NoG20 – Cops Raided Apartments and Store – Demo to Billwerder Prison on October 1 (Germany)

On Wednesday more than 100 cops raided 14 apartments and a store in Hamburg and the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The cops confiscated 7 iPhones during the raids. On October 1 there will be a demonstration to Billwerder prison in Hamburg. Many of the NoG20 prisoners are imprisoned in Billwerder. We also publish some of the addresses of NoG20 prisoners and the next trial dates. Earlier today NoG20 prisoner Orazio was released.

The cops confiscated 7 iPhones during the raids. The cops claim the iPhones were stolen as a mobile phone store was looted during the NoG20 protests in Hamburg on July 7. In a press conference the cops yesterday claimed that they are investigating 2000 people, but expect that this number will rise to 3000. Given the fact that yesterdays raids were based on located mobile phones that were allegedly stolen in a mobile phone store during the NoG20 protests, its possible that the 180 men/women strong special investigation squad “Black Bloc” actually don’t seem to have that much. But activists should be aware that the cops are also investigating video material from public transport companies and that they use face recognition software to identify people. The 180 men/women strong task force will continue to investigate in order to repress as much people as possible, so stay alert.

The state prosecutor stated yesterday that they are investigating 319 people which are all identified, 23 people are still in pre-trial detention. But earlier today Orazio was released, so the number of imprisoned people is now 22.

Demonstration at October 1

The United we stand campaign against the repression against NoG20 activists is calling for a demonstration to the Billwerder prison in Hamburg-Billwerder. On their website United we stand wrote: Come with us to the prison JVA Billwerder. We visit our friends hostaged by the City of Hamburg behind huge walls since the G20 summit in Hamburg. In front of the jail we will have coffee, cake, greetings, speaches and the Free-Them-All-Sound-Systhem will play the favorite songs of the imprisoned ones. Please tell us their music wishes, if you write letters with them or go to visits or if you know their favorite songs. Please bring cake and cookies with you to share.

Sunday, 01/10/17 , 14-17h
Railway station Billwerder-Moorfleet (Hamburg-Billwerder)

United we stand also published a text that they will read in front of the Billwerder prison on Sunday:


Hello people,
you in there and you out here.
It’s us again – your friends, your comrades, your companions, your siblings.

You are sitting in there since almost three months, incarcerated behind these huge walls, with unbelievable reasonings and accusations. Most of you don’t own a German passport or have no address of residence accepted by court. All of this seems to be sufficient to be locked up in this deeply racist class society.

Two of our young comrades are held prisoners in jail for juvenile delinquents at the island and are facing partly intensified terms for visitations. They as well can be sure of our full support and solidarity.

Some of you already had their trials or have been sentenced to imprisonment. And also those who are out on probation meanwhile, have gotten unbelievable sentences for peanuts. They are sending you their heartfelt regards. You in there are supposed to suffer as a deterrent.

In Hamburg no one should dare to go out on the streets and oppose against the ruling inhuman circumstances. They want to frighten you and all of us – but they won’t succeed.

As it was so nicely expressed underneath the solidarity picture from Russia to all the G20-prisoners: “Our solidarity is stronger than their thickest prison walls!”

We will be back every first Sunday a month to visit you.

We won’t rest and won’t be silent until all are free!

Once again we brought some of your favorite songs with us. Just write in your letters what you would like to hear, what gives you strength and – how one of you described it – helps you to keep your head up.

Side by side we stand united against their repression.

Today we only hear each other – but

We will see us soon!
Right here!
At court!
Or on the streets!

Free you all!
United we stand!

The next NoG20 trials are scheduled:

Trials Amtsgericht Altona (Hamburg Altona court), Max-Brauer-Allee 91, Hamburg
9.2017 9h, Room 102
10.2017 9h
display of solidarity is welcome
10.2017 9h
display of solidarity is welcome

You can also write the NoG20 prisoners. Here are a few of the addresses:

RICCARDO LUPANO (09/06/1985)
JVA Billwerder
Dweerlandweg n° 100
22113 Hamburg

EMILIANO PULEO (02/02/1987)
JVA Billwerder
Dweerlandweg n° 100
22113 Hamburg

JVA Billwerder
Dweerlandweg n° 100
22113 Hamburg

FABIO VETTOREL (02/12/1998)
JVA Hahnöfersand
Hinterbrack 25
21635 Jork

via enoughisenough14.org

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