Mass repression in Russia against anarchists

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During the last six months in Russia there have been mass repressions against anarchists – in Penza and Petersburg, Moscow and Chelyabinsk, and in the Crimea. At the same time, in prisons there are still anahists, repressed earlier, a few years ago. Often, information about repressions against certain anarchists is lost against the background of more high-profile cases, and actions against repression are reduced to actions for the release of specific anarchists accused of individual cases. We believe that this is wrong – you can resist repression only together. It is necessary to fight against the repressive policy of the state towards anarchists in general. Therefore, we have collected here information about all Russian anarchists being repressed today.

Requisites of the Fund “Volya” for Assistance to Repressed Anarchists”Воля”:
QIWI: +7(906)771-18-66

1. Repressions against Crimean anarchists.

Repression in the Crimea began immediately after the arrival of Russia on the peninsula. In May 2014, the FSB detained several local residents – among them anarchist Alexander Kolchenko. The detainees were accused of setting fire to the office of the ruling United Russia party and preparing terrorist attacks against the Russian authorities. Also, the detainees were identified as participants in the Ukrainian right-wing radical Right Sector organization, which in itself is absurd – Alexander Kolchenko is a convinced and active anarchist and anti-fascist; during anarchist activities, he had to engage in physical encounters with the ultra-right. In the “Right Sector” itself they denied the statement of the FSB about the participation of detainees in this structure.
Alexander Kolchenko admitted involvement in the arson of the office of the party “United Russia”, but most of the remaining charges against him are absolutely absurd. Witnesses in the Kolchenko case were forced to testify by torture. In the end, Kolchenko was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment under the “terrorist” article. At the moment, Kolchenko is in the prison camp of the city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region.
Address for letters: Кольченко Александру Александровичу, 1989 г.р., ИК-6, отряд 4, ул. Кемеровская, д. 20, г. Копейск, Челябинская обл., Россия, 456612. You have to write to prisoners in Russian only.

Financial help to Kolchenko 4276 7219 8928 8907 Sberbank – ABC Ural(https://vk.com/wall383181058_30)

During the whole period of Russia’s presence on the Crimean peninsula, the anarchists were subjected to pressure, all the time there was information about the actions of the siloviki against the anarchists. In February-March of 2018, the pressure against the anarchists resulted in another repression. The special services рудв mass searches among anarchists and leftist activists, after which the local anarchist Yevgeny Karakashev was placed in a remand prison on suspicion of publicly calling for terrorism. The reason for the accusation was a correspondence in a group chat in social networks. The real cause of pressure is his active participation in local social protests. On the eve of the detention, the mayor of the city of Yevpatoria met with protesters against point-building, during which hints of future arrests were made. During the detention, Karakashev was beaten by the special forces.
Address for letters (in Russian only): Каракашеву Евгению Витальевичу, 1979 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-1, бул. Ленина, д. 4, г. Симферополь, Республика Крым, 4295000

In addition to Karakashev, other Crimean activists were subjected to searches, torture and beatings. One of them, Alexei Shestakovych, was forced to leave the country. The search for Shestakovych occurred after he had notified the administration about a public event. Then the special forces of the FSB “Alpha” burst into his house. Shestakovych was beaten and tortured by putting a bag on his head, until he began to suffocate.

Financial assistance to Evgeny Karakashev, the suspect in calls to extremism

You can transfer funds to the accounts of the support group of Eugene Karakashev in the Crimea:

The Beneficiary’s Bank is the Russian National Commercial Bank (PAO)

Account № 30101810335100000607 in the branch of the Bank of Russia in the Republic of Crimea,

BIK – 043510607, INN – 7701105460, check point – 910201001

The beneficiary’s account is 30232810440002000004,

The name of the recipient is RNSC Bank (PAO)

Purpose of payment – replenishment of the card 2200 0202 0130 8733 (spaces in the card number are not allowed) Prisyazhnyuk Alexey Borisovich

