‘Laughing darkly’ by L (UK)

Short amusing note from an exchange.

… About the Archegonas, Archie the Robot, we are really laughing that there is ‘comrades’ stupid enough to print his material still, despite what has happened. I guess they really like what he has to say about being a vegan.

We were laughing darkly about that fanatical ITS claim in Edinburgh and this ridiculous text of his where he accuses us of being ‘tough bitches’. It’s so anti-female, after his fragile ego was spurned by us, he reveals in this ITS claim from Edinburgh a real hatred of his mother too. It’s delirious, he proclaims himself Satan. Haha. …

What has become of the so-called eco-extremist curse? All this time to come and hunt us down and they spend their time still being a joke?!


“I think it is vitally important to position yourself in front of the enemy, even if they give you a nod to anti-authoritarian ideas, as ITS did in the first moment.”

“ … as I mentioned before, you have to start an offensive with them, ITS, and also against the old enemies, the capital, authority and the State.” Instinto Salvaje.

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