Greece: Statement by Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis on the Planned Turkish Invasion of Rojava

US State gives green light for the Turkish military invasion of Northern Syria
October 7th, 2019

After a period of a hypocritical stance by the American state towards the Kurds of Northern Syria and the other rebellious peoples of the region whom they supported militarily as they gave their lives in battle against ISIS (Islamic State) and their armed forces of men and women liberated one city after another by expanding the revolutionary project of Democratic Confederalism, the US regime has shown its true face by giving the green light to the Turkish state for the military invasion of the region. It is the expected development of the “democratic” American state and the “democratic” West in general.

It is to be expected from history itself and from the ease with which the ‘great powers’ have been using the struggling peoples in the chessboard of their geopolitical and economic interests over the years to extend their power. It should also serve as an example for the people of this country during the present moment, when the Greek state is once again offering “land and water” to its American “allies” for their military intervention in the region, a fact which is promoted as a success by the government following its meeting with M. Pompeo and the “upgraded” military presence in Greece under the “defense cooperation” agreement.

The military invasion of Turkish armed forces in Northern Syria will once again drown the region and the Revolution in blood. The existence of a revolutionary social project that should be a beacon of hope for all oppressed peoples, an example for the liberation of all people, a model of freedom for the ‘democratic’ West is under threat. The Revolution in Rojava, the Revolution of our time, is under threat.


Pola Roupa & Nikos Maziotis, members of Revolutionary Struggle

Note: Revolutionary Struggle is an urban anarchist guerrilla group which emerged in 2003. It claimed responsibility for several bomb attacks in Athens, including against the Athens Stock Exchange, planting a massive bomb that failed to explode outside Citibank offices, and the 2007 U.S. embassy strike. Members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis are currently being held in prison with life sentences.

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