, anarchist comrade Davide Delogu will be on trial, and in this trial Davide is accused of attempted escape from the prison of Buoncammino (Cagliari); the fact dates back to 2011, following which he was also transferred from Sardinia to Italy and spent two years in 14bis. Now we are not interested in what Davide did or didn’t do, attempted or didn’t attempt; we know he has never given in during his long detention, he has always bared his teeth; we know he doesn’t need being told to stay strong, we know we are on the side of those who are not resigned, and we remain on his side unconditionally.
And although we are convinced that anarchist action must be a constant, we hope that now more than ever the defiant fire will give him much more warmth with increased strength.

Strength to anarchist prisoners!
Strength to anarchists Davide Delogu, Marco Bisesti, Alessandro Mercogliano, Anna Beniamino, Valentina Speziale, Danilo Cremonese, Alfredo Cospito, Nicola Gai, Divine Umoru, Maddalena Calore.

A few Sardinian Anarchists

Translated by act for freedom now!

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