Letter from Mauro Rossetti Busa in prison (Italy)

“Open letter from the La Spezia prison

My dear comrades and companions on 10 December 2019 I had the hearing of review in the court of Assisi of Lucca where I filed my reasons on acts committed on February 1, 2018, both against the political seat of “Casa Pound” and the fire at the “ENI” petrol station. On this occasion I also wanted to affirm that violence that took place in Viterbo by group people belonging to the Casa Pound group against a woman to make him understand both the public prosecutor and the court, that these fascists are not as much lambs as they want make believe. I also wanted to specify what were the reasons for the incendiary attack on the fascists. The reason was because in 2016⁄2017 in Piazza S. Michele in Lucca a boy was attacked because he was a militant of the PD and I also wanted to clarify that I have no sympathy for the PD, nor for other parties.

My action was spontaneous / premeditated in that I proclaimed myself a militant of the extreme anti-fascist left. In my trial, besides being present the anti-terrorist cops and the director Dr. Leone Leonardo also came to testify the councilor of the city council, as well as Casa Pound leader, who while taking me away we met in the classroom, where he gave me a look as a challenge and so there was a bit of offense my part, warning him that I am from Lucca and both the cops and the fascists must be careful and above all watch their backs a lot. They don’t have to break or challenge me because I have nothing to lose and I’m able to do even worse. I don’t care if his militant rabbits were inside their meeting that evening. As I claimed in the courtroom, when there is a need for direct action, it must be carried out without many theories. Certainly in some things it is true that it also takes theories, but it is also true that it takes practicality, that is, that certain responses against the beams are immediate.

The prosecutor in my trial is the same as the one who celebrated the trial in Florence against comrades who were sentenced to ten and a half years. It will not frighten me when he issues his sentence, whatever it may be.

Here they have only publicly won a battle, but not the war that is temporarily suspended at the moment and I make this promise to you: years will pass, day by day, month by month, year by year, I will always meditate because nothing will be left hanging. Well here I stop to let you know that the hearing in Lucca will resume definitively on December 17, 2019.

I embrace you all

Mauro Rossetti Busa

La Spezia 16/12/2019

For those interested, contact my lawyer (Enrico Carboni) to find out how my trial went.”

Mauro Rossetti Busa was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for fire, evasion and manufacture of explosive material, threats and with the aggravating circumstance of recidivism and social danger.

The original attacks took place in the vicinity of the Casa Pound headquarters and to the ENI distributor in Sant’Anna in 2018. The Eni distributor, the multinational is for some time in the sights of anarchists for activities abroad, and a building near the Casa Pound headquarters.

Mauro Rossetti Busa had succeeded in Florence, in March 2004, in an attack on a public prosecutor. During the hearing his convictions were unwavering: “I’ll send you a parcel-bomb, the next one will be for you and these cops,” he said.

From: Round Robin via AMW.

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