Frankfurt/Main, Germany: We are all 129a!

§129a Investigation in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

17.06.2020, 6.00 a.m., windows break. The residents of the shared flat jump out of the bed because they think Nazis are smashing the windows, but the loud shouts, and hooded people with flashlights leave no room for discussion until all residents of the living community are already in pain on the floor. It takes a while for the excitement to subside and they realize that there are more than twenty Federal Police BFE cops in the little apartment. Others are waiting in the entrance and have positioned themselves around the house. It takes even longer until a search warrant is finally handed out and the lead management is handed over to the investigating BKA. They try to act formally legally correct, their goal is to work legally clean. These are the different sides of the repression, the hooded thugs are supposed to intimidate, the jovial BKA cops collect everything they can get and organize the whole thing.

The accused’s room and common rooms are officially searched, and the rooms of the other residents are filmed.

The search warrant is issued by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) on January 20th, 2020. They are investigating against the person concerned and at least two other unknown perpetrators for being part of an alleged “terrorist organization”. On New Year’s Eve 2018/2019, they and many others allegedly attacked the BGH branch in Leipzig. DNA finds on clothing and camera recordings are brought forward. The police are looking for certain clothing, communication media, other references to this alleged association. 3 laptops, a USB stick, papers and small items such as a balaclava were confiscated.

During the search, two people are offered to testify as witnesses, which they refuse.

The accused is then driven to the police headquarters for ED treatment (fingerprints, photos etc.), whereby the BKA is kind enough to wait for the lawyer. After several hours he is being released. It can be assumed that there were observations and telecommunications surveillance at least around the time of the search.

In the surrounding bars and in the neighborhood, everyone agrees that the cops are insane, and such nice terrorists have not been seen in a long time, besides there would be more important things to do.

A solidarity demonstration scheduled on the same day in Leipzig because of previous house searches in Connewitz spontaneously decided to rededicate their motto! Thanks for that.

The next day around 400 people demonstrating in Frankfurt Bockenheim against criminalization under the motto: We are all 129a!

And this motto seems to be right at first. The material damage to the apartment has been repaired, but large parts of Frankfurt’s non-parliamentary left understand this attack as what it is intended to be. A research and criminalization campaign by the BKA against left structures. Accordingly, it seems to be gratifying that this attack is not leading anywhere. It should stay that way, don’t be intimidated, carry on as before and do what you want. We remain cheeky and resistant.

Stay up to date, show your solidarity, consider that such investigations take a long time, solidarity needs continuity.

And when they say we are terrorists, then we look around in this world, where every despot and authoritarian ruler calls his opponent terrorists. Every progressive movement seems to have been a terrorist organization in the prevailing system at that time. If that is the case, then we are happy to join in, then we are all a terrorist organization.

New solidarity website 129a.info/en [Tor]

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