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Parisian anarchist library threatened by “anarchists” because of alleged “Islamophobia” (France)

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

via non-fides

Words of introduction by the translators (Dialectical Delinquents) : The following is a translation of a communique sent out from the anarchist bookshop “La Discordia” in Paris, which has been tagged and been the subject of smears calling them fascists because of their critique of Islam.

Various comments have been circulating the Parisian “anti-authoritarian” milieu describing both La Discordia and non-fides (which are not the same thing, despite some people being involved in both, some are involved in just the bookshop/library) as racists and – at least in the case of non-fides – as anarcho-nationalists. Anyone looking at either of them for longer than 2 seconds would realise that there’s not only not the slightest bit of truth in these slanders, but also that they have consistently maintained an internationalist position contrary to some of the implicitly nationalist stances of some of the “anti-authoritarians” (e.g. a failure to critique Palestinian or Kurdish nationalism). Whilst this graffiti might seem a fairly trivial incident, such things, unless vigorously contested, can have a miserable result far worse than a tag. A lie goes half way round the world before the truth has time to get its boots on. And in a world of lies, most people are ready to believe anything as long as it conforms to their prejudices – lies are taken on faith, and most avoid checking things out themselves (one only has to look at the history of Stalinism to understand how vicious calumnies and amalgam techniques can become). So, in the spirit of solidarity with these anarchists, I have translated this text, despite it being of interest to fairly few people.

As planned long before, on Tuesday, January 26th, a debate entitled “Islamophobia: the conceptual political extortion racket” was held in La Discordia. We wanted to confront ourselves and others with a topic that is at the crossroads of the current widespread confusion over the condemnation of racism and the defense of religion. The joint discussions were interesting, and the sixty or so comrades and companions who came (we promise, next time we will rent a larger place, and with more chairs!) demonstrated that a lot of people find the need for a revolutionary critique of religions, every religion, even Islam, which others would like to palm off as the “religion of the oppressed.” (more…)

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Genesis P-Orridge "Esoterrorist" – Selected Essays 1980-1988 (UK)

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

PDF: Genesis P-Orridge – Esoterrorist

It is always difficult to know what to say when one introduces new ideas to the public, particularly when such ideas run against the grain of established thought. The work and writings of Genesis P-Orridge are no exception to this rule.

The writings in this volume are by no means the collected output of one who has spent their entire adult life publicly questioning inherited values and thought patterns, rather, this is a representation of their work spanning the later Throbbing Gristle era (ca. 1980) through about 1988. No attempt has been made to collate the pieces either chronologically or by subject, it seems preferable to offer them in random order. Thus, it is not essential to read them sequentially – pick up the book, thumb through the pages until something arouses your interest, then read that article or passage.

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'Why We Must Ban Islam' by Ex-Muslim Socialist Writer Serkan Engin (Turkey)

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Long running readers of 325 will understand that we need not add the unneeded disclaimer that as nihilists and anti-civilisation anarchists we do not respect the deceptive declarations of “Human Rights”, as they are simply a democratic lie used by power to rule. And similarly, that we do not agree with any ‘ban’ that is enforced by the state or otherwise. Yet, we add this note here as a rebuke to the idea that we have to answer or explain ourselves to anybody. “Ana ‘l-Ḥaqq” {I am the Truth} . Burn the Koran, burn the Mosques.

I think 3rd World War has already begun between civilization and the barbaric death cult of Islam. Yes, Samuel Huntington was right.

How can we describe a “religion”? By its followers number? If there were “one billion” (like the number of Muslims all over the world) believers in Satanism who support that they have the right to sacrifice children because of their belief, can you say “of course, we have freedom of belief”?

Islam cannot be reformed, if it was possible, it must have been reformed since 1400 years. Islam cannot be reformed because of internal structure of its theology. Islam theology raised from Quran and Hadiths have concrete orders about the daily life of the Muslims, for example the ratio of spoils that the Muslim army will take after a war with non-Muslims or the permission to enslave women and little girls as spoils of war, or how Muslims must kill homosexuals, apostates, non-Muslims, or how Muslims must cut hand of a thief, how Muslims must stone to death a woman for adultery, etc. (more…)

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"I do not regret anything…" : Political declaration of Christos Tsakalos for the third CCF trial (Greece)

Friday, December 25th, 2015

On Thursday, November 5th, I’m asked to apologize to the first court conducted for 2.5 years now against the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire . It is the trial for the 250 attacks of the organization.

