Expropriation of Bazaar supermarket chain in Exarcheia, Athens (Greece)


We have noticed an increasing hostility towards Bazaar supermarkets in Exarcheia. We have done some research about it. Here are some of the things we discovered.
Bazaar belongs to Veroukas Group, a shady business group with no website and no public contact details or financial info. Veroukas is one of the major business chains in Greece, with a 1,5 billion yearly turnover and 600 stores all over country, and at least 3 in Exarcheia. They claim to have a market capitalization of €35M. A little strange, since Bazaar alone had over €40M in 2014.
So we don’t know how much money they make. But we know HOW they make it:
By exploiting their providers and workers, who make a little over minimum wage in the best cases, while the company is making millionary profits.
By speculating with the prices of food, while thousands of Greek families are malnourished.

By providing food to State prisons at ridiculously high prices, taking advantage of their monopoly and the lack of freedom of choice of their “customers”. We personally witnessed this in Korydallos prision. For this reason alone, they are our target.
We support this operation against Bazaar, and we consider it part of a wider resistance plan against the capitalist business model, and in general against any business who exploits their workers and collaborates with the state/banks, and therefore with the terrorist Troika. We will not allow this in Exarcheia.
It is also one of the best ways to suply ourselves without needing to be enslaved by bosses in order to feed ourselves. Besides, it’s a direct attack to the regime, and with this publication we hope you will also help us spread the attacks.
For those reasons and for many more, we expropriated food from two of their shops in Exarhia. We only took food. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no money.
We hope this way we are also contributing to the effort against the gentrification of the neighborhood.

Sources: bazaarsm.gr, doyleia.blogspot.gr, bloomberg.com

You may contact Bazaar’s headquarters:
8 Peiraios
Moschato, 18346
Phone: 21048275
Fax: 21048103

We are cleaning the neighborhood. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In solidarity,

Anti-Capitalist Action Brigade

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