Sallynoggin Concerned Community Occupation – Dublin (Ireland)

Our group Sallynoggin Concerned community has tonight taken a 3 story building at 10a church place, Sallynoggin. We have been forced to take direct action to keep our community safe from sexual predators. The landlord Paul Murphy, Dr Patrick Randall and the Garda [Police] have collaborated to secretly setup a sex offenders clinic without planning permission, without community consent in the heart of our community with schools, colleges and creches within meters.

Dr Patrick Randall has continuously lied to our community since we have engaged with him in July. We picketed and took direct action to force the closure of the clinic and on the 16th of July, Randall backed up by 30 Garda cut our community locks, and evacuated 2 lorry loads of client files and told us he was moving out.

We removed our picket, in good faith, to facilitate his unhindered departure. On the 16th of July in a recorded conversation Randall backtracked, telling us he intended to stay at 10a, to apply for planning permission etc, that he had a 10 year lease that he could not get out of with landlord Paul Murphy of Killiney.

Again we were forced to escalate our direct action, applying locks to to keep him out and his clinic closed, and further, to our action today, taking the building to put it to good use as Sallynoggin social center, a safe space, to organise and to support our community.

We refuse to beg or plead with the state, the council, the cops or ALL the politicians who have failed our community. We have empowered ourselves to take
direct action and to solve of own problems and to provide a positive solutions.

We thank comrades for leaving the door open to facilitate our occupation, solidarity, we have caused no damage to this building and have no intent to create
damage, this is a peaceful occupation.

Friday the 17th August 2018

Sallynoggin social center

*Sallynoggin is a working class housing estate in South Dublin.

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