Open-source guide on how to send anonymous blackfaxes to DHS-ICE

# How to send anonymous blackfaxes for free

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### Step One: Establish a connection using a VPN or the Tor Project

[The Tor Project](

[Bitmask VPN](



Homepage Lazyload Skeleton


Using either a VPN or TOR will obfusicate your home IP address. Staying anonymous is very important, please remember that blackfaxing a governmant agency does count as harassment legally.

### Step Two: Establish a “burner” e-mail account (Optional: purchase a “burner” Tracfone + data card)


Establishing a temporary e-mail address is key. Your username should be random and not at all connected to your personal identity. All free faxing websites require e-mail confirmation to send faxes.

### Step Three: Create a Gravit account + make a 3-page blackfax .pdf

[Gravit Registration](

Creating a blackfax is pretty straightforward. You can essentially just create a filled in black box using Gravit, make sure to create 3 pages and export the file as a PDF. You can also use Adobe Illustrator if you’d like, or GIMP. Many free faxing websites will have a limitation on the amount of pages you can send at once (usually three).

### Step Four: Send the blackfaxes to your targets

[2600 Concentration Camps data dump](

) <--- Limited to 5 free faxes per day, Requires a "burner" cell phone number to send!!! [GotFreeFax]( https://www.gotfreefax.com/ ) <--- Limited to 2 free faxes per day Sending the faxes at the point will usually require a (fake) name, e-mail address for confirmation to send, and the fax number and name of your target. A typical target would look something like this: ``` Tacoma Northwest Detention Center - GEO (ICE) 253-396-1250 ``` Once you send the fax, you will be prompted to confirm via e-mail. If you are successful, it will confirm that it is sent (this usually takes about 5 to 30 minutes). You can also switch IP address to send more than the allotted limit per day if you wish. Good luck! #RIPWillemVanSpronsen twitter: @cyberspaceafa https://0paste.com/32024 https://pastebin.com/Y41vSBvJ

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