Debriefing Text of the Open Assembly of Squats, Collectives, Internationalists, Migrants and Solidarians (Athens, Greece)


This text is a debrief of the actions of the open assembly from its beginning right after the evacuation of four squats in Exarchia on 26/8 until the demo of 14/9, where four arrests took place.

The evictions of 26/8 were not left unanswered, as hundreds of comrades made a spontaneous demo from Exarchia to Psyrri. The next day, the assembly calls for a solidarity gathering at the courtrooms for the three arrested people of Gare, and, the afternoon, for a solidarity gathering for the detained migrants in Petrou Ralli.

On 29/8 we made a solidarity rally in front of Mpoumpoulinas migrant housing squat, while the next morning at 4am the squat began to be barricaded and solidarians started gathering outside, acting as a bulwark against a possible eviction. On Saturday, August 31st, the assembly supported the march around Exarchia with a bloc of its own. The next action was to break the blockade around the steki of anarchist immigrants with a support rally and hanging a banner. Next, in preparation for the march against state repression on 14/9 at Propylaia, four kinds of posters, calls and texts in five different languages were printed, and then posted and given out in neighborhoods, universities, schools and squats. Actions culminated with the informational intervention of a hundred comrades at the hip-hop festival in Technopoli, Gazi, on 6/9.

On the 14th of September we participated as an organized bloc with guarding in the march that many collectives had called to against state repression. The route followed was Propylaia-Syntagma-Exarchia. The bloc of the open assembly of squats, collectives, internationalists, migrants and solidarians was sufficiently guarded and saw the participation of a large number of fighters. Our final stop was Exarchia, where we’d already been informed that police squads and teams of OPKE had blocked the area. As predicted, the occupation troops made their appearance in an orgy of vindictiveness, making preventive arrests and blind mass detentions, of which some ended as arrests.

On 18/9 around 150 comrades rallied in Evelpidon, where in the end the 4 comrades were released–the 3 adults with the restrictive condition of appearing at their local police stations.


This assembly consists of a mixture of social and political identities with their position as oppressed individuals within the system as a common starting point for all. Through the continuous interaction and fusion within the body, we have reached a few shared conclusions. As an assembly of migrants, internationalists, students, lgbtq and generally oppressed and fighting people, we know our struggle against the state isn’t a matter of days but must be continuous and ongoing in neighborhoods, schools, universities, workplaces, cities and towns. That is why we aim not only for short-term actions but also for long-term planning. Our aim for the assembly is to sustain it as a fixed point of reference and a long-term medium for the organization of class and anti-state resistance in the near future and the socialization of militancy.

The initial goals of the assembly were to deconstruct the dominant propaganda through counter-info interventions by all means and show solidarity in action to migrants and squatters, making public gatherings, rallies with microphone at detention centers and guarding squats. And this way deconstruct the state of invisibility imposed on migrants by domination and trigger the common struggles we envision.

After all this mobilization, preparation, counter-info, and multiple actions we reached the demonstration against repression on the 14th of September at Propylaia.
This demo with its huge numbers of people, its guarding and its momentum brought to mind the years before Syriza and its assimilation of social and class struggles. We believe that the lack of cops had as its primary goal to restrict and dampen insurrectionist practices within the neighborhood of Exarchia, which was already surrounded by all kinds of forces of repression since the beginning of the demo.
This was done deliberately so that people would be brutally attacked as well as arrested en masse, the neighborhood drowned in chemicals, and all this could be kept contained without extending to the gentrified metropolitan center, without damaging the tourist industry or exposing the state of cop rule. As for the few negative aspects of this demonstration, one is the fact that the party of LAE was at the back of the demo under the name of its municipal election front. This is the party whose first-class members participated in the government of ’15 and the management of concentration camps for migrants. The party whose leader for many years in a row was the minister who was politically responsible for the murder of the 4 workers in Latsis’ work camp-oil refinery in ’15. The party which morally and politically supported the ’17 and ’18 nationalist rallies of the state (part of it, not all), the church, and the fascists who then attacked squats.

Concerning the repression designs of the state, the bosses have already begun the campaign in the form of a police pogrom and have carried it further into our proletarian neighborhoods of Victoria, Patisia, Vathis Square and elsewhere. Equally high in the agenda held by the political representatives of the bosses is the continuation of the former government’s policies for further development of the immigrant concentration camps industry with the creation of four new ones in the region of Attica. A national industry that provides profits to the private snitches and repression agents (NGOs), the Greek army (50% of migrants are under the army’s management after the Mouzalas-Kammenos inter-ministerial agreement), catering, alimentation and security bosses, real-estate owners and all sorts of traffickers (that is, people close to the inner core of the state). Meanwhile, another direct aim of the bosses is gentrification and the unrestricted expansion of the tourist industry for the city center of Athens with the spread of airbnb or else short-term leasing.

Finally, we salute the thousands of people who took the streets of Athens on Saturday, 14th of September 2019 and demonstrated against the repressive campaign.
We salute all those who set up events and gatherings in solidarity around the world.
We salute the people, no matter in which part of the earth, who moved to aggressive movements and caused a material or political cost to the Greek state or capital. We deem the attacks in Exarchia, which continue to wear out the state occupation army, as equally important.

P.S.: In the early hours of 19/9 and 23/9 the state further affirmed its repressive campaign evicting three migrant housing squats: the 2nd school aka Jasmine, Acharnon 22, and the 5th school. Also, on the 20 of September the political stand which stood in Exarchia square was removed with a crane with police escort.

Everything is ours because everything is stolen, squat villas and abandoned buildings.

Open assembly of squats, collectives, internationalists, migrants and solidarians

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