Genoa, Italy: Special surveillance for four anarchists after demo in solidarity with Paska

On January 8, 2020, the Court of Genoa applied the measure of “special surveillance” to four of the 14 anarchists who demonstrated at La Spezia prison on January 5, 2019, in solidarity with Paska, after the beating inflicted on him by the guards in the prison of this city (Paska is an anarchist imprisoned for the “Panico” repressive operation). The “supervised” are Amma, Ciccio (from Florence), Greg and Carlo. They are affected by prevention or security measures, being forbidden to attend demonstrations and meetings, subject to a prohibition on carrying weapons and have to pay court costs.

For Amma, Ciccio and Carlo the measure also includes the obligation to stay in the area of residence (not in the city) and the obligation to communicate their movements to the cops. Since Amma is currently under house arrest, the measure will begin for him once his detention is over.

There is the possibility to appeal within 10 days and indicatively the court will reply within 30 days. This appeal is not definitive. Updates will follow.

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