Update about the week-long Anti-Prison event in Bure (France)

The anti-prison week is in less than a month! It will happen from 2 to 8 March 2020 in the old train station of Luméville, close to Bure, place of a struggle against a project of a center for burying nuclear waste. The idea is to take time to meet, between people and groups from different countries, have formal and informal times of discussions, workshops, movie screenings, readings. You can come to the week with your own proposals, with or without telling us in advance. Zine distros are also very welcome.

We received criticisms regarding the lack of topics related to racism in prison and state racism in the program of the week, considering the key role that racism play in penitentiary systems. We would like to make more space for these topics, so if you think you have something to contribute on these topics, please contact us.


We are currently contacting the groups that will take part in the week to know when each workshop or discussion will happen. This section will be updated regularly between now and the beginning of the week.


An update on the struggle in Bure, the Cigéo project, the events of the last few years. More info about specific presentations and workshops soon.

: Repression and anti-repression

Wednesday : (No) Borders

Thursday : Gender issues, LGBTQ+, women’s prisons

Friday : About being “on the run”

Saturday : Anarchist views on justice, law, crime / How to get out of a punitive system

Sunday : Free spacetime

List of confirmed workshops till now

– Discussion about criminal association procedures in France/Italy
– Case of Loïc and the G20 repressions
– Writing letters to prisoners workshop
– Digital security workshop
– Presentation about trans people in jail
– Presentation about migrants situation on the French/Italian
– Presentation of the situation in Bure
– Discussion about migrant detention centers
– Reading of the letter by Andreas Krebs
– Presentation about transfers, controls in transport and/or sharing of experiences in jails
– Discussion about punitive systems
– Presentation on the topic of clandestinity
– Presentation about repression in Poland
– Audio listening of an interview with S – transgender prisoner about his relations with other prisoners.
– Audio listening of a revolt in a jail in Avignon, France in 1974 (only in French)

Practical informations

Coming to the place of the event

The old train station of Luméville is located in Meuse, France, close to the village of Luméville-en-Ornois, on the left of the road leading to the village of Mandres-en-Barrois. You can enter it by car. We will put up signs so you can’t miss the entry ways.


There will be vegan food from Sunday 1st in the evening to Monday 9th in the morning. We will provide the food and cooking equipment but cooking will be participatory and rely on self-organization. You will be able to put money in a free price box to help us cover the expenses of the week.


There will be sleeping places in a building on the place of the event, but not enough for everyone. There will also be sleeping places in other collective houses in villages around (at maximum 8km). There is a lot of space on the place of the event if you can come with a tent, a camper or a truck (bring blankets if you can!).

If you need sleeping places in the building on the place of the event, please tell us in advance how many places you need so we can organize.


Translations will be provided as much as possible in French, English, German and Italian. If you plan to come to the week and are able and motivated to do translations during discussions, you can tell us in advance when you would come and from which to which language you can translate.

See you in March!

The Anarchist Bure Cross

Legal situation for the anti-prison week

With the anti-prison week coming in a less that a month, we thought of doing a small point on the legal situation around here. Because of the specific context of the place and the event, we think it’s important to make everyone aware of the risks that can be involved with coming here.

Since 2017, a dedicated unit of cops is present at all times in the area to surveil the opponents to the Cigéo project. Cops regularly patrol the road leading to the event place, as well as most of the roads of the villages around. Sometimes during events, they also perform static road checks on specific places.

The place of the event – the old trainstation of Luméville – is a legal place, that has been bought by opponents years ago, so normally cops cannot enter it. However, in recent history, they invaded the place on two occasions. In 2017, a series of raid targeted several places, including the place of the event, as part of an investigation for a “criminal association”. In 2018, the place of the event was invaded by cops, after an altercation with security guards next to the place – according to the cops, people had punched a guard and thrown a stone before retreating to the place.

For more information about what can happen when you get controlled by French cops, from a simple ID check to custody and trials, you can read the legal briefing in the context of Bure (in English, French, Italian, and German).

A phone number will be published on Anarchist Bure Cross website some time before the event. You will be able to call this number to either ask for, or give informations about the activity of the cops in the area.

You can contact us if you have questions or specific needs related to this subject.

We will soon publish a new article to give more information about the program of the week.

See you soon,

The Anarchist Bure Cross

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