In a courtroom inside the prison, full of judges, cameras, cops, secret police, anti-terror police, a few relatives and even fewer friends and comrades, they judge the actions of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

But how to fit in a room of a few square meters our actions that tried to challenge the wise and obedient history of our time…

An action which interrupted the eternal sleep of quiet ’peaceful’ people for several nights, agitated through the explosion of the enslaved silences of the metropolis and with our proclamations denied the rules of a life where the bosses’ violence is always present and we are constantly absent…

Through our attacks, we wanted to smash the tyranny of a brutal reality. We intend to overturn the balance of terror of a mechanically routine life. We tried to cancel the compromise with the death of caused by the wage slavery, the technological control, the boredom and empty relationships.

We wanted to make war with the “peace” of the banks, the judges, the rich, the cops, the fascists, the journalists, the politicians, but also with the “peaceful” citizens who instead of crying out, and being enraged and act, they’re hiding in resignation and grow old along with their furniture … These “peaceful” and law-abiding citizens are the most responsible of all, because through their “quietness” they allow ugliness to rule our lives. (more…)

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Throw away all the prostheses and venture into the abyss of a world without limits

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

Life has deserted the soulless labyrinth of man’s daily doings. So seemingly ecumenical, so apparently volatile, she is not so cheap. Attempts to encounter her by the slaves of democracy remain just that. The apparent choices in the shop windows of capital come down to one: you can inhabit the swamp with the frogs, wallow in the global quagmire of participation and help spread the mud till even your dreams become grey. Or you can go. Take flight with the vagabonds of the spirit, let the glow of freedom ignite your passions, kindle your spirit, illuminate your mind. Throw away all the prostheses and venture into the abyss of a world without limits.

Here rebellion ceases to be an abstract choice, it becomes necessity.

Once roles and identities are discarded and the confines of patience and hope deserted, humiliation gives way to anger. No longer mere outsiders in this world of swindles and conjuring tricks, we become its sworn enemies. We burn all the maps. Freedom becomes our only compass and there is no turning back.

The struggle becomes reality, and this reality is not the same for all. It is conditioned by concrete structures, the various forms that the enemy gives itself to exploit and extract profit and submission. The apparent freedom enjoyed in the ‘comfort zones’ of capital contrast sharply with peripheral areas in old-fashioned material poverty.

There is no blueprint for struggle, and rebels and freedom fighters make their own decisions, working things out as they go along.

The vast treasure of anarchist ideas and action past and present belongs to us all and is there for the taking – critically, of course.

The guard dogs of the State do not look on passively. By arresting, sending to trial, torturing and imprisoning, they try to break the revolutionary’s activity as a whole, not just their physical person. This it does this by keeping them away from this activity for as long as possible. To defend one’s freedom with every means, with the coherence and correctness that the revolutionary him/herself must decide is therefore not a choice but a necessity towards one’s project, the other comrades involved in it, and the exploited and oppressed who from this project might (or might not) find their own freedom.

And when the enemy succeeds in taking the rebels hostage, locking them up, framing them as terrorists and enemies of the people, there are comrades everywhere for whom solidarity is a fundamental, inextricable part of the totality of the struggle.

J. W.

via actforfree

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'Words of Satan: Islam' by Serkan Engin (Turkey)

Saturday, December 5th, 2015

I am an atheist, so I don’t think that there is a Satan and God, but if I am wrong, if there is a Satan, Islam must be the words of Satan, not from a “holy” God. None of the “God” conceptions of other religions in the world are as cruel as the so-called religion of Islam. In fact, Islam is not a religion, but a barbaric death cult full of violence, savageness, mass murder, rape, sexual slavery, pedophilia, necrophilia, plunder, occupation, forcing to convert by sword, cutting the throat of the “infidels” or burning them alive. Today there is not a “religion” in the world as cruel as that barbaric death cult Islam, but shamelessly Muslims represent Islam as a “religion of peace”.

How can these verses of Quran can be considered from a “religion of peace”, coming from a “holy” God:

Surat Al-‘Anfāl
[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

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Against the Burqa – Against all Shackles : Image of YPJ fighter smashing ISIS/Daesh billboard (Rojava, Kurdistan)

Monday, November 16th, 2015

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'Critique of the Socialists defending Islam' by Serkan Engin (Turkey)

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

”The criticism of religion is the prerequisite of all critique.” Karl Marx

To take sides with Islamists in the name of democracy, to support the existence of Islamic sharia is to maintain its objectives to organize, strengthen and take power which, in case it succeeds, due to its intrinsic structure, due to the theology of Islam, will take all of your freedom from you, hang, imprison and exile. Just like what happened after the ”Islamic Revolution”.

