Greece: Every Hour RIOT, Every Day Demonstration – Update on the evolving conflict in Exarcheia, Athens

We provide an update on recent events in Exarcheia, Athens, following the beginning of the first major repressive attack upon the squats by minions of the Greek state, ordered by Prime Minister Mitsotakis* and the far-right New Democracy party that begun on 26th August. Below follows a text released on Athens Indymedia:

On the morning of 28th August, around 02:30, a group of 30 anarchists, attacked MAT at Tositsa/Trikoupi streets with molotovs.

The attack happened as two groups of comrades: the first group of comrades attacked MAT from Tsamadou street and burned them in Tositsa street, while the cops were next to the squatted steki of anarchist immigrants.

At the same time, the second group of comrades, attacked MAT from Trikoupi street and burned them hard at Tositsa street, while they were busy from the attack, which they received from Tsamadou street.

After the attack, all the comrades left the area safely without being

We give this message to the state, that resistance still exists and we will resist until the last drop of our blood.


Video from mAyhem collective

*The video of 30th august riot soon will be publish too, the riot that burned MAT at Tositsa/Trikoupi streets with 80 molotovs*

As mentioned by the comrades in the text there was another molotov attack last night in Exarcheia upon the MAT riot squads situated at Tositsa and Trikoupi streets. Again the cops were taken by surprise and burnt badly by the attack. Seven people were detained and released by the cops in the area but where not prosecuted because there was no
evidence that they were involved, it is known for the cops to randomly arrest people in the vicinity of any recent attack upon them.

After the attack upon the MAT squads at Tositsa/Trikoupi, the scum cops decided to attack a party that was happening at the squatted steki K*VOX situated at Exarcheia square. The MAT attacked those outside the front of the building and even threw tear gas into the building itself. As far as we know one person was injured by the attack and was taken to hospital.

The attack upon anarchist circles and spaces in Greece is an attack upon all anarchists around the world.

Comrades in complicity with the combatants who light up the streets of Exarcheia, death to the mirage of social peace everywhere!

*Comrades outside of Greece may not be aware that Mitsotakis, a Havard-trained former banker, son of a former prime minster, has made it his personal vengeance mission to eradicate the anarchist circles. This is not surprising after his brother in law Pavlos Bakoyannis, another scumbag politician of New Democracy, was assassinated by the urban guerilla group 17 November in 1989.

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