Flyposter: International Week of Solidarity for Imprisoned Anarchists – August 23-30

Soli-poster for the upcoming week of solidarity with our comrades who are locked up and on the run.

Across the world our imprisoned comrades are held hostage for their acts of war against this decaying and rotten civilisation which is destroying and artificialising everything. They acted using the means available to them: explosives, fire, weapons, determination, courage and the dream of freedom. Let’s never leave them alone but instead light up the nights and days with our burning rage…

All our posters, -unless you have access to a pro printer-, are better printed out at high-res on a basic desktop printer in black & white and then enlarged into A3 photocopy or above and pasted on the streets with wallpaper paste. Photocopier ink doesn’t run as bad as desktop ink when paste hits. In the streets…

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