5G Arson Sabotage, Conspiracy Theories and UK

EL | Αγγλία: Εμπρηστικά σαμποτάζ ενάντια στο 5G, θεωρίες συνωμοσίας και Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο

ES | Sabotajes incendiarios al 5G, teorías de conspiración y Reino Unido

FR | Sabotage incendiaire anti-5G, théories du complot et Royaume-Uni

+ FR | Royaume-Uni : Un bilan des attaques incendiaires de pylônes de télécommunication

+ IT | Regno Unito – Un bilancio degli attacchi incendiari ai piloni di telecomunicazione

+ ES | [Reino Unido] Un balance de los ataques incendiarios a las antenas de telecomunicaciones

According to corporate media another four Vodafone cell phone towers were torched in the 24 hours after the recent arson attacks targeting 5G infrastructure took place on April 2nd & 3rd. 3G and 4G towers were also part of those destroyed, although it’s unclear if they were unintentionally sabotaged or not. Information about the attacks themselves has been hard to ascertain due to limited information being issued by the mass media and rapid censorship of corporate social media.

Since the first attacks last week, at least 20 attacks are reported to have taken place across the country and there are reports of engineers also being questioned, harassed and attacked by people worried about 5G. It is clear that whilst everywhere is in lockdown the continued expansion and roll-out of 5G has remained a priority. The UK State regime and communications corporations were forced to issue a statement describing the risks that 5G poses to human health to be “baseless” and blamed the harassment and attacks on “conspiracy theories”. Social media corporation Facebook took down several pages dedicated to recording and apparently inciting the anti-5G attacks and also had their messaging app company WhatsApp limit the forwarding ability of messages. This is part of a cross-platform corporate attempt with Twitter, Google, Youtube etc to co-ordinate efforts together with the State to censor and track what they are describing as “misinformation” about the origins of Covid-19.

The most dominant of these unpermitted ideas being that 5G has a direct correlational relationship to the Coronavirus pandemic, in that 5G has a direct negative effect on humans leading to a weakening of the human nervous and immune system.

Whilst it has already been proven that air-pollution rates have a direct relationship with Covid-19 cases, and for decades the authorities also declared climate change to be a myth, we have to accept at face-value their claims, when even a small research of the background history of 5G reveals the facts.

Without 5G, the governments and corporations of this planet cannot build their techno-prison-world to control us all. The ‘internet of things’, ‘smart cities’, dataveillance, autonomous robots, vehicles and drones, all these things all require the total dominance of the 5G technology. If you do not want that, then you have every reason to see this technology burned to the ground already.

Through focusing on the most outlandish, reactionary and fascist narratives that are supposedly behind the Coronavirus pandemic (whilst engaging in dark arts of their own), the UK regime tries to defend itself during a peak moment of critical infrastructure vulnerability and people’s refusal to accept the real coup which has taken place.

What cannot be doubted is that other State and non-State actors continue to exploit the crisis to advance their own agenda through unconventional and quiet warfare. The entire world is at a war footing to fight each other and to repress their own people, massive troop and armour movements across all the major territories are reported, the plans of contingency are put in place and 2 billion people remain in lockdown.

This is the “conspiracy theory” – that the rich and the powerful connive with each other to achieve their own ends,- it has always been like this, and unless we do something about it, it will always be so.

All hail discordia.

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