2. Repression in the “Network” case.

In October 2017, one of the most notorious political affairs of modern Russia began – the “Network” case. FSB launched a hunt for anarchists and anti-fascists from Penza and St. Petersburg. Special services abduct and subject to increadible torture anarchists from these cities, demanding that they acknowledge participation in the terrorist network invented by the FSB, and talk about acquaintances and comrades. According to the FSB, the anarchists planned a series of terrorist attacks in 2018 during the presidential election and world football championship. The FSB claims that the cells of the anarchist terrorist group operated in Penza, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Belarus.
In the case of the network in October 2017-January 2018, five people were detained from Penza, and four from St. Petersburg. To the detainees, terrible torture was applied – Penza anarchists were tortured daily in jail, until they agreed to recognize themselves as members of the terrorist community. After their refusal of the testimony given under the torture , the torture was resumed. At the same time, the FSB threatened to start torturing the anarchists’ relatives and friends, in case they refuse to give these testimonies again. The anarchists themselves were threatened with murder, which would be disguised as suicide. Mothers of detained anarchists, investigators were forced to give interviews to federal channels, in which they had to confirm the charge. Otherwise, the investigation threatened the situation of their children imprisoned in SIZOs.

Stories of torture in Penza (in Russian):

Similar events took place in St. Petersburg. In January 2018, mass raids on anarchists and anti-fascists began here. Kidnapped anarchists were tortured for hours in minibuses of the FSB. In the course of torture, they were also required to talk about themselves and their acquaintances participating in a terrorist organization.
A story about torture of one of the accused – Victor Filinkov https://zona.media/article/2018/02/21/filin
In addition to the suspects, the witnesses in the case were also tortured. A story about the torture of a witness in the case of Ilya Kapustin https://zona.media/article/2018/01/27/kapustin
At the moment in the case of “Network” nine people are arrested. Some of them agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Detained the very first in Penza, Yegor Zorin gave testimony, which formed the basis of the criminal case. The testimony was also given by Arman Sagynbaev, who was detained in St. Petersburg. Arman Sagynbaev did not refuse from this testimony, which gave evidence against other people. The detainee in St. Petersburg, Igor Shishkin, did not just testify, but also agreed to have a deal with the investigation, which implies cooperation in exchange for a minimum prison term.

The witness in the case Victoria Frolova testified that the detainees were indeed terrorists. Being safe in Ukraine and knowing that the siloviki are looking for her in Russia, she voluntarily went to Russia, where she was detained at the border and taken to Penza. In Penza, after the threat of “using pressure,” she agreed, without torture, to stipulate the detained Penza anarchists.
The rest of the detainees are Viktor Filinkov and Julius Boyarishnov in St. Petersburg; Vasily Kuksov, Andrei Chernov, Ilya Shakursky, Dmitry Pchelintsev in Penza; They either did not testify, or, after giving evidence under torture, took it back.

Addresses for letters (in Russian only):
Бояршинов Юлий: Бояршинову Юлию Николаевичу, 1991 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-6 Горелово, Ленинградская область, Ломоносовский район, МО Виллозское сельское поселение, ул. Заречная тупик, д.22, Ленинградская область, Россия, 188508.

Филинков Виктор: Филинкову Виктору Сергеевичу, 1994 г.р. ФКУ СИЗО-6 УФСИН России по СПб и ЛО, ул. Заречная, д. 22 тупик, МО Виллозское сельское поселение, Ломоносовский район, Ленинградская область, Россия, 188508.
Куксов Василий: Куксову Василию Алексеевичу, 1988 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-1, ул. Каракозова, д. 30, г.Пенза, Пензенская обл., Россия, 440039.

Пчелинцев Дмитрий: Пчелинцеву Дмитрию Дмитриевичу, 1992 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-1, ул. Каракозова, д. 30, г.Пенза, Пензенская обл., Россия, 440039.

