Anarchists Claim Responsibility for 4 Incendiary Attacks in Athens (Greece)

Anarchists claimed responsibility for incendiary attacks on a parking lot for luxury yachts, a security company vehicle, a café owned by a New Democracy politician, and the home of a police reporter.

The following is their statement:

Our lives are flooded with the ultimatums and the dictates of their state, capital and their culture.

In the workplaces, we need to sell our labor power to survive, the bosses’ ultimatums are the voice of capitalist development at all costs. The voice of neoliberal expansionism, the voice of the murderous intentions of the employer who cripples our bodies with intensified timetables, the abolition of Sunday holidays, uninsured labor, inadequate security measures, layoffs and extortion.

In our schools, the dictates of the state and of capital are the voices of discipline in the barbarity of our times, the telling of the treacherous history of submission to the powerful, the voices of nationalism and intolerance, the erasure of the memory of each moment of social war. Their aim is to create a new generation of disciplined slaves, always eager to enter the line of capitalist production without consciousness of their role. Without a trace of substantive knowledge of the history of the struggles and uprisings against states and their powers. Accepting their peaceful coexistence with those responsible for poverty and wars. Acknowledging that the struggle is futile and capitalism is the winner of history.

In the neighborhoods where we live and struggle, whether they are called Exarchia or not, the state makes ultimatums about squats. Their ultimatums speak the language of modern totalitarianism, police suppression, organized and coordinated state propaganda through the media, their regularity that is full of violence for anyone who does not fit into it.

Their ultimatums are the other side of state terrorism. These are the clubs that break the heads of passers-by in Exarchia, the images of refugees being surrounded by cops on the buses to the hell of concentration camps, the sexist comments and threats of sexual violence to anyone who is disliked by the cops, dozens of raids on squats, it’s the military occupation of an entire neighborhood by police-cannibals; they are kidnappings Comrades from their homes; it is the state’s anti-terror campaign as an indispensable component in the application of law and order.

These and many more are a few pieces that illustrate a central political strategy of the state. To wage a total war on the anarchist movement with the aim of exterminating it before social dissatisfaction is expressed on the street. The rulers know that the anarchist movement has the potential to act as a detonator in social struggles. They see the flames of insurrection spreading to every corner of the world. The social and class inequalities that are essentially the locomotives of capitalism become a stifling loop in its throat. It is now widely accepted that we are at a critical juncture. Those in the centers of political and economic power know this well. It is part of their discussions during their meetings in international meetings and organizations. Through various titles, politicians, economists, analysts are constantly looking for ways to stabilize a political and economic system that is mired in an ever-increasing crisis.

That is why the whole attack on the anarchist movement must be seen as a battle for political survival, as a fierce struggle to secure our existence. As a liberation war with a revolutionary perspective.

By designing strategies and tactics with the key denominator of organizing and fighting across all social and political battlefields.

Understanding the history of the movement we belong to, the battles it has waged over the years, the blood that has been poured upon by dozens of militants in the struggle for individual and collective liberation. Understanding that we are resolutely armed not to be the carriers of defeat, resignation, compromise, but those who will raise the banners of resistance and rebellion, the banners of violent social war behind the metropolis.

The ultimatums are back …

We also celebrate the return to normalcy. We are now living in a normal country and now we are setting up our mechanisms properly. We warmly thank the Minister Prop. for his contribution to expanding our struggle. The truth is that his statements are more inflammatory than our fires. Apart from the ridiculous thing, however, when our warrior is such a ranting opportunist who started as a “Socialist” and ended up the minister and symbol of the right-wing repressive state, any talk and move against us comes to our great advantage.

As a first response to Chrysochoid’s ultimatum, we assume responsibility for the following incendiary attacks:

At the Alimos Marina, setting fire to a parking lot for luxury yachts, we symbolically attacked the privileged entertainment of the economic elite. During the attack all precautions were taken so that no one was in danger. With this energy, we wanted to express our anger at those who live and have fun in their microcosm by taking advantage of those excluded from the luxury they enjoy. They ignore the disproportionate burden they inflict on the natural world as much as they neglect and the oppression caused by the class system with which they are favored. Their palate is blood-stained and deserves to be lost in the flames of insurrection.

In a security company vehicle in Peristeri, as security guards are pre-empting the neo-liberal future’s private police force.

In the café-patisserie of the New Democracy politician Nikos Romanos: New Democrats executives and MPs need to know that the violence they inflict on their policies will be repaid.

At the home of Newsit police correspondent Theodos Panos: those who form the voice of repression and formulate state propaganda are exposed and their homes are known.

Solidarity with political prisoners

Solidarity with squads and fight structures that are under repressive attacks

Solidarity with anarchist hunger striker Costa Sakka.

Anarchy will live

Scattered Groups of Lawlessness

Original publication: December 18, 2019

via Athens IMC

From: mpalothia, AMW.

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