Islam in itself is the enemy of democracy and freedom. You can see the concrete examples in countless incidents happening everyday in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somali and Nigeria. Never be deceived by the ignorant persons who tell you that ”It’s not what Islam really is”, because Islam is precisely that. The Islamic law sees stoning to death, homophobia, cutting off hands as punishment, pedophilia, women who have been taken prisoners as war booty being sex slaves, woman being a second rate person who solely exists to serve her husband as a commodity, necrophilia being legitimized based on Muhammad’s ”lying next to one of his wives” which implies that he raped the corpse, defending the right to have sexual intercourse within 6 hours from the moment of death based on the acts of Muhammad considered as ”tradition”, to kill the ones who it labels as ”heretic”, rape their women, extort their property and land as it’s right and duty; so anyway you cut it, Islam is a crime against humanity. And crime has nothing to do with freedom. (more…)

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“Why I Am An Atheist” by Bhagat Singh (India)

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Why I Am An Atheist
Bhagat Singh
October 1930
Lahore Prison

It is a matter of debate whether my lack of belief in the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient God is due to my arrogant pride and vanity. It never occurred to me that sometime in the future I would be involved in polemics of this kind. As a result of some discussions with my friends, (if my claim to friendship is not uncalled for) I have realised that after having known me for a little time only, some of them have reached a kind of hasty conclusion about me that my atheism is my foolishness and that it is the outcome of my vanity.

Even then it is a serious problem. I do not boast of being above these human follies. I am, after all, a human being and nothing more. And no one can claim to be more than that. I have a weakness in my personality, for pride is one of the human traits that I do possess. I am known as a dictator among my friends. Sometimes I am called a boaster. Some have always been complaining that I am bossy and I force others to accept my opinion. Yes, it is true to some extent. I do not deny this charge. We can use the word ‘vainglory’ for it. As far as the contemptible, obsolete, rotten values of our society are concerned, I am an extreme skeptic. (more…)

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'A Militant Prophet' and other poems…

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

A Militant Prophet
I’ll carry the cross for those who never made it.
Through fields of carnage of your own making.
For the lost, the homeless, the hungry, black boys slaughtered like pigs by pigs
your warriors coming home with missing limbs
“your worthless” underclass, the classless, your welfare queens
these names, the nameless, anonymous, faceless
salt of the earth who refuse to worship at the altars of gold
Your preemptive wars, the flag
You speak of Jesus Christ “Turn the other cheek”
stand idly by … submit!
Do nothing but preach surrounded by armies
crypto fascists!
I’ll finish this thread with a single threat
“Bread or Lead”

Lets Play Monopoly
Against the wall! All you autocrat, plutocrat, oligarchs, fascists.
Tonight we’ll bathe with the blood of tyrants!
Revolt at hand for a thousand years of shackles, cages, unlivable wages
Division of labor, exploitation.
Amazing, what you got away with.
Robbing whole nations, poverty, starvation
Wholesale extinction, world domination
All in the name of “The Trust Fund Generation”

The American Dream
Immortality I seek without fame,
Love without pain,
Riches without blame,
to conquer without shame
rule the world with a single aim
till death that never came.

Black Bloc
Convince the slave that he is free,
a simple lie repeat, the key,
ground swells with single might,
standing before armies of men
clinching his fists
for here I am!

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'A New Hope' by Voltairine de Cleyre

Monday, June 8th, 2015

The New Hope by V. de Cleyre (March 15th, 1893)

I stand in the darkness waiting
For the light of the truth to shine;
The faith that you preach has failed me,
And your God is no longer mine.

I have lifted my hands to heaven,
And besought him, with many a prayer,
To put down the evil doer
And destroy the unrighteous snare.

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Solidarity with Rainer Loehnert, who attempted to escape from psychiatric prison (Germany)

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Get away! – An attempt to escape from a place of annihilation

At the end of January, Rainer Loehnert has attempted to escape from a forensic psychiatry unit. Unfortunately his attempt failed and since then he is detained in the isolation unit inside the closed psychiatry. Thus a prison within a prison.

