Spain: Riots against the curfew – Dozens of arrests and injured cops in many cities

October 31, 2020

”The mass pickets and protests against the curfew and the increase in restrictive measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic have resulted yesterday night with dozens of people arrested and police officers injured in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Burgos , Sevilla, Bilbao, Santander. etc.

The most serious incidents took place in Barcelona, ​​where 14 people were arrested -two of them minors- and 30 were injured -20 Mossos d’Esquadra agents, three urban guards and seven citizens-, in the clashes that took place in the center of Barcelona at the end of a demonstration against the new restrictions of the Generalitat.

In the course of these altercations, two shops in the city center were looted, some fifty containers burned and several Mossos vans were affected, some badly damaged, Ferrer has specified.

The clashes took place in the Plaza de Sant Jaume and its surroundings after a denial demonstration called by social networks, when groups of people, many of them hooded and with their faces hidden, burned street furniture and threw flares and fences at the agents.

The director of the Mossos d’Esquadra, Pere Ferrer, has linked these incidents to groups around the extreme right, which take advantage of the “social unrest” due to the restrictions to “destabilize” with “extremely high levels of violence”: “This we are not going to tolerate , “he warned. But left wing, anarchist and independentist groups were visibly active.

Ferrer also wanted to differentiate between citizens who, before the incidents, legitimately demonstrated peacefully to defend their rights from these violent groups.

In Burgos, more than a hundred people staged serious disturbances on Friday night, especially in the Gamonal neighborhood, with violent clashes with the Police, throwing stones and burning more than one hundred containers, breaking the curfew established at from 10:00 p.m. in Castilla y León

The riots occurred at the conclusion of a rally against the perimeter confinement of the autonomous community and in which hundreds of people participated, summoned on social networks by groups against the curfew.

At that time, some of those gathered cut traffic on Vitoria street in the working class Gamonal neighborhood and began to throw stones and cobblestones, as well as burn containers and destroy bus shelters, while several National and Local Police patrols tried to contain them. .

The mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, who has condemned the incidents, has told EFE that, although the most serious disturbances occurred in the Gamonal neighborhood, there have been less intense aftershocks in other areas of the city, such as in the neighborhoods of San Pedro and San Felices and in the downtown area.

The balance of damage, at the moment, is about a hundred burned containers and extensive damage to vehicles and street furniture, while it is unknown whether there have been arrests.

Eight detainees in Santander

”In Santander, there were also incidents after a protest rally in the center of the Cantabrian city, which led to a confrontation between the protesters and the Police, which resulted in eight people arrested and one officer injured.

ome 150 people participated in the rally, called at 11:00 p.m. by social networks, who, according to sources from the National Police, burned containers, damaged urban furniture and threw paving stones and bottles at the agents.

The riots began in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and spread through the surrounding streets, while the participants in the protest were joining more people.

In the clashes, an agent was injured by the throwing of a bottle, whose condition is not serious, according to the Police. Among the eight detainees, seven men and one woman, and two minors

The riots ended after midnight, when the curfew begins in Cantabria, closed on the perimeter since Thursday night.

There was also a similar protest in Torrelavega, although it ended without incident.

Five police officers injured in Valencia

In Valencia, a total of seven people, including a minor, have been arrested after participating in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in an unauthorized protest that resulted in altercations and five injured National Police officers.

The concentration brought together about 70 people and, according to police sources explained to Europa Press, some of the participants did not wear a mask or respect the social distance necessary to prevent coronavirus infections.

The events occurred around 9:00 p.m. on Friday, when a call to 091 alerted the agents that a protest was taking place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento with songs and banners against the covid curfew.

Members of the National Police went to the square, where they found dozens of people, some of them hooded, shouting messages such as “freedom”, “you are dogs” and “we are going to burst you”.

Apparently, one of the participants in the protest approached an agent to allegedly berate him. Agents told the participants that they were in an unreported concentration and that some did not keep safety distances or wear masks.

According to police sources, at that moment some of the assistants began to throw eggs and beer cans at the agents, while threatening and insulting them. Apparently, some participants even pushed and punched the officers.

Finally, the protest ended with seven people arrested, between 21 and 27 years old, although one of them is a minor. Five policemen were injured, according to the same sources.”


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