About the ‘Novichok’ attacks (UK)

An old game, the intrigues of the State. Sergei Skripal, a Russian spy who defected to England is poisoned with an exotic substance in unclear circumstances, his daughter found slumped with him on a park bench, both so delirious that the paramedics and police thought that they had been exposed to a bad batch of drugs initially. Emergency chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protocols are activated in what looks like a hopelessly inept government response in the town of Salisbury, and the spy and the young daughter are in a critical condition with high-level hospital treatment in the ‘protection’ of the State. A media wave of predictable standards accompanies; the politics of fear, nationalism and cold war, with the FIFA Russia 2018 World Cup as the spectacle which is the backdrop to the chemical attack. It looks like a hit in Putin’s ‘soft war’ against the British Crown.

Weeks later, two locals, Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess, who have no apparent connection to the spy, his daughter or the Russian government, fall critically ill in Amesbury on June 30, 2018. Hallucinations and psychomimetic effects leading to unconsciousness, alleged BZ* drug-type reactions from a neurotoxin thought to be so immediately deadly it needs sophisticated lab equipment to produce it and special handling.

The town is less than 10 miles from Salisbury, where the first attack occurred on March 4, 2018. Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who came into contact with the same poison as her father, have both reportedly recovered, but they remain in the ‘protection’ of the State, not seen in public again. Kidnapped, according to the Russian Embassy, which ridiculed the British regime’s counter-operation and eventually won the propaganda war by the simple fact that there was nothing that the British could really do about the chemical nerve agent attack. If they had wanted to kill hundreds more, it would have been possible, surely…
If the Russian State was really responsible…

Dawn Sturgess did not recover and died. Her partner Charlie, who has now partially recovered, reportedly found the neurotoxin in a professionally produced bottle of sealed women’s perfume in a charity bin, and gave it to Dawn as a gift, infecting himself with the toxin too. Not only is it risky to be a Russian dissident or corrupt businessman hiding in England, it’s risky to be poor and excluded from the wealth on display every day in every mall selling products you cannot afford.

Old English towns, full of militarism, privilege, inclusion and wealth, side by side with poverty, addiction, homelessness and depression. Nothing changes after the police and military cordons have gone up and come down again, things just get worse. The emergency laws in place to deal with State-level incidents don’t deal with lack of opportunities, lack of access to social facilities, exploitative work, and precarity. The absolute control of the military and police on the streets doesn’t extend into stopping the toxicity and poisoning of our everyday lives by the merchants of profit. The enslaving ruin of working everyday for the benefit of the already rich. These are things that the State is not concerned with.

Fitting, that the infamous military site Porton Down, is so close to the towns of the poisonings, as it is home to countless poisons; chemical, nuclear and biological methods of mass killing, and known for it’s employment of slaughterhouse animal experiments in testing weapons for decades. There is no doubt that the deep para-state of UK is not murderously conspiratorial, unpredictable and dangerous, not just to humans. The Russian regime accuses that the dirty tricks of the British are exposed again, and a curtain closes. What the people living in the isles can look forward to is planned government measures which “cannot be shared publicly for reasons of national security” according to embattled Prime Minister May. Where secrecy is involved, it’s usually facts that aren’t popular, like secret black site prisons which don’t exist anywhere, and systemic torture programs, both of which the British secret services are proved to be running. Alongside a new slew of ineffective sanctions against Russia, there’s plans for an immediately unveiled £48-million chemical weapons defence centre where even more of these deadly toxins are stored and produced. Who will benefit? Arms companies, contractors and the State itself in it’s wars with it’s rivals.

Russian denials, staged media, interviews, recriminations, sanctions, parliamentary inquisitions. There will be no ‘justice’, no ‘trial’, it’s an act of covert war, not a ‘crime’. War is above legality. It’s part of politics, intractable and once it starts is difficult to bring to a halt. It requires an individual and collective action across borders, against all States; revolutionary and insurrectional direct action.

The old game is a shadow world of tricks, where selective and indiscriminate methods to terrorise populations and bring in new laws combine with regular and irregular methods of combat, such as shaping public perception with social conditioning and psy-war. And it continues, the mass hysteria, the “false alarms”, the multi-agency lock-downs involving military, police and medical staff, the murder of Russian exiles, the nationalist interventions in politics and social life.

These are part of protracted strategies of tension, of covert and unconventional warfare. Battles fought with other means, that work to soften the population and prepare a dynamic that suits social control by States. A creation and use of situations that favour power. It’s a game to be learnt, to understand what it is that we are fighting against, and to prepare counter-moves as asymmetric anarchic threats to the entirety of this alienated existence.

War is the health of the State

Tear it all down

*BZ is a hallucinogenic toxin that was developed by the American army in the last century and weaponised. BZ can be used as a liquid, an aerosol or packed into bombs and warheads. The harmful and incapacitating effects are reported to last several weeks and can be fatal.

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