About the arrested comrades – Call for solidarity with Silesian 2 (Poland)

Poland, Katowice 2015, AntiCongress (AntyKongres): Anarchist comrades living in Poland organised Anticongress, a protest against European Economic Congress (EEC) held in Katowice, Poland. Anarchists organised demonstrations, lectures and in the evening decided to scout an abandoned building to protest against capitalism and the economic decisions taken above our heads by politicians and bourgeois and against housing policy in Poland. The police tried to get inside and throw them out and silenced the voices of opposition preventing to disrupt the meetings at EEC. Our comrades defended bravely and fearlessly throwing petards [small explosives] and bottles but in the morning antiterrorists break through using stun grenades and arrested 21 anarchists.

During the trial, most of the arrested accepted a conditional discharge of the criminal proceedings which is tantamount to pleading guilty, as a result of which they were not sentenced to any punishment. Six people did not accept conditional dismissal of the case. A fine was imposed on one person due to their disability pension, and on the remaining ones, social work. Two of them took up social work, three refused it and since then have been wanted.

On the night of 19th October 2018, two of the wanted anarchist comrades were arrested during document checks after 3 years of police searches. The arrested comrades stay in different prisons and will be imprisoned for next 2 months. One of the arrested was deprived of meals for 5 days because his name was not put on the kitchen list of of those officially imprisoned. Now when he is on the list he is unable to get vegan meals. Visitors cannot bring food from outside, everything must be bought at 5 times inflated prices in prison shop.

On 27th October 2018 several dozen anarchists and activists gather to demonstrate in solidarity with arrested anarchists. The flares were
fired to remember those who are imprisoned and the one that is still wanted.

Situation of the imprisoned anarchists is hard, tough, harsh and complicated. They lack food and other basic stuff. If you can help please send letters or financial help for them so that they could do their shopping in the prison’s shop.

Don’t let the idea of AntiCongress die!!!!!!!!!


Piaskowy Smok
ul. Reymonta 20a
40-029 Katowice

(Silesian 2)



PL32 1050 1386 1000 0091 2084 4742

(Sileasian 2)

Paypal: patrycjaszat@op.pl

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