Germany: Federal Minister of Interior plans to ban solidarity organisation Rote Hilfe

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough.

According to a report of German weekly Focus, Federal Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) plans a ban on the solidarity organization Rote Hilfe eV [‘Red Help’]. It is up to you, now you can give back the association the solidarity it deserves.

The only cross-flow organization of the radical left has supported you all, all left-wing activists, that watched your back in recent years. Whether financially, if again existence was threatened because of political activity, a good advice if once again there was a yellow letter (Courts and state prosecuters send their letter in yellow envelope on the German territory, EIE) in the mailbox, a good leaflet at the right time, that you better shut up (Don’t talk with the cops, EIE) or the costs of being imprisoned.

Not to mention that Rote Hilfe e.V. is one of the only left-wing organizations that continuously opposes snooping paragraphs and sharpening of laws by law and order ideologues. And that from a unsellable and incorruptible anti-capitalist position. Where else is there something like this?

Today’s Rote Hilfe e.V. is the direct successor to Rote Hilfe Deutschland, an organization that massively strengthened the anti-fascist struggle until its last ban by the Nazis in 1936. All this with the idea of ​​solidarity – to bolster up each other to maintain the political struggle for a better world. We tie into the struggle on this principle today. The fact that a new ban is pending only shows in what stormy times we are living.

With 43 local groups and more than 9000 members, the threshold for criminal liability of one of the most successful left organizations in Germany now seems to have been reached. According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungschutz, secret service, EIE), Rote Hilfe e.V. is the “fastest growing left-wing extremist group in Germany”. It is fair to say that the rulers seem to consider our project as a threat.

But the attack on Rote Hilfe e.V. is an attack on an idea of ​​a better future – the idea of ​​solidarity.

They want to ban us as a movement, not just an association. And with that they will fail.

What should we do?

For the first time it is now: We for you and you for us. Because solidarity also helps against this kind of threats of bans – we now have to show with which foothold they will be confronted. Now more than ever!

If you are not a member of Rote Hilfe e.V.- join! As public as you can.
If you write journalistic articles, blogs, radio reports – This is the moment to show attitude against right-wing and hate.
Become active – make public!
Make your friends aware of the threat of a ban, discuss and agitate – it’s about something.

United we stand!


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