Berlin: War on the war! Fire for DGAP – German Society for Foreign Politics (Germany)

With this we take responsibility for the incendiary device we placed in front of the building of the German Society for Foreign Politics (DGAP) in Drake-/Rauchstraße (Tiergarten) in the night of 21.8.18.

13 litres of a petrol-oil-mixture shall be the beginning of putting an end to the undisturbed and fearless existence of the DGAP as a political advisor of the German war society.

Since the beginning of this year increased attacks against the war industry, their profiteers and financiers take and took place over all the German controlled territory. We join these attacks and let the fire speak from our side. War starts here! War on the war!

War starts here, in the halls of politics. War starts everywhere, where people throw away their empathy, to profit from the globalized misery. In the war-industry, the thinktanks of science, in the faceless administration of bureaucracy, in the form of uniformed slaves, who receive and obey orders in rank and file. War starts between human beings, when concurrence and aspiration to power reigns over solidarity and the free development of the individual.

German Security – Profit through war

Through the choice of the DGAP as the target of our incendiary device we declare the ideological architects of German-European hegemonic politics, the scientists and forerunners of a security paradigm which works with as well as alongside of warmongers and in this way are our enemies. What they declare about security is not ours. Their foreign policy is a policy of order. And their order needs tanks against uprisings and frigates against inflatable dinghies, it builds fences against the suppressed and works continuously to extend their ongoing misery.

And so these are exactly the thinktanks in the network of power with their more or less invisible ongoing discourse-work, which next to materialized war-making state institutions and weapon producers has to be called into account.

Think tanks, foundations and institutes as an interface of industry, science and politics fulfill with their meaning for the coordination, development and implementation of strategies and goals, an elementary function for the enforcement of the apparatus of power. In it chairmen of German armaments companies, politicians and the economical elites of the country come together.

Under the guise of science and charitable benefit also the DGAP works to strengthen actual and future decision makers from politics, economy and military for the requirements of German interest enforcement on internationalized markets and secured spaces. The fact that in the foreign policy, economical, political and military interests and strategies don´t form divided spheres, but instead necessarily coincide, shows also the list of the sponsors of this thinktank: Airbus, Rheinmetall and Thyssen Krupp form with it only the well-known financiers.

So that it succeeds in the future to transform the security of warfare nations into insecurity for the responsible persons, the governability of the people to ungovernableness of their thoughts and acts, it needs more than one occasional incendiary device. From there ours can only be understood as a further starting-point of a militant organization, which claims for itself to develop a continuity, that can guarantee its own visibility and then sometime also its own effectiveness.

One year after the G20-summit in Hamburg and almost two years since the first attacks claimed to a militant European-wide campaign in the run-up, we find that we can extend the goal of a constant theoretical debate and reference on multiple ways. Here and there it sparkles, but this is not enough.

Militant practice, Afrin and solidarity

An upturn of militant practice after the G20 especially took place in connection with the fascist attack on Afrin by the Turkish regime. Extensive calls like fight4afrin activated autonomous cells and commandos of revenge to attack again, to support the defence of Afrin with militant actions in the metropoles of Europe besides the big demonstrations.

Also we took part in that, because the war of aggression by Turkey and Islamist groups like the IS, Al-Nusra or the relics of FSA shows the murderous consequence of the security policy and -industry of the modern formation of power; always prepared to destroy any striving of the people for a life of freedom and dignity. We took part in it, because the project of Rojava, due to its analysis of the capitalist society and a development of emancipatory approaches against the background of a societal organization, has our complete sympathy and support.

We feel a connection to the fighters of the Kurdish guerilla. But we don´t want to project our hopes and goals and to risk in this way to fall into a purely passive and supportive role. Solidarity means to fight together, but not to forget our own terms and be wrapped up uncritically in the role of the other. That would simplify solidarity, would cause, that we don´t deal with the complexity, that we don´t recognize the risks, but just take action to support.

This simplified reference leads to the point, that we partly give up our own position. That our own projects, motivations and goals will be wrapped up, for example, completely in the standpoint of the Kurdish autonomous project (an impression that we got from the call „Afrin is everywhere“ signed by „autonomous groups“) and that success and failure of our own actions will be judged by the development of the local situation there.

Still, the militant actions in connection with Afrin were and are essential. No action of freedom-loving people against fascist regimes can be let to go unnoticed; there are no hierarchies and authorities, who don´t deserve our attack. Like this we will also fight, when Erdogan comes to Berlin at the end of September, because the sovereigns, the murderers and technocrats gave up their right to exist in the moment in which they gave an order over the life of another human being. And of course they will concentrate all their strength to impose their security. But what we take from the moments in Hamburg during the G20-summit is that the attempt of total control will always fail because of us.


In difference to the obvious wars, which take place in a lot of areas around this world, we are here in the hinterland, in Germany, inside the social war. It is a war of low intensity, that manifests itself through the pressure to work, of consumerism and diversion. Always monitored by cameras, cop patrols, by the law-abiding citizen next door, who controls your steps and reports deviant behaviour to the authorities.

Everybody against everybody, because only the ruthless ones get a place in the sun.

This daily oppression seems to be invisible for a lot of people. This becomes obvious when we talk about times of war and times of peace. Apathy and indifference are cause and consequence at the same time. So to act on this terrain, we have to understand the strategies of social war. It means analyzing the local situation and society so to find points of attack, where we can break the apathy and disturb the security.

Sabotage, the militant attack is the means, with which we shake off our supposed powerlessness and proceed to actions and propagate them. Together with other fighting people we overthrow constructed borders, communicate about it and develop ourselves theoretically.

Let’s not fall into political campaigns. Campaigns with a beginning and an end can be a yardstick for the ability of mobilization of a movement, but they cannot measure their power. In them we labour under a misapprehension to be able to achieve our goal in a specific timeframe, like the raising of concrete demands, which when they are fulfilled, then only undergo the aspect of limiting the uprising. The conflict with the existent can only be permanent.

In this respect we understand our action also as a call, not to follow the destruction of authority as a bystander of fights that are undertaken by others, but to develop an organized strength out of our own position, which makes a serious reference of solidarity possible with the fights of our armed comrades and friends.

autonomous groups


Every action requires a thorough preparation. It is necessary, next to measures of our own safety and the clarification of technical details, to investigate the target. Because we were not able to exclude, that there is a flat somewhere under the office accommodations in the main building, which is inhabited also at night, we decided against the initial thought to put the incendiary device in front of the representative entrance of the main building. This decision reduces the material damage considerable, but prevents because of distance and structural conditions a spreading of flames to the main building and an endangering of persons that could be there. The cops and the press will not miss the chance to declare the opposite. This should be clear and taken into account.

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