Month of actions as the Animal Liberation Front gets active for Winter (UK)

Animal Liberation Front comrades in UK are getting active again despite years of repression and clampdowns by the state. Here’s a quick list of actions that happened over the last month. Reports from Bite Back:

Anonymous report:

8 November 2017

“Several turkeys liberated from concentration camps (aka farms) in the UK last night.”

anonymous report:

3 November 2017

“High seats taken down in Norfolk woodlands.

In memory of Barry Horne.


Anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (view video here**):

1 November 2017

“Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. Owned by James Potter, this farm supplies to main supermarkets around the country telling the fallacy of ‘free range’ as somewhat ‘not cruel’.

One hundred chickens were freed from their slavery, the machinery and disinfectants were sabotaged, all the eggs smashed and graffiti on the walls was sprayed on reading ‘EAT YOUR OWN EGGS’, ‘FUCK THE EGG INDUSTRY’, ‘BARRY HORNE, A LOVE WARRIOR’ and ‘BARRY LIVES IN THOSE WHO ACT’.

All hens are now safe and will live a life of freedom away from the exploitation of humans.

With this action, we would like to remember and give power to Barry. We do not forget and we do not give up. The Animal Liberation Front is only growing. We will fight against speciesism and we will extend our love and power to anyone oppressed by this system.

For a truly anarchist revolution,
against all hierarchies,
against animals being used as commodities.


24 October 2017

Anonymous report, from frentedeliberacionanimal.net (view video from the actions here):

“Windows smashed, car tires slashed, hunting paraphernalia sabotaged, traps destroyed.

We will sabotage this cull by any means necessary.

The badger cull is just another show of our insolent arrogance as human beings. Another attempt to justify our speciesism, believing we should play god in how wildlife self-regulates, another crime that makes Mother Earth cry tears of blood.

From dairy farmers and their invested interest to gamekeepers and their midnight fun, the badger cull is simply another example of how deep our anthropocentrism is rooted in society.

Long before the beginning and until the last day of the cull, we will tirelessly carry on fighting against this senseless criminal action and we will not doubt to use whatever means we deem necessary.

To anyone signed to the cull, beware. We know your lands. We know where you hide the rotting corpses of cattle you don’t want to report. We know where you keep your pheasants and partridge before release. We know where your incubators are. We know where you keep your tractors. We know where your hay bales are. Think twice before signing up again to this murderous cull. You are just luring us to your land every season you decide to kill badgers.

If more militant action is needed, we shall fear no consequences. We will act accordingly to the vicious murder sentences that the British government signs.

No compromise on defence of the Earth.


13 October 2017

Anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal:

“Two 42-day old chickens were liberated by activists outside a slaughterhouse in the midlands. They’re safe and warm now, saved from a fate their brothers and sisters weren’t.”

Anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal*:

11 October 2017

“Whilst out trampling traps and pissing off Badger murdering shooters, activists in the cull zone in one afternoon sabotaged three hunting towers.

We will not simply pass by these tools of oppression and allow exploitation and killing to continue unchallenged.

Liberation is for all! We encourage everyone to make a stand against speciesism, racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia whenever and wherever they see it.

Queers against all”

* https://www.facebook.com/unoffensiveanimal/

** https://www.facebook.com/unoffensiveanimal/videos/1673239069405202/

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