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Sabotage of CCTV installation in Pontianak City by ‘Maverick Cell – FAI’ (Indonesia)

Friday, November 13th, 2020

As we’ve seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, the State takes advantage of the situation with (offline and online) monitoring, controlled by police and also through technological devices, for example CCTV, smart phones, etc. Their reasons for this situation are, as we know very well, is in the name of public safety, which is an illusion repeated over and over.

We are faced with a situation that is uncertain, we do not know when the pandemic will end and at the same time the State is intensifying its control technology, on which the use is augmented and enhanced, CCTV for example. At the start of the pandemic we found that surveillance of urban space with CCTV increased and active police-army patrols as well. This situation makes the resistance movement decrease, we are “required” to stay put, to isolate oneself. But is this any logical reason not to follow up with the rebels on the streets? We are sure and our answer is no.

We refuse to be passive in the midst of the control and seizure of living space by the State, government and police. However, due to this pandemic and the situation of contamination, we must seek a gap – without meaning to be arrogant – and to simultaneously maintain the health of oneself and with shared affinity and continue the rebellion (albeit minimal and inadequate). We believe it can be done. Because of this attitude, on November 13 on one of the roads of Pontianak city, we sabotaged the CCTV and take responsible for this action.

And lastly, we are in solidarity with fellow Italian anarchists in Operation Scripta Manent, Panico, Prometo, Ritrovo, Lince, Renata, Bialystok, Scintilla, who were repressed by the public prosecutor and Brenner Court. And for fellow Belarusian anarchists, and to Monica and Francisco, also to Gabriel Pombo, also to Tanggerang and Makassar fellow anarchists, and for all imprisoned anarchists all over the world. Our attacks are dedicated to you, without terms and conditions.

Fight Control Technology!
Fight the Prison and For the Release of All Prisoners!
Long live anarchy, long live the insurrection!

Maverick Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)

Sebagaimana yang kita amati di masa pandemi Covid-19 ini, negara memanfaatkan situasi tersebut dengan pemantauan (offline dan online) terkontrol dengan aparat polisi dan juga melalui perangkat teknologi, misalnya cctv, ponsel pintar, dll. Alasan mereka atas situasi ini kita tahu betul ialah atasnama keamanan masyarakat, ilusi yang berulang-ulang.

Kita dihadapi dengan situasi yang tidak pasti kapan akan berakhirnya pandemi ini dan disisi yang sama bahwa negara memasifkan pengontrolan teknologi, dimana penggunaan ini ditambah dan ditingkatkan, cctv misalnya. Di awal pandemi kami mendapati bahwa pengawasan ruang kota dengan cctv bertambah dan patroli polisi-tentara yang aktif. Situasi ini membuat gerakan perlawanan menjadi menurun, dimana kita “mengharuskan” untuk tetap diam di tempat, mengasingkan diri sendiri. Namun apakah ini alasan yang logis untuk tidak melanjuti pemberontak di jalanan? Kami yakin dan jawaban kami adalah tidak.

Kami menolak untuk menjadi pasif ditengah-tengah pengontrolan dan perampasan ruang hidup oleh negara, pemerintah dan polisi. Namun dikarenakan situasi pandemi dan pengontoral ini kita harus mencari celah–tanpa bermaksud sombong– dan secara bersamaan untuk tetap menjaga kesehatan diri sendiri maupun bersama afinitas (meskipun minimal dan tidak memadai) dan melanjutkan pemberontakan. Kami yakin ini bisa dilakukan. Karena sikap inilah, pada tanggal 13 November di salah satu ruas jalan kota Pontianak, kami menyabotase perangkat cctv dan kami bertanggung jawab atas tindakan ini.

Dan sisi lain, kami bersolidaritas dengan rekan-rekan anarkis Italia dalam Operasi Scripta Manent, Panico, Prometo, Ritrovo, Lince, Renata, Bialystok, Scintilla, yang di represif oleh jaksa penuntut umum dan pengadilan Brenner. Dan juga untuk rekan-rekan anarkis Belarusia, juga kepada Monica dan Francisco, juga kepada Gabriel Pombo, juga kepada rekan-rekan anarkis Tanggerang dan Makassar, dan untuk semua tahanan anarkis seluruh dunia. Serangan kami didekasikan untuk kalian, tanpa syarat.

