Reflection – Site down until Spring 2018

Anarchist and insurrectionary autonomous counter-information is one more method of subversion aiming at the attack against the dominant paradigm of the existent and it’s attempt to control generalised narratives and perceptions. It is a tool to spread radical and critical ideas which can add to and create campaigns of direct action internationally.

Our project is just another group in an informal network of counter-information and translation where groups can communicate and exchange. Since 12 years we have been running this site where we have added to the anarchist war against the many states and corporations which want to wipe us out.

Understanding that the internet is in the hands of the enemies and one more tool of social control we use their means against them, as just one more method at our disposal, never separating ourselves into just a ‘news-site’ of semi-professionalised activist journalism intending to carve a niche into the ‘movement’.

The limitations of the counter-information sites have been written about previously by other groups which have changed, evolved and closed their sites and blogs over the last years, each writing their reflections, critique and self-critique.

With this in mind, although we could write more about those years where we have collected experiences and reflections, this will happen at a later date. Periodically we close our site for lesser or greater time to concentrate on other projects, talk and self-critique. This is part of our effort to make ourselves more dangerous and is not a closure. We believe that the proliferation of counter-information projects is the key to the resilience of our struggle, but to remain focused that the war begins and ends with action in the streets of the cities and in the defense of the natural world.

To this end, this site is static until next year.

For now, we affirm our solidarity, although through the minimal means, our words, to the anarchist comrades under repression in the Operation Scripta Manent in Italy, the Anarchist Black Cross, RadioAzione, and complicity to all those who fight the state and the existent, with their words and actions in that territory. Also our hearts are with those who resist in the prisons of Korydallos, Athens, Greece; the imprisoned comrades of armed revolutionary organisations, the anarchist prisoners and all those who rebel.

For the next generation internationalist anarchist urban guerrilla

Long live FAI/IRF

Long live CCF

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