For the thirteen years of prison to Irianna (Greece)

This is a communique from Irianna B.L’s partner, Konstantinos Papadopoulos:

14th March 2011. Anti-terrorism squads raided the house I was renting in the neighbourhood of Cholargos in Athens and arrested me as a suspected member of the revolutionary organization ‘Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’. That night Irianna had the bad luck to sleep at mine. She was taken to the police station and interrogated, fingerprinted and submitted to DNA samples taking. She was released on the same day.

I was released on bail 3 days later.

10th November 2011. According to the reconstruction of a ‘witness’, who was never to be seen again, not even in the trial, weapons were found, which were never used, in the Polytechnic of Zografou in Athens.

11th January 2913. Irianna was arrested as a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and for illegally transporting weapons on the grounds of a tiny DNA trace found on a magazine which was part of the lot of weapons located in the Polytechnic. A year and a half since those weapons were found and after the police had had her DNA for two years.

Irianna was released on bail, this time, without the judge of the special tribunal making her details or picture public. The task was instead undertaken by the then minister of citizens’ protection Nikos Dendias with an informal communique.

All this occurred during my trial, with everything this could involve for its result. The tribunal finally established my being not guilty, even with the prosecutor’s assent, after the latter ascertained that the only relation I have with the conspiracy of the cells of fire is mere friendship with some of its members, in the context of the antiauthoritarian movement, something which I’ve never denied.

Irianna hasn’t walked away from me, even if she became a target. She remains there, stubbornly ignores fear and carries on her life. She works with enthusiasm and makes progress in her activity, continues to have friends, to dream, to live. And I’m always on her side.

It’s difficult to understand how her trial went on if one didn’t follow it closely. The public prosecutor, a woman herself, referred to me as if I was again under investigation; she didn’t want to accept that another court, on the same level as hers, had definitely acquitted a person who declared themselves friend of some CCF members. She couldn’t conceive that. In a biased way she asked Irianna why she didn’t leave me. She also involved people extraneous to any investigation in the case. Our childhood friends, whom Irianna identified just as guests in my home, were slandered and became a reason of guilt to the public prosecutor. They were even mentioned in her speech.

A woman judge who didn’t pronounced half a reason to support the sentence. One word only: guilty.

Irianna was sentenced to 13 years in prison by these two miserable women.

Irianna was sentenced as a member of the CCF because she’s got a relation with me. But according to their tribunals I’m not a member of the organization…

Irianna was sentenced for illegal transport of weapons on the basis of evidence provided by a tiny quantity of DNA of poor quality; among other things, such piece of evidence was requested in the preliminary stage of the trial by a scientific lab that works with judicial authorities all over Europe for more examination and assessment, but the police replied that ‘it was over’.

One has to just trust them. And then we should also take them seriously, these people who have Irianna’s weapons and DNA and took a year and a half to give their results.


I don’t care. On these grounds anyone could be condemned for anything. It is sufficient to be friends with someone who’s someone else’s friend…

A collective responsibility that threatens to criminalize not only a political space but also any kind of relations the people who are part of it decide to forge for personal reasons.

As they condemned Irianna, they condemned love relations, sympathies, smiles, being interested.

Irianna didn’t accept to be told whom she had to like, to love or to live with.

“Even the soul has its dust and if some wind rises within us alas!”


Konstantinos Papadopoulos



Source: Indymedia Athens
Translated by act for freedom now!

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