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The Nihilist Abyss (Edizioni Cerbero)

Sunday, July 15th, 2012


In the field of psychopathology, ‘nihilist delirium’ represents the negation of personality and/or the negation of one’s own body or of the surrounding world.
This text draws inspiration from the study of psychopathology, not to look for a problem concerning an alleged disease to be cured but to look for the eradication of so called ‘normality’ in the nihilist-egoist field, a question that seems to interest so much the anarchists totally immersed – and in a totalitarian way – in the social and in their ‘concreteness’.
The plunging of the nihilist dagger – as marked in ‘vertex abyss’ [Vertice Abisso] – sticks in the hands of those who, as individuals, do not want to surrender to the easy absolutizations of society and of the above mentioned ‘social’ anarchists; the dagger is placed in the hands of the individual who elevates himself above ‘everything’.
Relativism permeates the nihilist research that wants to penetrate in the rotten flesh of motionless determined thought, typical of adduced morality. (more…)

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Vertice Abisso-Foglio Egoista Nichilista 6 (Edizioni Cerbero)

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Per chi legge:

Questo è il file per scaricare il numero sei di “Vertice Abisso”:

This is the link for the download of number six of “Vertice Abisso”:


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'Fundamental Principles of the Italian Criminal Trial' by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Nihilism is not only a contemplation of the vanity of things or the conviction that all things deserve to go in ruin; one puts oneself at work and ruins things… this is, so to speak, illogical; but the nihilist doesn’t believe in the constraint of being logic… it is the state of strong spirits and wills and they can’t stay motionless in front of the no ‘of the judgement’ – the no of action comes from their nature.
Annihilation through the hand indulges in the annihilation through the judgement.



It is the fundamental principle of the Italian law and as such it conditions necessarily all the supporters of the law. It is sanctioned by article 13 of the Constitution, according to which ‘all citizens have equal dignity and are equal in front of the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, political opinions, personal and social conditions (paragraph 1). (more…)

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Fragment – Parabola – Ope Legis (Edizioni Cerbero)

Friday, June 29th, 2012

The parabola Ope Legis is the existential abode of those who redeem their lives in the ordinary-order of life.

The parabola stops and nullifies any existential movement that pretends the negation of the juridical ‘law’ and the right to man’s moral rules.

This is in open conflict with social anarchists – who follow the path of the penal code any time the face of justice shows itself under the guise of a judge’s robes.

The Fragmentation of life in relativism is the essence of the Nihilist – wandering exception in a continuous becoming of the Chaos that destroys the absolute and that permeates human society.

In the destruction of man’s moral rules there is also the negation of the salvation through instruments aiming at a solely technical defence, which nullify all singularities.

Ahead with the nihilist attack and the destruction of any human-sentient rule:

A Nihilist attack against the body of the moral judicial monster…

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'The Triumph of the Destroyer Genius' by Maurizio de mone (Edizioni Cerbero)

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Translated from the Italian by Apio Ludd:

Ah! The odor and the stench blend.

Climbing the peak requires sharp nails and hands ready for the most painful wounds.

While you climb the peak of a decadent humanity, they fall, the rocks that crumble under your fingers fall.

To act boldly! To dare! Here they are, raging, the popular fears blended with Ressentiment toward our individual sovereignty… (more…)

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'An Endless Vertex in the Abyss' by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

This is a text from Federico Buono, one of the comrades investigated in the operation ‘Ardire’. He has chosen a non-judicial stance as concerns the charges pressed against him. May the nihilist germ spread.


Anarchist and amoral anti-legalism

‘And in this way, whatever he has to endure, he does not despair in salvation. Fate leads him to the coffin, tied to the mad rope of hope.’

‘The Illusions of Mankind’ Eduardo Von Hartmann

In the afternoon of yesterday, 19th June, I was stopped in the city of Catania, where I’m living at the moment, by two Digos officers [political police] and taken to the police barracks.
There I was notified the act concerning the investigation on 270bis set up by nun Manuela Comodi. (more…)

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'The Nihilist Attack' by Federico Buono (Edizioni Cerbero)

Monday, June 18th, 2012

This text was written during the feverish days of my trial for aggravated theft.

I’ve never wanted to know anything about such trial nor did I ask anybody about its result.

In my experience, my way of doing is an attempt to deny the law and live in incertitude. This makes my words even stronger.

I dedicate these words to my affinity comrade Maurizio and to all those who will choose an anti-judicial way in dealing with the investigation set up by nun Manuela Comodi. (more…)

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Vertice Abisso numero-Foglio Egoista Nichilista 5 (Edizioni Cerbero)

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Per chi legge:

Questo è il file per scaricare il numero cinque di “Vertice Abisso”:

This is the link for the download of number five of “Vertice Abisso”:


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Vertice Abisso numero 4 Foglio Egoista Nichilista

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

This is the link for the download of number four of the egoist-nihilist zine “Vertice Abisso”:

Questo è il file per scaricare il numero quattro di “Vertice Abisso”:


In questo numero:

