France: Anti-Prison Days in Bure – 2nd to 8th March 2020

Hi, we are organizing an anti-prison week during the first week of March in Bure & around (place of struggle against a project of center for burying nuclear waste). (Link) + (info about Bure : bureburebure.info)

You are welcome to come and we would be happy if you wanted to propose a discussion/radio listening/or other about your activities. Topics we are interested in for this days are; state repressions and anarchists counter-strategies, women and LGBTQ in prison, migrants imprisonment and theoretical discussion around idea of prison abolition (or demolition) and anarchist idea of justice. Of course would be nice to here from you about your approach to all this topics but it isn’t our expectations. However we feel that topics around women, LGBTQ community and migrants are still enough to highlight in the anti-prison context, so if those topics are ones that you also consider in your daily ABCs work we would be happy to give you space to share it.

Below is a first draft of the program but it will change for sure cuz it’s strongly depend from answers of others groups:

– Monday 2 : Day of arrival + installation
– Tuesday 3 : Repression and anti-repression
– Wednesday 4 : (No)Borders
– Thursday 5 : Gender issues, women and LGBTQ+ in prison
– Friday 6 : “Free” day, informal meetings, discussions outside of topics, etc
– Saturday 7 : Prison abolition (discussions about anarchist view on justice, law, crime and punishment)
– Sunday 8 : Day of departure (+ workshop writing to prisoners)

Collectives and people from various countries will be invited, there will be translations (the languages will be specified later, but there will be at least English translations).

It is important to note that the area of Bure is under heavy surveillance by the police, there are often ID checks and the cops patrol around. (Legal briefing in the context of Bure).
For the people who won’t be able to come, it is possible to organize phone calls or to read letters or video conference.

We would like to invite prisoners to participate to the week if they want to, for example through letters that could be printed/read. If you want to invite prisoners to contribute you are welcome to do so! They can write to : “Abécé VOISIN, 1 rue Vinelle, Appartement B, 55290 Mandres-en-Barrois, France”.

We also have possibilities to cover travel costs but those are limited so please give us note earlier if such support is needed

About transportation, some notes are written here.

The Anarchist Bure Cross was inactive since 2018 and we would like to start it again with this first event. … Don’t hesitate to share this event with other people who could be interested.

See you soon!

Anarchist Bure Cross
aburecross (at) riseup (dot) net

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