Athens, Greece: Statement by anarchist refugee Abtin Parsa


(November 23rd, 2019)

Days after being followed and days after my home in Ano Patissia was being watched by the anti-terrorist unit, I published a political statement that also includes a report about the events on 27/10/2019 [1].

Later, 09/11/2019, the anti-terrorist cops that were near my house started acting differently. At the same time, anti-terrorist unit repression against the movement became more severe, like arresting comrades with the accusation of being involved in the revolutionary organization “Organization of Revolutionary Self-Defense”.

10/11/2019, 22:00 to 22:30, while I was going home, I saw many undercover cops around my home, more than usual in the past few weeks. I decided to not go home and publish immediately the information in Indymedia Athens about this event [2].

11/11/2019, in the evening, while my flatmate and his friend were coming out of the building, 15 to 20 anti-terrorist cops stopped them. First, anti-terrorist cops handcuffed them, put them in the car and probably 30 minutes later the anti-terrorist cops entered my home with the key that they took from my flatmate. Anti-terrorist cops started searching the house. After that, they arrested my flatmate with the accusation of having a military knife that was found in our home.

12/11/2019, my flatmate had a trial in the court of Evelpidon, building 7, and he will have another court sometime soon (in one of the previous updates that I published in Indymedia Athens, I wrote that my flatmate got arrested because of a gun, but it was wrong information given to me by the lawyer and when days later I found my flatmate, he corrected me).

After the raid of the anti-terrorist unit in my house, these things were missing:

1) all my legal papers that recognized me as a legal refugee in Greece;
2) personal things like a toothbrush, a pillow and some clothes;
3) a laptop;
4) some money;
5) some political texts;
6) a cell phone (not smartphone).

I am an anarchist political refugee who has been imprisoned and tortured for 1 year and half in the secret prison of IRGC in Iran. I was arrested at the age of 16, in 2014, in Zarghan city in Iran, accused of insulting the religion and with activity against the Iranian regime. In 2016, I escaped from Iran to Greece. I was in the concentration camp of Samos for 8 months, and during this period, I got the political asylum from the Greek state. In 2017, I arrived in Athens and since 2017 I am active in the local anarchist movement.

The regime is trying to terrorize the movement but the regime should know that for those who have nothing left to lose, fear does not exist. The resistance will survive and the system will die because our will for freedom is stronger than its weapons and its cops. I will continue participating in the movement. If I get abducted by the anti-terrorist unit, I will immediately start hunger striking.

Solidarity to comrades who got arrested or are wanted by the anti-terrorist unit.

Abtin Parsa


[From actforfree.nostate.net].

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