Editoriale: La Sacra Sindrome

Ritorna il boato delle parole armate

CCF – 250 nuove accuse, comunicato di rivendicazione

Lettera di Theofilos Mavropoulos in merito alle 250 accuse

Maurizio De mone – Il pugnale avvelenato del nichilista, dibattito con Entropia – II Giustizia

Redazione Edizioni Cerbero – La rivendicazione di un di-rompimento singolativo, dibattito con Entropia – I Solidarietà


contatti: VerticeAbisso(at)distruzione.org

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Federico Buono – "The Depersonalization of the Individual" (Edizioni Cerbero)

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Click for PDF version

Federico Buono
‘Body coexistent in an existence with a presence’

‘The divine is the cause of god, the human is the cause of man. My cause is neither divine nor human, neither the truth nor the good, neither the right nor freedom etc, but it is only what belongs to me, and it is not a general cause but a unique one, as I myself am unique too. There is nothing above me!’

‘I placed my cause on the nothingness’ The Ego and its Own M. Stirner

Through the concentric and concentration camp-like chain mails of the moral-judicial monster and of disabling annihilation of the individual a pre-planned life is overcome by detriment in an existence in the ‘free’ cages of human society, where to be programmed to failure determines the ‘instant’. (more…)

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Because it all starts in school, start by setting fire to your own school today (Hurry, there won't be enough for everyone)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

This world is shit. It’s not the first nor the last time that this will be said. Down with the state, work, citizenship, the spectacle, the stupefication of mass, the surveillance of spaces and thoughts, the standardization of everything, behaviors, relations, the lock-ups, the generalization of the means of control, of surveillance, of repression (etc, etc…) If you’re there, that’s what exists, among so many other state horrors, SCHOOL, national education, the institution of being a student. The school, along with the family, is the cement of our best of worlds.

School, a fundamental requirement.. School, it’s compulsory, in fact. Here we are, almost all of us have been through it. For more or less long times and in different establishments, but here we are, nearly all of us have been through it. Ghetto schools, elite schools. They’re wonderful these basic facts of school. The guardian state dispensing freely, for all and in equitable fashion, wise and all knowing. The elementary knowledge to all and each, the basis for knowing, the necessary know-how for living in the city, the particular useful things, the things that are worth more to know how to do, speak, shut-up if you want to get out of it. (more…)

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Fragment – The Labyrinth of the Law (Edizioni Cerbero)

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Click for PDF version

‘Equality of “rights” is truly a ghost because rights are nothing more than permission, that is to say a question of mercy’


In its endless search for inferno, Cerberus penetrates like the epicentre of an emanation.
Impulsive, instinctive, immoral: ‘A BAD PASSION’.
The nihilist anarchist introduces the non-form into a circle where all things are born and die… (more…)

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Fragment – Rigor mortis ostativo (Edizioni Cerbero)

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Click for PDF version

In the metaphorical text of this last fragment entitled ‘Rigor mortis ostativo’ the right-duty of the “defendant subject’ is disentangled.

The behavioural terms that the defendant-subject has chosen outline an apodictic sign, which is willing and ready to be displayed.

The ‘right’ is a limit prone to disentangle the events of a chosen path.

The basic material for getting the right is the same being-subject that takes shape in the comparison between the subject and the right in a merging of events, which becomes the foundations of the moral-judicial-monster in a sudden organic disposition, which nullifies any willing motion.

In the action of ‘claiming’ the singular tissues of the individual asking for a right become tissues of a decomposition of its own existential peculiarities.


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Federico Buono – “In the Cells of Redemption”

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Download this text as PDF : In the Cells of Redemption.

from culmine, transl waronsociety:

“In the Cells of Redemption”: thoughts of Federico Buono locked up in the security cells of a police station. Fede has refused the public advocate, is not presenting himself at trial, nor will he appeal, in accordance with his anarchist anti-judicialism.

These thoughts will be included in the next issue of “Vertice Abisso” (more…)

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Off the Leash & Reclaim Your Mind: New pamphlets on anarchist individualism and cognitive freedom (Dark Matter Publ.)

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Dark Matter Publications present two pamphlets formatted for DIY decentralised printing: Off the Leash: iconoclastic words from Zo d’Axa, Albert Libertad, Emile Armand, Renzo Novatore, Enzo Martucci and Erinne Vivani”, a collection of rebellious thoughts that demand to leap off the page into action, celebrating unbridled freedom and the intensity of life; and Reclaim Your Mind: An urgent message to the ‘insane’, the ‘angry’, the ‘unstable’, the ‘chaotic’, the ‘depressed’…” We conceive of the anarchist struggle as a struggle to free ourselves from the domesticating institutions and control patterns of civilization to live in chaos, free association and in all the unique expressions of liberated individuality, necessarily singular yet common. We laugh at notions of normality. We also laugh at the collectivistic group think culture and cowardice of the dreary world around us.

We give a complicit wink to the anarchist comrades of counter-info blog Culmine and translation project ParoleArmata facing state repression in Italy after the raids by carabinieri and anti-terrorist officers on the 29th March 2012 and the judicial charges of subversive association and terrorism. Like those of these anarchic individuals our words are armed words, and why? – because: (more…)

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