TagX! Berlin must burn! – Direct action chronology of resistance (Germany)

Erdogan – the stray dog from the Bosporus – will come to Berlin on September 29 and become a terrorist legitimized through the German state government. The warmongers and fascists will meet to resolve further deals on the “refugee issue”. While the arms industry pops bottles and the Federal Republic of Germany grants arms exports into the billions, innumerable people are dying in this war. This is the reason for us to disturb, sabotage, and attack this state visit. Not all of us are facing this destruction deedless. Our signs of rage and resistance reached as well our international comrades, who will fight with us on the day the fascist is coming to Germany. Shoulder to shoulder against fascism! Down with Erdogan and his fascist collaborateurs! For freedom!

Since beginning the “Afrin-offensive” 100 of attacks against the Turkish/German facism and their profiteurs:

21/01/2018 Kassel Colour against MHP mosque
22/01/2018 Leipzig Colour and stones against DITIB institution
22/01/2018 Minden Colour and stones against DITIB institution
23/01/2018 Heilbronn Fire set at car, belonging to Turkish fascist
24/01/2018 Hanover Attack against car from UEDT
25/01/2018 Stade Stones and colour against DITIB institution
25/01/2018 Leipzig Windows of Social Democrates Party office smashed
26/01/2018 Offenbach Broken windows and colour in MHP mosque
26/01/2018 Hamburg Colour distributed at and inside Social Democratic Party (SPD) office
26/01/2018 Stuttgart Colour to Turkish fascist
26/01/2018 Frankfurt/Main Colour against DITIB institution
27/01/2018 Leipzig Social Democratic Party (SPD) office got its windows hammered
29/01/2018 Stuttgart Colour against SPD office
29/01/2018 Stuttgart Paintbombs against Turkish Consulate
29/01/2018 Leipzig Bitumina on police station
31/01/2018 Stuttgart Colour against Christian Democratic Party (CDU) office
31/01/2018 Aachen Broken windows and colour at DITIB mosque
02/02/2018 Leipzig Color against office from justice minister
06/02/2018 Frankfurt/Main Car of ThyssenKrupp torched
09/02/2018 Koblenz Colour against SPD office
15/02/2018 Mainz Colour against two ATIB mosques
16/02/2018 Munich Colour against the house of a member from „German Atlantic Company“
17/02/2018 Hanover Colour attack against HQ of CDU
19/02/2018 Berlin DITIB van torched
19/02/2018 Bremen Arson against military supplier company OHB
19/02/2018 Dresden Windows smashed at SPD office
21/02/2018 Munich Stones and colour thrown against Commerzbank
21/02/2018 Darmstadt Colour against SPD head office
24/02/2018 Heilbronn Meetingpoint of Turkish fascists attacked with stones
27/02/2018 Berlin Turkish Embassy attacked with paintbombs
29/02/2018 Leipzig Colour against police station
01/03/2018 Leipzig Windows destroyed and colour at branches of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Allianz
06/03/2018 Berlin Café of Turkish fascists attacked with stones
07/03/2018 Berlin Car of Erdogan Fan damaged
09/03/2018 Hamburg Car of Turkish nationalist burned
09/03/2018 Heilbronn Molotov cocktails against Millî Görüş organization
10/03/2018 Hamburg Spontaneous demonstration throws stones against Turkish Consulate
11/03/2018 Internet BotNet attack on AKP-website
11/03/2018 Berlin Molotov cocktails against DITIB organization
11/03/2018 Stuttgart Stones against Turkish supermarket
11/03/2018 Meschede Molotov cocktails against MHP organization
11/03/2018 Itzehoe Stones against DITIB mosque and fire at Turkish supermarket
12/03/2018 Münster Stones against Turkish café
12/03/2018 Berlin Paintbombs against Pieburg Ltd
12/03/2018 Ahlen Arson against DITIB organization
12/03/2018 Hamburg Colour and broken windows at Commerzbank branch
12/03/2018 Gütersloh Car dealer attacked
12/03/2018 Kassel ATIB meetingpoint and police station attacked
13/03/2018 Berlin ThyssenKrupp car burned
13/03/2018 Celle Offices from Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) and CDU attacked with stones
13/03/2018 Darmstadt Two Turkish supermarkets attacked with colour
13/03/2018 Hamburg Colour and stones thrown against restaurant and supermarket
13/03/2018 Hamburg SPD office got its windows brocken
13/03/2018 Hanover Arson on two Turkish shops
13/03/2018 Berlin Stones against a Commerzbank branch
