Wallmapu: Telecommunication towers destroyed with explosive devices [$hile]

During the early hours of March 26-27, strong explosions shook the Contulmo community, located in the province of Arauco. Anonymous hands had placed explosives at the base of a telecommunication antenna, blowing it up and crashing down, carried away a second tower which is also partially damaged.

The attack occurs in the middle of Route p-80r, which connects the communities of Contulmo with Purén, specifically in the Pata de Gallinas sector affecting almost all of the area’s telecommunications.

On the same route, within a short distance three trees had been cut down to prevent rapid access by the police, during the full national curfew in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic and the advance of social control.

Finally, the GOPE, Labocar and OS-9 personnel came to the sector.

So far, the action has not been claimed and the cops did not find pamphlets at the site. The government announced an anti-terrorist investigation.

From Noticias de la Guerra Sociale.

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