PDF: ‘UK Eco-Anarchy’ Zine #1

PDF: UK Eco-Anarchy #1

Anarchist, earth and animal liberation news and comment from UK.
Designed to be printed, photocopied, passed on and fly-posted.
Offline, subversive and free!

Too late to stop the Ecological Collapse and Social War

Welcome to issue #1 of Eco-Anarchy

Environmental crisis, which had been warned about for decades is now a global emergency and an inescapable existential risk to the continuation of the human post-industrial civilisation and millions of species. Despite the clear warning signs that the planet had been sending since the industrial revolution two hundred years ago, the ruling classes and elites have brought the planet itself to a critical point under a destructive dominion of the energy companies, the resources extraction industries, mono-crop mass agriculture, the arms manufacturers, religious control systems and methods of mass psychological programming through media, consumerism, spectacle, intoxication and control of sexuality and thought.

We’ve seen in those years we’ve been agitating against this destructive system that nothing is ever achieved without force. We’ve seen decades of activist and citizenist “action”, it’s an almost total waste of time, it hasn’t stopped the ecological collapse in the fifty-odd years it’s been employed and it sure as hell won’t stop it now we have supposedly less than ten years left to avert the meltdown. The damage has already been done and there is nothing that can bring back the species who are already extinct, the biodiversity and landscapes that are already irreparably damaged. The planet is changing, and for us, the most important thing now is to decisively build for an insurrectional and revolutionary dynamic to overthrow the ruling classes, the capitalists and their world-wide techno-prison society which they are building for us all. The middle-classes, as well as the “working classes” are almost completely embedded in the false opposition of the left and right wings of politics, caught centuries behind the coming technological singularity and so-called “fourth industrial revolution”. We face an era of unprecedented social authoritarianism, exploitation and exhaustion of natural resources. It is going to take more than passive resistance and petitioning of the State to achieve the required changes if we want to see a future that has hope for liberty, freedom and the restoration and rewilding of the environment.

The current counter-culture and the actual resistance to capitalism taking place in UK is at such a weak ebb that reformist activist cults like XR (Extinction Rebellion) operate in an almost empty radical space.

From weekend hunt saboteurs and anti-fascists 9 to 5ers, rent payers or lifestyle squatters, most talking takes places with a pint or a line of Ketamine, either way, the counter-culture is anaesthetised and going nowhere other than to the displays of recuperation of a once-thriving scene, eg. Boom Town, or Glastonbury, or the other crap festivals where people are sold back the culture they lack and once created.

No direction, just places to let off steam, no-one meets in the streets any more and it’s time to start the fires and barricades and attack the establishment and the middle-classes who benefit, and all those who keep the left and right wing racket going.

Fight back? No one carries weapons any more because they are too scared to go jail. All the old punks are dead and we’ve been left with a generation of young people who would rather become victims and argue over how many unicorns can dance on the head of a pin. Where are we at? A very politically correct ambush?

How close and personal do so-called activists/anarchists get? No doorstep challenge?! It’s time that we began attacking the rich and the architects of this prison-society which is destroying everything, and just has to go. If it’s not possible to overthrow this system, then we’re going to die trying to destroy it and our lives will be spent subverting and attacking it in all the minimal ways that we can. Together we’re going to try to push the tension so that nothing can stay the same.

Why aren’t posh privileged Tory fascists and the other class enemies made to feel the shit that they impose on us, isn’t it playing for a very English colonial value that shouldn’t be kept alive? Isn’t that what the XR managers and activist hierarchies want to promote? That “Democracy” is not threatened, and thereby, nothing gets out of their hands in their negotiations with power? They operate in a way that makes you think that they’ve never been touched by poverty; capitalism and civilisation never comes on the agenda. XR isn’t interested in any underclass grudge that looks too ugly for engineered media training. These green cult members steward their demos wearing their sheriff tin-stars as if they’ve been deputised to watch out for anyone who steps out of line and lashes out. Solely designed to hand over well meaning people into the hands of the police, their entire organisation is a liberalist authoritarian exercise of hand-wringing benefiting only their own careers and the State itself which inoculates itself with the fake (and therefore harmless) radicalism.

In this struggle why is it still being played out wearing kids gloves and abiding by their rules, they don’t abide by their rules, so why should we. They send rapist undercover cops against us, brutalise us, beat us, imprison us. We need to follow through, make these politicians, bosses and pen pushers/number-crunchers that make our lives miserable feel the heat from our anger in the embers of their burning cars and houses. Wipe them out.

The “movement’s” outreach is only to the apparently already converted, sprayed on walls of the hip inner cities gentrifying ghettos, declaring that the struggle is not dead and our fallen friends are immortal. But without destructive sabotage and attacks, graffiti is just scribbling on the walls.
The new world-savers (XR, other reformists) are saying look into the hour-glass we hold, we’ll tell you how much time you have left, our professional friends in high places are scientists, philosophers, academics: we dictate the shape of the rebellion, no fighting please.

We don’t need negotiations with the elites, we want to hang them and take everything they have for everyone else. We want a completely different future from the one they envisage and the only possibility that it will happen is if their way of life comes to an end.

Direct actions have been taking place all over our city by small bands of angry individuals showing that CCTV and cops don’t have a grip on spontaneous attacks. The replication of slogans and pointless demos in the inner cities and satellite towns are a paper-tiger. They never follow up with any actions that have any bite. These slogans state that the struggle hasn’t died (and the ecological collapse can be averted) but it’s clear that it is going to take a revolution and the destruction of our entire industrial civilisation, which no-one wants, to “avert” this eco-crisis. The only “Green Revolution” that is coming is an authoritarian and technological one.

This entire world is going down in water and fire.
It only takes a few individuals to form an insurrectional and/or revolutionary cell, for anarchist, earth and animal liberation. You don’t need to go to a social centre, you don’t need to go to a bait demo, you don’t need to tell everyone you know on social media, you don’t need to vote for a Green Party lacky or put your faith in any do-gooder or prophet of false hope.
You just need to look after your health, arm and educate yourself and prepare for a serious confrontation, we are looking at an unresolvable future of conflict. You can choose if you want to set the date and time for that meeting now, or you can let the State and civil society decide, as your existence continues to be dragged along by this entire burning civilisation as it disappears into the abyss.

Either way, anarchy is inevitable!

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