Makassar, Indonesia: Action Against the IMF-WBG Meeting in Bali (Photos, Video & Communique)



The State and Capitalism are an inseparable unit of criminals and destroyers. Many bigoted leaders are gathering to consolidate their crimes. Eventually there will be a situation where the workers, the fishermen, the urban poor and all sectors of society who are subjected to oppression will reach a boiling point of anger and disgust.

Capitalism, which is a social relation, has turned the masses of humanity into passive human beings, limiting themselves only to the creation of profit. The purpose of work is to keep the world revolving around society being divided into two classes: the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat, or more simply put- the oppressor and the oppressed.

And so the State, as the administrator, is therefore responsible for the continuation of capitalism via unlimited exploitation and expansion, there is no difference when it comes to the corruption created by capitalists- the state creates coercive laws that must be obeyed, legitimizes oppression, legitimizes land theft, legitimizes murder and legitimizes companies freely sticking their claws into various aspects of life via regulatory laws.

We hate this system. We hate capitalism and authoritarianism. Whenever and wherever we have the strength and ability to attack it, we will do it. This old system really has created a tremendous degradation of humanity. Therefore, we will not remain silent.

A small action is still an action. And as small as a match is, it is still a match.

Making banners and carrying out acts of vandalism to show our rejection of the IMF-WBG meeting that will be held in Bali are just some our responses to the capitalist system that has sunk it’s claws into all sectors of life. We know that the IMF-WBG is an international finance organization that has neo-liberalist agendas, which of course, only benefit a handful of people; namely the rich, capitalists, state bureaucrats and their lackeys. Meanwhile, the majority of humanity must submit to their orders.

We are not silent. We will attack using various methods. We do this because we have dreams. Yes, dreams of a world without heirarchy. Dreams of a world without capitalism and authoritarianism. But believe us, when this old world collapses, it will happen because of those crazy and utopian dreamers.

Resist IMF-WBG 2018

Video Clip MP4 – IMF/WBG Demo




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