Italy: Subversive Publications Fair, Cagliari, January 24/25/26

Subversive Publications Fair, Cagliari, January 24/25/26, with a discussion on publishing and propaganda
Magazines, papers and other forms of propaganda of the struggle and subversive ideas have always been persecuted by all sorts of regimes. Rendered clandestine, outlawed or banned, seized by police, they have never ceased to exist.

If this seems like an old story to you, one that stinks of the fascist regime, you are wrong!

In 2019 three repressive operations followed one after the other against different situations of struggle around the Italian State, “Scintilla” in Turin, “Renata” in Trento and “Lince” in Sardinia, which although in different ways, all have a similar character: the attack on instruments of publishing and propaganda which these realities use, attributing a central role to them in the investigation. Charges and arrests have been made against editors, but this certainly isn’t anything new.

This attention and consequent repression by the State demonstrates that propaganda still plays a potentially “subversive” role: to build up a narrative and spread news which is different from the mainstream is something that scares power, more engaged than ever in covering the obscenities perpetrated every day in the form of wars, environmental devastation, deportations and so on. To resist these attacks, aimed at taking away some of the last instruments for those who struggle, seems more imperative to us than ever.

Besides, it seems clear to us how in recent times independent publishing (on paper as well as online) is also in trouble for other reasons, and publishing linked to movements and the struggle is no exception. Various projects have had to be stopped, those that still exist struggle to come out regularly as they are crushed by the uncontrolled invasion of news and tweets that flood our lives characterizing them with banalities, falsities and superficialities giving an obsolete semblance to paper periodicals, including those of analysis.

For this reason we have decided to organize a subversive publications fair focusing on propaganda and publishing. In order to be on the side of those who write and publish to give voice to their ideas and not sell them to the patron of the moment, even if in so doing they run the risk of being accused, denounced and arrested.

Therefore the Fair will be a place where not only the experience of various publishing projects of the past and present are told, it will also be an occasion to discuss various topics linked to the importance of publications, new forms of propaganda and communication. We’d like to be able to create moments where experiences are contrasted and criticized and where collectively – not just among editors – we can lay the foundations for relaunching a defence and wider spreading of propaganda and subversive publishing.

Some comrades in Cagliari


Friday 24th January:
Opening of the Fair, presentation of the program
From 5pm: “An overview of publishing, publications and propaganda in the recent past, comparing experiences”.

Saturday 25th January:
The present: the role of publishing – repression
From 10am: presentation of various independent projects: monthlies, info centres, periodicals, publishers.
Discussion on the crisis and the perspectives of today’s independent publishing.


From 3pm: “Propaganda under attack; the importance of propaganda in the struggle” – “The role given to propaganda instruments in operations Scintilla, Renata and Lince”, followed by discussion.
Stalls for distribution and spreading of historical propaganda material

Sunday 26th January:
From 3pm: “How to relaunch propaganda? What new instruments can we use? Which ones must we absolutely not lose?”
7pm: benefit aperitifs

The fair will take place at Officina Autogestita Kasteddu, Viale Monastir 11a, Cagliari.
Benefit lunches and dinners will cover the organizational expenses and contribute to the Officina documentation centre.
Distros of books, magazines and other paper material are welcome.

News at nobordersard.wordpress.com

For info write to nobordersard2016@gmail.com


Translated by act for freedom now!

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