Letter from Amadeu Casellas, imprisoned anarchist comrade (Catalonia)

Well, as you know, I continue to be in the prison of Brians I, and I should not be surprised that the fascist torturers continue, those who like to insult, humiliate, harass and beat the prisoners, but in Module I of this prison, what is happening is beyond the unthinkable.

In this module we have a jailer named Pablo and as usual, the prisoners know him as Don Pablo. This individual has several complaints of mistreatment of prisoners, so it is strange that he continues to work in a prison and dealing with people, when he is at least a psychopath.

This jailer works normally on Monday, Tuesday double shift and Wednesday until noon. This past Monday, the 11th, he apparently had one of those psychotic outbreaks because already in the morning he began first with the barber of the module, in front of other prisoners, asking him “Are you dumb or what, what do you think, what is it? Do you want me to break your face?”

Then, near noon, to another prisoner, in this case a fate of the dining room, he said words shouting like the others: “You are shit, you are not worth anything, you are a cockroach, you are nothing and cease to exist”. In the afternoon, and continuing with his vocabulary, there was a prisoner destined for the workshop that was talking on the phone with his family. This prisoner was calling out of the usual schedule because when he comes up from the workshops, at noon later than one o’clock and in the afternoon after seven o’clock, this schedule is agreed after hours with the director of this jail and with the captain of the Module, and I agreed with it myself because those at the workshops could not call during normal business hours.

The fact is that this individual jailer, he began to shout when the guy was talking to his family, “Hang up the phone, what the hell are you calling at this time for?” The prisoner hearing what he was shouting at him, chose to tell his family, “I hang up because they are giving me the noise,” and hung up. The psycho jailer named Don Pablo kept shouting, “What the fuck do you have to say to your family that we’re giving you the noise? Put your hands behind you, I’m going to fuck the workshops and I’m going to change your cell to the other wing of the module”.

Days ago this same individual went to another guy at the workshops and apart from humiliating him with insults, he was beating his chest seconded by two other jailers, because sometimes other jailers were infected with these practices.

To finish the day, on Tuesday a prisoner wanted to pursue a habeas corpus procedure because he considers that his situation, at least, is irregular. As we all know, a habeas corpus is a fundamental right recognized in the EC of which some boast so much. The fact is that this individual, along with the other guards, denied him that right of Habeas Corpus telling him that there was an article in the Penitentiary Regulation (RP) that prevented him from being given course. Incredible but true.

It is curious that from the Generalitat de Catalunya, the actions of the National Police, Civil Guard and the Mossos d’Esquadra [Cataland autonomous police] are criticized for beating, mistreating and violating fundamental rights, which I do not doubt, but on the other hand in their institutions, they allow knowing that in their prisons there is torture, insults, humiliations, fundamental rights are violated, they know that the spread of diseases is allowed due to lack of hygiene, hunger is happening due to lack of food in the dining rooms, lack of products in the prison-stores, etc.

Some people begin to think that independence is only wanted so that a few can turn Catalonia into an authoritarian country, with a full-fledged dictatorship, where 3% of commissions become 100% of everything, you don’t have to forget that Carles Puigdemont lives like a King and that, like the one in Spain, we pay for it, whether we like it or not. I leave it there.

Amadeu Casellas Ramon


via Anarquia

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