Lawan Teknologi Kontrol!
Lawan Penjara dan Untuk Pembebasan Semua Tahanan!
Panjang Umur Anarki, Panjang Umur Insureksi!

Sel Maverick-Federasi Anarkis Informal (FAI)

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Letter box of arms company Thales blown up – Zurich (Switzerland)

Sunday, November 8th, 2020

In the night of November 6th we blew up the mailbox of the local Defence Department of the Thales Group, the 8th largest armaments company in the world, at Binzstrasse 18 in Zurich. With our action we join the manifold activities around the internationalist week of action against Turkish fascism and its European sponsors.

Thales, and with it the French state as the main shareholder, plays a central role in the modernization efforts of the Turkish arms industry. Strategically invested in Turkey for more than 25 years, Thales has made a decisive contribution to various projects aimed at supporting the Turkish army in its numerous wars of aggression. To this end, Thales works closely with the largest Turkish defense companies, such as Aselsan in the development and production of rocket launcher systems and infantry helmet cameras, or TAI for the Göktürk satellite system. Both companies are closely linked symbiotically with the gang around dictator Erdogan. (more…)

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Spain: Riots against the curfew – Dozens of arrests and injured cops in many cities

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

October 31, 2020

”The mass pickets and protests against the curfew and the increase in restrictive measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic have resulted yesterday night with dozens of people arrested and police officers injured in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Burgos , Sevilla, Bilbao, Santander. etc.

The most serious incidents took place in Barcelona, ​​where 14 people were arrested -two of them minors- and 30 were injured -20 Mossos d’Esquadra agents, three urban guards and seven citizens-, in the clashes that took place in the center of Barcelona at the end of a demonstration against the new restrictions of the Generalitat. (more…)

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Berlin: 5 cop cars burned at Tegel Airport (Germany)

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

On 5th of November a fire destroyed five patrol cars of the Federal Police and two private cars of the Bundespolizei Station at Tegel Airport. This is the claim:

No judgment without us! Attack on Federal Police for the 3 from the park bench

In Hamburg today, the trial against the three comrades accused of the planned arson (parkbanksolidarity.blackblogs.org) is to end with a verdict. For now almost 15 months two of them are kept in jail and one in supervised “freedom” in hostage- custody of the state. Hostages for the authorities’ enduring belief that by making an example of the few, they can achieve the education of all. In this respect, we too see ourselves in the dock with our comrades in Hamburg, and while the court and public prosecutor’s office were still sleeping the sleep of the self-righteous, we have put our complicity into action.

Defending Militant Practice

When the handcuffs clicked last July, the cops still believed they had finally landed a relevant blow against the militant groups in Hamburg and perhaps even beyond. They were so sure of this that they wanted to share their joy and their files with the press immediately. In the meantime, however, it has become quite quiet on the side of our enemies in this respect, which is probably not least due to the fact that they were once again unable to maintain their initial sovereignty of interpretation even before their own court. However, we do not want to deal with the legal level here – without downplaying the work done there – we would also lack the necessary insight. Instead, we want to talk about why our demands for solidarity – apart from essential things like emotional, social and financial support for those affected – also include carrying out direct actions. (more…)

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Organized expropriation in Naturalia – Paris, France

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

On September 25, we mass expropriated products in the Naturalia organic food chain, located near Buttes Chaumont in Paris.

Theft allows us to step out of the assigned, everyday and passive role in front of these shelves filled with hundreds of products we can never afford. Theft allows us to get out of it in the eyes of others, but also in our own heads. What could be more exciting than going beyond this framework, which crushes us and see shocked bourgeois faces as we go out without paying with a bag full of food. Spilliness clings to our lives a bit, often in the urgency of finding ways. And what we do together amplifies it all. If we have decided to organize together for this looting, not to expropriate each other in secret, it is because we are not equal during the exprorations. Appearance, mental stress or other characteristics are crucial in the eye of the security guards. We consider it a highly political decision to create a balance of power that is not based on individual skills.

We chose Naturalia because stealing BIO products seems like a good retaliation. All of these products, which we call “good for health and the planet,” are only accessible to certain people. It is a violation of the convention to go and take what is not intended for us. We also want to have fun and eat products that are unusual, but without wanting to promote more accessible consumption, because that is not the world we want. (more…)

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Anonymous revindication for numerous incendiary actions during the Jakarta uprising (Indonesia)

Friday, October 30th, 2020

“Forward everyone! And with arms and heart, word and pen, dagger and gun, irony and curse, theft, poisoning and arson, let’s make… war on society!” -Dejaque.