13/03/2018 Soltau Arson against vehicles of German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)
14/03/2018 Marburg Head offices of SPD and CDU attacked
14/03/2018 Frankfurt/Main Deutsche Bank branch got its windows broken
14/03/2018 Cologne Attack against TGB
15/03/2018 Frankfurt/Main Home of NATO lobbyist attacked
16/03/2018 Berlin Windows of Allianz office smashed
18/03/2018 Hamburg Police attacked with stones and bottles at spontaneous demonstration
18/03/2018 Berlin Commerzbank attacked
19/03/2018 Hamburg Railway connection of Rheinmetall company to Hanover sabotaged
19/03/2018 Hamburg Mob-action against Turkish fascist restaurant and police
19/03/2018 Berlin Some Commerzbank branches lost their windows
19/03/2018 Ulm Arson against Milli Görüs mosque
19/03/2018 Eschede Arson against electricity of railway tracks
21/03/2018 Leipzig Windows of Deutsche Bank destroyed
21/03/2018 Berlin ThyssenKrupp branch got its windows destroyed
21/03/2018 Kassel Car of Turkish fascist burned
22/03/2018 Magdeburg Mob-action
24/03/2018 Leipzig Colour against Deutsche Bank
25/03/2018 Kassel Arson against Turkish fascist meetingpoint
26/03/2018 Berlin Arson against electric cables
26/03/2018 Osnabrück Colour against MHP bar
27/03/2018 Leipzig Vehicles of LVZ-Post (newspaper) torched
28/03/2018 Berlin Arson against Istikbal (Turkish state owned company)
30/03/2018 Saalfeld CDU head office attacked
01/04/2018 Berlin Allianz branch windows broken
01/04/2018 Cologne SPD, CDU and Deutsche Bank attacked
02/04/2018 Leipzig Commerzbank attacked with stones and colour
03/04/2018 Burgdorf Commerzbank attacked
04/04/2018 Berlin Commerzbank head office attacked with bitumen and stones
04/04/2018 Mainz Arson against Turkish fascist supermarket
05/04/2018 Wiesbaden Arson against Turkish supermarket
07/04/2018 Darmstadt ATIB organization, Turkish travel agency and fascist döner shop attacked
07/04/2018 Esslingen Turkish supermarket “Doğuş” attacked with stones
09/04/2018 Wuppertal Broken windows and colour against SPD, CDU and FDP offices
10/04/2018 Berlin ThyssenKrupp vehicle torched
13/04/2018 Berlin Youth demonstration – Solidarity with resistance in Afrin
13/04/2018 Dresden ThyssenKrupp vehicle torched
19/04/2018 Dresden Deutsche Bank windows broken
20/04/2018 Göttingen Colour against Commerzbank
23/04/2018 Magdeburg Banners on bridges
24/04/2018 Leipzig Arson against Siemens location and Siemens van
25/04/2018 Berlin Arson against truck of Turkish Tuğra spedition
26/04/2018 Hamburg Deutsche Bank attacked
28/04/2018 Berlin Stones against DITIB institution
29/04/2018 Berlin Streetart against military lobby
30/04/2018 Munich Fire at Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (military company)
05/05/2018 Halstenbeck Stones against Bohnhoff (military supplier)
08/05/2018 Halle Colour attack against ThyssenKrupp chief
08/05/2018 Bremen Windows smashed and colour at Rheinmetall
08/05/2018 Unterlüß Blockade at Rheinmetall factory in Unterlüß for the annual general meeting
10/05/2018 Hamburg CDU and Allianz offices attacked with stones
14/05/2018 Stuttgart Colour against recruitment center of Bundeswehr (armed forces)
16/05/2018 Salzgitter Six MAN trucks burned
16/05/2018 Berlin Adbusting shows way to war lobby club „Friends of German Army“
18/05/2018 Leipzig Rubble dumped in front of Deutsche Bank
30/05/2018 Leipzig Allianz branch got its windows smashed
01/06/2018 Dresden Broken windows at Commerzbank
06/06/2018 Frankfurt/Main Six vehicles of Deutsche Bahn burned
12/06/2018 Hamburg Colour attack on ThyssenKrupp branch
28/06/2018 Dresden Commerzbank attacked
03/07/2018 Berlin Graffiti to mobilize Day X – Erdopig visit
04/07/2018 Berlin Stones against SPD office
11/07/2018 Hamburg Stones and colour against Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank
16/07/2018 Berlin Car of police- and army supplier Dräger torched
18/07/2018 Berlin SPD office attacked with stones
31/07/2018 Trittau Rheinmetall factory attacked with colour
07/08/2018 Leipzig Colour against DITIB
08/08/2018 Berlin Truck of army supplier DB Schenker burned
21/08/2018 Berlin Arson against German Society for Foreign Politics (DGAP)
30/08/2018 Berlin Two branches of Deutsche Bank damaged
06/09/2018 Leipzig Stones against Commerzbank
06/09/2018 Berlin Car with Turkish flag torched


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