Rainer is 53 years old and he is imprisoned for more than 28 years, currently in a forensic psychiatry unit in Bedburg-Hau, a small town in the north-west of Germany, near the German-Dutch border. But he doesn’t give up the fight for his freedom! Rainer had recently participated in a solidarity hunger-strike for the prisoner’s struggles in Greece. (more info)

And now he has acted according to his own motto: “Anarchy and total liberation is not for free!” (from a letter of Rainer, at the end of January 2015) So he has once again faced up squarely to the ‘white pigs’ and took his life in his own hands. He didn’t want to wait for another humiliating psychological assessment, which certifies at regular intervals his “dangerousness” and “mental illness”. (more…)

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'The Fleas and the Jackal' by L

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Those who identify as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, seem to be the endless provokers of the world. Their sick delusions have brought all history to perpetual ongoing insanity and war. Isn’t it time we ended their thousands of years of petulant vanity?
They are the creators of terror and genocidal fixation, of exploitation and murder.
Vitality repressed and oppressing; burn their books, places of ‘worship’ and disperse them. Our flag is black and all colours return to it.

There is no Mohammed, no Jesus, no Abraham. They are nothing but shades and projections, and as they live as ghosts in the imagination of men, so it is necessary to attack them. A fire deep into the silhouette of their misery will obliterate their shadow. The illumination of death reaches their innermost core, for their currency is anti-life, yet the abyss will be their only future. Let not even a trace of a memory of them remain left on the Earth. For they are the people of the Book and the enemies of liberty and freedom; Slaves of a blind idiot god.

The rivers know nothing of religion, nor do the mountains, nor the oceans. Neither any single wild creature on Earth or wild untamed place. Yet all are claimed as the possession of men and God. Possession is what has brought the entire planet and all species into danger.

‘Culture’ is another word for conformity and obsession, intolerance and status quo.
Fuck your ‘culture’, your ‘religion’, your ‘race’ and your ‘nation’.

Wipe out the Koran

Wipe out the Talmud

Wipe out the Old and New Testaments

Morning of the fall of the stars, the ascent of individuals.


Turkish: “Pireler ve Çakal” – L.

Greek: “Οι ψείρες και το τσακάλι” από L

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“Reniego” – Texto del compañero Sebastián Oversluij + Propaganda/sticker en memoria del compañero "Angry" ($hile)

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

Reniego del mundo de la sociedad que me guió desde el nacer. Reniego de
sus costumbres de sus valores que me moldearon por sufrir su imposición
de poder. Reniego de sus autoridad de sus obligaciones que me coartaron
en toda mi crianza. Reniego de su bastarda cultura de sus dogmas guiados
por la sed de servidumbre y sometimiento. Rechazo lo que me formó porque
rechazo los vicios mismos que me regalan continuamente. Escupo frente a
todos la mierda y el odio contenido ante tantos castigos ante tanta
presión social. Reniego del bien también del mal. No soporto sus tontas
creencias que hacen de nuestra voluntad muerte y de nuestra muerte un
borrego fiel y agradecido por darnos nada. Rompo con la mierda con el
consumo doy un paso al lado para poder analizarlos de mejor manera para
poder atacarlos, ver una doble efectividad porque reniego eternamente de
su pasividad que consume las disposiciones más nobles en la comodidad
alienante de la civilización. Mato mis miedos ya que son producidos como
medios de control por ellos, los mismos dueños y fieles siervos del
capital en todos aquellos que hablen el mismo idioma del sometimiento.

[Extraído del libro “Fuego de vida”. Lxs compañerxs del blog “Nunca de
Rodillas” hemos corregido algo de la gramática y la puntuación para
hacer el texto entendible para todxs. El título “Reniego” lo pusimos

Encuentra más textos en el blog
http://nuncaderodillasblog.wordpress.com, en la sección “Textos”.

Propaganda/sticker en memoria del compañero Sebastián Oversluij, “Angry”



Sebastián Oversluij Seguel “ANGRY” fue un compañerx que abrazó ideas
anárquicas, nihilistas e insurreccionales, que en un intento de
expropiación bancaria el 11 de diciembre del 2013 fue asesinado por un
guardia bastardo protector del dinero de lxs ricxs llamado William Vera.

El “ANGRY” tuvo una vida de combate, peleó contra todo lo que lo atara,
por su autonomía y por la liberación total(animal, humana y de la
tierra) por eso era vegano y ademas se negaba a consumir drogas y

¡Recordaremos siempre al compañero y a todxs quienes luchan por la
libertad y enfrentan al poder y a toda autoridad!


La mejor forma de honrar su memoria es seguir la lucha!

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Barcelona: Graffiti and info about anti-psychiatric hospitals (Catalunya)

Monday, December 8th, 2014

In the last week a few graffitis appeared in two psychiatric hospitals in the area of Barcelona…


PDF: http://network23.org/gam/files/2014/07/INGRESOS-FORZOSOS.pdf

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