Santiago, Chile: In Memory of Anti-Speciesist Warrior Carlos Fuentes

On February 8, 2019, the anti-authoritarian, vegan, environmentalist and independent media photographer decided to leave this world by throwing himself into the Santiago subway at the Universidad Católica station. The fact caused the arrival of police bastards and firefighters after a chemical emergency since Carlos kept on him a bottle of cyanide so the subway had to be evacuated, several stations were closed and there was a collapse in services for several hours during that afternoon-night in the disgusting city.

The 27-year-old comrade was an active participant in instances of dissemination, activities, demonstrations and direct actions in the field of Animal, Human and Earth Liberation.

Sisters and Brothers from the anti-speciesist media Vegana Press remembered him in this way:

The singing of the birds makes us doubt if they are them or are signs that you are here.

Years ago and from the street, we crossed perspectives: of anger, of struggle, of liberation.

We cultivated our lives, we became fighters for the liberation of all animals and for the care of the earth. We embraced this anguish of observing the pain of others, we spent hours thinking about what to do: that’s how the vegan press was born, and Carlos is an important part of our actions. He spent many years fighting from the intersectional communication trenches, working with the conviction that this overwhelming system will change, liberating the oppressed and exploited.

Friend, we love you with your courage, strength, conviction, sensitivity, empathy and rebellion. The fire you were carrying will never go out. Today we do not say goodbye, because you will always accompany us in our actions and hearts.

For animal, human and earth liberation.

Your Vegana Press Sisters and Brothers

On Monday, February 11, the funeral of the comrade was held, there was a bicycle ride to the place with a great presence of compañerxs who carried beautiful banners in his memory. Here are other words:

Eternal flame of constant fire: how many times we wanted to see all our fears burn and we unveiled ourselves looking for new ways.

We cultivated our trust and companionship. And we inhabited our own contradictions. We got back together, to laugh out loud. To fight for a new world. To observe with love and anger, but above all, with sincerity: sincere and accurate eye, writer of light. Reader of photographic frames, you gave us answers drawn with your most beautiful vision of life and with your most creative rage.

You already return to the earth, to be part of the hills and beings of the forest. To be a ray of light that dawns. To be of the air and the song of the birds.

Grateful of your infinite dedication, we embrace and re-encounter each action, friend-brother of total liberation.






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