Чернов Андрей: Чернову Андрею Сергеевичу, 1989 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-1, ул. Каракозова, д. 30, г.Пенза, Пензенская обл., Россия, 440039

Шакурский Илья: Шакурскому Илье Александровичу,1996 г.р., ФКУ СИЗО-1, ул. Каракозова, д. 30, г.Пенза, Пензенская обл., Россия, 440039.

Financial help to the anarchists arrested on Network case in Petersburg

Alfa-bank. Card number: 5486 7320 1178 7959
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For Penza anarchists

Ilya Shakursky
5469480014052499 – Sberbank(https://vk.com/wall-30091738_3543)
Dmitry Pchelintsev

5536913766742627 Tinkoff (https://vk.com/wall-30091738_3548)
Vasily Kuksov
4276 4800 1433 1667 – Sberbank

3. Ilya Romanov case.
Ilya Romanov has participated in the anarchist movement from the eighties of the last century – since the times of the USSR. In the 80’s, he organized an anarchist club in his city and produced a self-published newspaper. For цкшештп dissident leaflets and actions against the authorities Romanov was expelled first from school, then from the institute. After the fall of the USSR regime, he continues to struggle in Moscow – giving lectures, participating in the activity of the eco-archaic movement “Guardians of the Rainbow”, in October 1993 he is pulling out the wounded when the White House was being shot from the tanks. In the late 90’s he was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the activities of the “New Revolutionary Alternative” – the left underground group, who was accused of explosions and mining of military commissariats, monuments to Nicholas II, the main military prosecutor’s office and FSB reception. Romanov spent 3 years in Butyrka prison, but no evidence of his involvement in the activities was found and he was released. Nevertheless, constant attention from the secret services forces him to leave for Ukraine, where he also took part in protests against the Kuchma regime. He is soon detained by the Security Service of Ukraine on charges of undermining an explosive device near the headquarters of the SBU. For the next 10 years, Ilya is in the dungeons of the regime (more precisely, successive regimes, none of which freed the left-wing activists) and is released at the end of 2012.

After liberation, Ilya goes to his homeland, where repressions against all not indifferent citizens begin. Less than a year after his release, Ilya is detained by the FSB on charges of terrorism and public justification of terrorist activities. The reason was … an unsuccessful explosion of firecrackers, as a result of which Romanov suffered. The FSB hastened to state that Romanov blew himself up on his own explosive device. As a result, Ilya, who spent almost all the time in prison since the end of the nineties, was sentenced to a new term – 10 years of imprisonment on terrorism charges for the explosion of firecrackers.

In the prison camp a new case was launched against Romanov for “calls for terrorism.” Employees of the prison seized the phone, which was used to log in from Romanov’s account to social networks, and reposted a publication with “justification of terrorism.” It was done, presumably, asa revenge for public criticism by Romanov of the order in the prison camp.

Address for letters: Романову Илье Эдуардовичу, 1967 г.р., СИЗО-1, ул.Рабочая, д. 147, г.Саранск, Республика Мордовия, Россия, 430003.
To support Ilya Romanov you can also use the Paypal system: abc-msk@riseup.net

In the “payment purpose” field, indicate “donation to Ilya Romanov”

4. The case of the pogrom of the office of “United Russia”.

In January, 2018, an anarchist group held an action against the office of the ruling United Russia party in Moscow. The window to the office was smashed, and the smoke bomb was thrown inside.

This case was used against the anarchist movement of Moscow. Although the action was the pretext for arrests, the arrests themselves began after an unauthorized march of anarchists on Myasnitskaya Street in the center of Moscow. The unauthorised march under the windows of the FSB’s main directorate, directed against torture and repression in the “Seti” case, arouse great publicity, and several days later, arrests of Moscow anarchists began. Although the detainees were accused of wrecking the office of United Russia, they were asked questions about the action on Myasnitskaya Street, as well as on People’s Self-Defense anarchist movement .

