Donate to imprisoned anarchists, solidarity campaigns, 325 and related projects with cryptocurrencies

So we can better collect and transfer financial solidarity to imprisoned comrades in various cases with a minimized interference and seizure by the banks and the state, there is our cryptocurrency wallet that we have opened to receive money from those interested and in solidarity. We will continue to maintain this wallet for the gathering and channeling of money for imprisoned anarchists internationally. This is also an appeal for financial solidarity to our informal network and group, publications, logistics, outreach etc. Our project requires money as we help persecuted and imprisoned comrades, pay for organisational costs and propaganda. Help us survive and take 325 to the next level, please consider donating, no amount is too small. If you are not able to send financial solidarity, then contributions of translations, articles, reports, photos and thematic art/designs are always welcome.

Below is the QR code & address for our XMR Monero wallet.

325 Financial Solidarity


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