Smartphones, Ringtones, Capital

“I believe that within the next generation the masters of the world will discover that childhood conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient tools for governing than batons and prisons, and that their lust for power can be completely satisfied by inspiring people to love their slavery, instead of crushing them and reducing them to obedience”.
Aldous Huxley, letter to George Orwell of October 21, 1949

Half a century ago, Piazza Fontana. The start of the so-called strategy of tension. A bomb exploded inside a crowded bank, just a few steps from the Cathedral of Milan. Over one hundred victims are dead and wounded, a massacre of blood-letting perpetrated in order to spread fear, terror and anguish throughout the country, to trigger the conditioned reflexes of Order. To sow a panic such as to justify, if not to invoke, the intervention of the State (also through its armed wing of police, also by suspending some liberties taken for granted).

Half a century after Piazza Fontana, we are in a full strategy of relaxation. After the bombs, the smartphone. After the blood, the ringtones. Millions of hyper-connected people, a massacre of neurons carried out in order to spread the entertainment, amusement and satisfaction that’s necessary to neutralize the unconditional reflection of revolt. To sow a distraction such as to legitimise, if not naturalise, the presence of the State (even of its armed wing of the law, even of the suspension of some liberties taken for granted).

In short, repression has moved on to prevention. Currently those in power need not avert the revolutionary threat, as there is no massive direct attack on the capitalist organization of labour, the Proletariat as a historical subject in its subversive action is a real hallucination of ideology. Simply today, technology allows us to good-naturedly do what yesterday fascists and secret services wanted to impose brutally. The indiscriminate violence of State terrorism was intended to show that no one and nowhere could feel safe, an indispensable premise for everyone and in all places to be controlled. Well, this goal has been achieved since there is a widespread control of all territory and of the psyche of individuals through devices far more discreet and efficient than the military in securing the streets and banishing any adventure from life.

And isn’t the best way to be indifferent to the present, to be moved by the past? Thus, December 12 is becoming like April 25, a national anniversary to remember to forget. It is the institutionalization of hypocrisy, which respects the dead of both sides (the partisans and the fascists, Pinelli and Calabresi), celebrates Liberation together with those who impose slavery, to beg the Truth from those who sell lies, celebrate the Resistance to decree the end of the resistance, to condemn the State massacre to sanction the eternity of the State.

After the screening of the investigations, the clouding of consciences …


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Note: The Piazza Fontana Bombing took place on 12 December 1969 when a fascist para-state bomb exploded at the headquarters of Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura (National Agrarian Bank) in Milan, Italy, killing 17 people and wounding 88. The same afternoon, three more bombs were detonated in Rome and Milan, and another was found unexploded. On 25 April 1969 a bomb exploded at stand of Fiat at a Milan trade fair, five people were injured. There was also a bomb discovered at the city’s central station. The explosion at Piazza Fontana was not the first, but part of a well-coordinated series of attacks which were blamed on anarchists but were actually the work of a conspiratorial far-right para-State network.

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