Information about former police infiltrator Mark Kennedy (UK)

This document is a release of basic information about the former police infiltrator, Mark Kennedy. It describes his whereabouts, and his work and hobbies. It also includes a note on the former police infiltrator ‘Lynn Watson’. We hope it will bring them, and those like them, a sense of fear and insecurity. May it also provide those willing to act on such information with a good starting point….

Mark Kennedy infiltrated anarchist and activist groups and campaigns between 2003 and 2010 under the name of ‘Mark Stone’. As far as we know, he was involved with groups and individuals in the UK, Iceland, Germany, France, Denmark, the US and Spain where he gathered information for different police forces, sometimes unofficially, sometimes as part of formal international operations. He continued in similar roles for the private sector after leaving the police, and set up at least two of his own companies.

We are not attempting to fully document his activities here, nor could we expect to represent the harm he has caused. We are not linked with the initial exposure of him or of other infiltrators. Extensive information already exists online relating to their activities. Because the information and the campaigns relating to the exposures was highly problematic and controversial, we have not included websites here, but there are numerous resources on line. However, we strongly encourage individuals to familiarise themselves with this information.

Kennedy plays guitar in a pub rock band called The Barnstormers (https://www.facebook.com/barnstormerstheband/ ). They play semi regularly at The Anchor Inn on Bridgewater Rd in Bleadon. They have also played at The Ciderbarn (https://www.facebook.com/ciderbarners/ ) in Draycott on multiple occasions. His collaborators in this are Lian Simmons, Jacob Monro, Corne van Touder and Tim.

He has been working as a Procurement manager for Darwin Escapes who manage several resorts around the country. We have to reason to believe he still works at their property near Cheddar.

He has been seen driving a 2017 silver Hyundai Tucson with the registration HT17AUK.
We have reason to believe he is living in Worle, a suburb of Weston-Super-Mare.

We have reason to believe that the infiltrator known as ‘Officer A’, or ‘Lynn Watson’ lives in Hull. Here is a picture of her:

We believe that this information should not remain the property of a small minority who feel that they are able to choose who does or doesn’t need to know. We ask all those who may have withheld information regarding Mark or any other undercovers to release it to enable others to act.
Mark Kennedy’s exposure led to multiple infiltrators to also be confirmed by the police, for example Watson, and ‘Marco Jacobs’ (picture – https://bristle.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/marco-jacobs.jpg) who were both active when he was. Since then many more infiltrators have been confirmed. The cases have gone back over decades, and the cases continue . These must be regarded as the tip of the iceberg, the crumbs that the state has chosen to share.
We are not surprised by the use of infiltration as a state strategy. It would be a mistake to understand the singular case of Kennedy as something unique or extraordinary. Of course, there are certain factors that stand out . but, unfortunately, it is not unusual. He merely continued the tradition, in a long history of unscrupulous individuals, who have been groomed, trained and employed to invade and undermine the lives of those who seek to challenge the status quo. These individuals are responsible for all their actions and all the orders and instructions they follow, or followed. We have no sympathy for them. . They are responsible for their personal daily decisions and the damage caused to anarchist and activist projects such as struggles against environmental catastrophe, animal exploitation, fascism, capitalism and the state.
We do not seek recognition. We do not want an apology or seek justice inside or outside the courts. We find no merit in speaking truth to power, but it is important that these actions have consequences.
We will strive to ensure that their lives are filled with misery and constant insecurity. A life where they can never be sure that they are not being watched and where they always fear that they may be recognised by someone who hates them. We hope that they will be made to remember, for years to come, the people that they hurt, the lives that they damaged, and the trust that they broke.

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