5. Repression against anarchists in Chelyabinsk.

In February, 2018 in Chelyabinsk there was an action against repressions in the “Network” case. An anarchist group hanged a banner “FSB is the main terrorist” in the FSB’s local administration, and a smoke bomb was thrown to the control territory. Soon repressions against anarchists began in the city. Anarchist Dmitry Tsibukovsky was detained by the FSB special forces in the workplace – at a factory where he was beaten by the special forces. After that, his friend Anastasia Safonova was detained. At the same time, there were detentions of an anarchist Dmitry Semenov, engaged in providing support to the political prisoner of the Crimean anarchist Alexander Kolchenko. Also detained were Semyonov’s cousin Maxim Anfalov, and their mutual friend, the hitch-hiker Maxim. The detainees were taken to the FSB department, where three of them were tortured with electricity throughout the night. From the detainees they demanded to acknowledge their participation in the action, and to say that the idea of ​​the action was derived from the public group “People’s Self-Defense”. One of the detainees – Dmitry Tsibukovsky was accused of being the leader of the local cell of the “extremist community of anarchist persuasion” “People’s Self-Defense.”

Under the influence of torture, some of the detainees admitted their own participation in the action. After being released from the FSB and police, the anarchists announced that the tortures were used to them.
The story of Chelyabinsk anarchists about torture: https://zona.media/article/2018/02/27/main-terrorist ; https://ovdinfo.org/stories/2018/03/09/ponyal-za-chto-suka-anarhist-iz-chelyabinska-rasskazal-o-pytkah-v-zdanii-fsb

For helping Chelyabinsk anarchists

Sberbank – 4817 7600 5164 0567 (Semyonova Е. V.)

Kiwi +79021463485

6. Repressions against Moscow anarchists on the eve of the presidential elections.

In early March, on the eve of presidential elections, President Vladimir Putin instructed the siloviki to “identify and punish the organizers of unauthorized actions.” After that, repressions were held in Moscow against a number of opposition movements. On March 14, searches were carried out in the apartments of Moscow anarchists. The apartment of one of the anarchists – Svyatoslav Rechkalov – was taken by assault by special forces and operatives of the center “E”. Formally Svyatoslav was accused of placing on the resources of the “People’s Self-Defense” a video of pogrom by the Moscow anarchists of the office of “United Russia”. However, even in the charge brought against Svyatoslav, it is pointed out that he is not involved in this action. When detained, Svyatoslav was explained the true reason for the arrest. The operatives accused Svyatoslav of being a “leader of anarchists” and organizing actions and campaigns of anarchists in Moscow and other cities. After that, Svyatoslav was tortured, during the toucher he was asked to to call himself an anarchist leader and admit organizing anarchist activities. Svyatoslav was placed in a minivan, in which he was taken around the city with his hands clasped behind his back, a sack on his head, and an electric shock was used for torture.
Svyatoslav’s story about torture – https://ovdinfo.org/stories/2018/04/02/imena-prihodilos-vydumyvat-na-hodu-rasskaz-o-pytkah-po-delu-o-razbitom-okne-er

Svyatoslav agreed to give testimony against himself, and to recognize the administration of the public group of “People’s Self-Defense” and the organization of the struggle against bandits and unscrupulous employers in Moscow. But when he was required to testify against other people and threated new torture, he refused to give further testimony.

7. “People’s Self-Defense” as an extremist community.

We believe that the repressions in Moscow and Chelyabinsk, during which the arrested anarchists are forced to admit to participation in the “People’s Self-Defense”, as well as the fact that the “People’s Self-Defense” organizes and directs anarchist activity in Russia is an attempt to start a new “extremist” case against “People’s Self-Defense.”
“People’s Self-Defense” is the most popular and rapidly developing anarchist media platform in recent years. It publishes news about events taking place in the country, the world and the anarchist movement, analytical and historical articles, and attempts are made to critically rethink the anarchist theory. In addition, a large number of various actions of anarchists from Russia and Belarus are published on their Internet recourses. Published actions are not done by any one team or even a particular network of collectives. Any working group of anarchists can send a report on their actions, and will be published. In addition, in tight interaction with the “People’s Self-Defense”, there is the project “People’s Self-Defense (Direct Action)”, whose main task is to fight unscrupulous employers and fraudsters, confront bandits and apartment raiders.

