‘We Will Never Abandon Rojava’ by Keith Malik Washington (USA)

From AMW:

“Revolutionary change will not come as a singular event, nor an immediate exchange of power, but an ongoing struggle to free us all from the bonds of oppression and distribute power to communities of resistance. The illusion that a small group can seize state power and enact the will of the majority has dried up in the gulags, prisons, and killing fields of nation-states around the world. The Cantons of Rojava, a network of councils without the State, has introduced a new revolutionary paradigm… As we formulate our next steps, we harken to Rojava as a model. Just as it is grounded in the Kurdish liberation movement in Rojava, we here must ground ourselves in the black liberation movement against slavery.”

Burn Down the American Plantation (What We’re Working Towards), pg 68-69, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!

Did you really think for one moment that I was going to remain silent?

I began working with RAM because of Rojava. The Kurdish struggle struck home. Do you realize that these Sisters and Brothers in Northern Iraq and Syria helped fight and defeat ISIS? Yeah! That is right! These beautiful people, who Donald Trump wants to abandon, sacrificed their lives for the good of all. I was careful when I decided to speak out. Right around the time Trump made his announcement that the U.S. would pull out of Syria – George W. Bush had died. It wasn’t really good for me to say what I needed to say but now I am going to say it!!

The United States has a history of abandoning people who helped us protect our interests. Furthermore, the United States is not motivated by humanitarian reasons. That is a deception and a lie. Example: George H. W. Bush, the CIA and the US military lead some Iraqi people to believe in the 1990’s that they would back them if they rebelled against Saddam Hussein. Many accuse people now-a-days of not being versed in recent history. I remember what happened! At the last minute George H. W. Bush and the CIA and the US military changed their minds! Guess what happened to the Iraqi people who believed those CIA agents? They were taken by Saddam’s forces and slaughtered like sheep! That is what the United Snakes of Amerikkka do to their allies!

Trump’s US military advisors know damn well they are not prepared to help the Rojava Revolutionaries defend themselves from the Turkish military. They are just mad that Trump couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. Plausible deniability goes out the window.

Remember when Janjaweed in Sudan were executing the people of Darfur? Did Condoleeza Rice and George W. Bush do anything to help them? Did they threaten to send military to protect these mostly Christian dark-complexion African people? Hell no! Did Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley or Gina Haspel go in front of US congress and the Amerikan people and plead for the lives of the Yemeni people? Did they? Hell no! Did anyone in the Trump administration say anything when the IDF executed 61 unarmed Palestinians? Hell no! And whether anyone wants to admit it or not it is all about the benjamins, baby. Donald Trump tells the world that the US won’t hold Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammad bin Salman accountable for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder/assassination because the US has hundreds of billions of dollars tied up in contracts with Saudi Arabia and the US does not want China or Russia to get those contracts. I mean, this is what the US president said. So why the hell do they attack Ilhan Omar when she states the facts?

We are going to have some difficult conversations about these lobbying efforts done in the name of capital. But right now the focus must be on our strategy and effort to join with Rojava as they prepare to battle the Turkish military. Do you think for one moment that Erdogan is going to play fair? Take off the rose-colored glasses! Our comrades in Rojava will be obliterated if we don’t prepare to support them right now. So let’s begin our signal chats and formulate a plan in order to create supply lines for our Kurdish Comrades! Let us step up our propaganda campaign!

I want us to begin to encourage Saudi Arabian women to embrace the Rojava paradigm! What if gender roles in Saudi Arabia were radically restructured? You think Lujing would still be imprisoned? Do you think #MeToo would be necessary?

The Islamic fundamentalists who are in the upper echelon of the Turkish regime aren’t that far off from ISIS in their misogynistic ideology. The Rojava Revolution is something I will never abandon! Everytime I release an essay, a campaign, or a call to action, it is in the spirit of Rojava!

Dare to struggle, dare to win! All power to the people!

Comrade Malik

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