About ITS and Virtual Threats

Sulle ITS e minacce virtuali” [it]

Translated from La Rebellion de las Palabras

“The Old World is dead and the new one takes time to appear. In this chiaroscuro appear all the monsters … “
Antonio Gramsci

This is neither intended to be a retort nor an attempt to disarm any discourse, nor a criticism. It is a response to a series of threats received by email and I think this has made these people definitely touch the bottom and they cannot become more ridiculous.

There have been several critical texts and reflections from different parts of the world that have been raised in recent months against ITS in Mexico and in general against the tendency that calls themselves “eco-extremists”. We can read the contributions of insurrectionary anarchist groups in Mexico, as well as critiques of other comrades like Eat, in Indonesia, criticism made by one of the people who runs the blog ‘It’s Going Down!’ in North America, or the two texts published from the United Kingdom, titled “Eco-extremism and the Indiscriminate Attack – The Church of ITS Mexico” and “Darko Mathers was not an Eco-Fascist“. It was quite obvious that from that the “eco-extremist” tendency would be answered. After all, in recent years, the dialectic between different groups of direct action against domination (whether they consider themselves anarchists or not) has been constant, taking advantage of the actions to establish a fruitful dialogue that sharpens theory and practice, improving the blows of those people who were punctual and strategic or as an already unavoidable part of their lives, had opted to attack here and now. And of course, the replicas of the ITR (Individualities Tending toward the Ridiculous) did not wait, although I have to say that they were even more disappointing than we would have imagined at first (and that my expectations were difficult to overcome).

And it is that several blogs that were participating in one way or another in the dissemination of these criticisms (translating, sending, publishing), we started to receive ridiculous threats from these people, in which, in addition to revealing data relating to comrades (and compromising their security and that of those spaces), are also happy about the attacks of the Islamic State in large European cities as well as the death of one of our comrades, for example Heather Heyer, whose fatal attack at the hand of neo-Nazis during a counter-demonstration in Charlottesville a few weeks ago was celebrated by an email we received recently.

Then I’ll transcribe a fragment of one of the… intimidating(?) messages which I did get, as I find it especially revealing. I do not transcribe it in full because in the non-diffused part this gang of parapolice mouths give data about specific comrades, informing of where they collaborate or stop collaborating in their political action; to spread it, would compromise those people.

“(…) the anarchist humanists of the United States were trampled by the neo-Nazis (the two sides are both cocksuckers), the Islamic State finally hit Spain where you find yourself, son of a thousand whores!

While it is true, none of these events were perpetrated by eco-extremists, it is a sign of the savage curse that has fallen on you and your loved ones for defaming us. Fucking Atheist, care that the ancestral spirits get loose and they will torment you until your death!”

In the face of this, I can only burst out laughing, though bitterly. It does not stop me being curious that the person who sent me this crap (and whose e-mail, incidentally, is “agrio@riseup.net”), made from a Riseup account. Is Riseup not a server managed precisely by those American “humanist anarchists” who are compared to neo-Nazis and whose murder they celebrate so merrily? What happens, perhaps, your spirits and your wicked middle-class college witchcraft of savage rebellion does not allow you to develop your own server from which to communicate?

As for the celebrations of the ISIS attacks, I have nothing to say. I suppose that what began as a ridiculous, as well as civilizing and completely colonialist exaltation of ancient pagan deities and cults (seeking to call attention to Quetzalcoatl calling from some university center of the hyperartificial metropolis of the DF or from home with Dad’s computer), has now become a blind praise of any form of indiscriminate violence. Who knows, maybe if one day the Kurdish comrades criticize ITS, they will start to celebrate the genocides that ISIS, NATO or Turkey committed there. After all, following their logic, because in Kurdistan they also retain traces of civilization all Kurdish people deserve to die.

To conclude, they point out that this series of misfortunes would have a common origin, since apparently, it would be the result of the curses and spells that these people would have had to fall on us and our loved ones for being “Fucking Atheists”. I guess not worshiping their stone gods is also a motive for murder.

I’m going to give you some advice, reading Ted Kaczynski while you’re under the effects of some wild hallucinogenic substance is not a good idea. It leads to mixing up primitivism with cults of ancient deities, witchcraft with direct action, conventional and indiscriminate terrorism with radical defense of nature, and your pathetic skank in the style of Alex Supertramp (the young man whose story inspired the movie “Into the Wild”) with some type of conflict worthy of being taken seriously. If you hate humanity so much and your hope is so endless, why are you not coherent and suicidal at the same time?

I say, in the end, that in principle it was not my plan to continue to publicize this halfway hybrid between a circus and a religious sect in which it appears ITS have become. Nor do I intend to initiate any dialogue and I am aware that, to a large extent, I am entering their game, because in the end all these people are looking for is for others to talk about them (good or bad, but to continue speaking). Why else would they bother so much that anarchist blogs (which they despise so much, except when it is convenient to use their megaphones) cover their bullshit? We are insulted and threatened by the same people who did not send us news so much as to publish them, the same ones that have not stopped looking for our attention and either insulting us with e-mails or in their own blogs. For my part, this is all I have to say.

I end with the final words of one of the critiques of ITS by a compa of the United Kingdom… I also shit on all your gods and pagan spirits! Keep threatening me with the evil eye, come on.

In one thing you are right, we will never be on the same side…

“Collectivism is moribund and individualism has not yet been consolidated;
No one knows how to obey, no one knows how to command.
But from all this, to know how to live free, there is still an abyss.
An abyss that can be filled only with the corpses of slavery and authority.
The war could not fill this abyss. I could only dig it deeper.
But what the war could not do, the revolution must do.
The war has made men more brutal and plebeian.
More trivial and uglier!
The revolution must make them better.
Must ennoble them!”

Renzo NovatoreTowards the Creative Nothing

Neither naive humanists nor cheap misanthropes!
For anarchy, total liberation and the defense of all that remains free and wild!

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