In the past year, there has been a rapid increase in anarchist activity. From May 2017 to May 2018, anarchist campaigns were regularly conducted – in solidarity with political prisoners of anti-corruption protests, committed for protests against the G20 in Hamburg, anarchist political prisoners of different countries. There were actions against usurious firms of microloans, against the Plato system (an additional tax on road vehicles), antifascist actions and memorial events for the killed anti-fascists, actions against the increase of utility tariffs and against the ruling party …

Obviously, the intelligence services are preparing a new big extremist affair against anarchists, trying to beat out of the anarchists of various cities the admission that all the numerous anarchist rallies that are being held in Russia are organized and coordinated from the “People’s Self-Defense”. This is not true. The media resources of the “People’s Self-Defense” are primarily a platform, any anarchist collective can contribute to. To torture every arrested anarchist suspected of carrying out actions, demanding from him the recognition that the action was prepared and carried out by the “People’s Self-Defense”, obviously, is needed in order to create a new extremist case.

For us, the reasons for such interest in us are clear. In Russia, attempts have already been made not for the first decade to completely clean up the political field from any dissenters. Recently, the secret services have emphasized the anarchists. And they could not, of course, bypass the most popular site of anarchists – especially in connection with the increased level of activity of anarchists and the increase in the number of published actions.
The attack on “People’s Self-defense” is an attempt to destroy the anarchist infrastructure, disable the largest media platform that serves to disseminate information about the activities of dozens of individual groups.

8. Repressions against Irkutsk anarchists.

In April 2017 in Irkutsk, security forces raided with the participation of SOBR and the center of the “E” against local anarchists.Initially, nine people were detained. One of them – Dmitry Litvin – was accused of “insulting the feelings of believers” for publishing a photo in the social network on which the middle finger is photographed against the background of the church. This became a sufficient basis for mass searches involving special forces. At the moment, Litvin’s case is in court.

About FIFA World Cup 2018

The attention of the whole world is paid to Russia now, here the most important sport event is helding – World football cup.
New arenas, friendly staff of the hotels, good prepared russian cities are waiting for the football fans from the whole world, they look good in the lenses of hundreds of video cameras of journalists from numerous TV channels.
President of Russian federation meets with colleagues, and also with belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko.
This is what you can see on TV and state media resources.
But the reality is:

– Russia conducts full-scale military campaigns in two states, with lots of murdered soldats because of its geopolitical ambitions;

– the trial of antifascists, against which FSB had created a fake “Network” case, getting confessions from people by monstrous torture, was started at the day of beginning the Cup;

– Oleg Sentsov, political prisoner and stage director, is keeping hunger strike for 35 days, the only his demand is freedom for russian political prisoners, citizens of Ukraine;

– lots of repressions against anarchist movement, fake criminal cases and facts of torture as ordinary;

– Nuclear War threats to the political opponents on the world arena.

The world community prefers not to pay attention on what happens in this country and in the others with its participation.

But it can’t let us to be silent, this is a crime in such circumstances.

Also we remember about neighboring anti-human,fascist regimen in Belarus, which imprisoned our comrades for fake and trumped-up charges.
All the mentioned facts (but they are not all that exist) just oblige us to call every conscious person, all our comrades, wherever they are, to rebel, to fight for the truth and justice, to inform the society, to make actions of support and solidarity with suffered activists, to boycott the World football cup and all the events connected with it, to use all the existing resources to reaching the freedom for people from the both sides of the prison walls.

We are calling to the actions. Solidarity meetings, street agitation, spreading the information, performances and rallies – everything you could imagine and realise, and every action, which can attract attention to the situation in the ciuntry, will benefit. If you are living in the other country you can show solidarity by making actions near the russian and belarussian diplomatic facilities.

Send the reports from your actions on cornajaruzha@riseup.net and media_ns@riseup.net mailboxes and we’ll necessarily publish them.


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