We claim the bus station destruction, BCA Bank Destruction, Roxy mall looting, burning of car and police posts and the burning of the luxury car during the Jakarta insurrection. It’s not just about our refusal of the Omnibus law, it’s also an accumulation of numbness, and anger against the imbalance that is produced by the dominant system nowadays. This direct action is not only a sort of confrontation against the ruling class, but this is also a solidarity to the street combatants. We’re sure that peaceful protest doesn’t give us anything and every state is an oppressor.

Solidarity to all combatants and anti-authoritarian prisoners around the world. Solidarity to all anarchist comrades in Belarus, Malaysia, Chile, Greece, Hong Kong, Rojava, and every autonomous liberationist in the world.

Solidarity to all combatants that were captured in October 8, there is no verdict until freedom.

We want to see the world burn, dancing around all the burning cities as they turn into dust. Because we are holding a new world in our hearts.

We are no one, but we are angry!

–Anonymous, Jakarta, Indonesia

Komunike Aksi Jakarta

“Melangkahlah kalian semua! Bersama dengan senjata senjata dan hati, kata dan pena, pisau belati dan senapan, ironi dan kutukan, pencurian, meracuni dan pembakaran rumah, mari wujudkan, perang di tengah masyarakat” -Dejaque

Kami menyatakan bahwa pembakaran halte di beberapa titik aksi, penghancuran Bank BCA, penjarahan Mall Roxy, pembakaran pos dan mobil polisi, serta pembakaran mobil mewah saat aksi di Jakarta pada tanggal 8 Oktober. Dan ini bukan hanya menyoal penolakan terhadap Omnibus Law, melainkan akumulasi kemuakan dan kemarahan atas segala bentuk ketimpangan yang diproduksi oleh sistem dominan hari ini. Aksi ini juga tidak terbatas sebagai konfrontasi terhadap penguasa, namun juga solidaritas untuk setiap kombatan di jalanan. Kami menyakini bahwa aksi damai tak menghasilkan apapun dan setiap produk negara adalah bentuk penindasan.

Solidaritas untuk semua kombatan di jalanan dan seluruh tahanan anti-otoritarian di seluruh dunia. Soidaritas kepada kaum anarkis di Belarusia, Malaysia, Chile, Yunani, Hongkong, Rojava, dan seluruh upaya upaya pembebasan— demi terbentuk daerah otonom.

Solidaritas untuk kombatan yang tertangkap di tanggal 8 Oktober di setiap titik penghancuran, tak ada vonis yang pantas kecuali vonis bebas.

Kami ingin melihat dunia terbakar, menari bersama menyaksikan kota menjadi puing dan debu. Karena kami menggenggam dunia baru di hati kami.

Kami bukanlah siapa siapa, kami hanya ingin menegaskan bahwa kami marah!

-Anonymous. Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Arson of the police office at the University of Pontianak by ‘Maverick Cell – FAI’ (Indonesia)

Friday, October 30th, 2020

We (Maverick Cell – FAI) claim responsibility for the arson attack on 20 October 2020 at the police office in front of the University Tanjungpura-Pontianak (West Borneo) because of our unstoppable anger and disgust against the police apparatus (the enemy in human form). We’re disgusted by those who want to cooperate and support the police apparatus and their bullshit rehabilitation, we only want to attack. We don’t have any illusion to correct the very nature of police brutality. We don’t offer a solution- we want an uncompromising collapse of the system -, and “You” have to take control of yourself because of the chaos tricks of the state and the capitalists “you” support. And also this action is condemnation for progressive students who pretend to act on behalf of the people (especially in Pontianak) but still they’re a cult for identity politics by saying “Long live students!”, and they colluded with the police for the arrests of our brothers.

Our starting point as anarchists is to believe that anarchy is a complete negation of authority. The absence of “justifying” the authoritarianism in the natural form must be destroyed. This thinking finds that deepness within ourselves: autonomy, self-care, love; take control from yourself to yourself. Our turning point is getting stuck in a crowd of mass action that determines a time and attitude within the act. We become complacent about moralization, and therefore the passion was hidden. We become who we are not. This is of course paralysis but not death; comrades who attack head-on are antibodies to us – we feel so – and this “gift” is the spark point that must resonate.

This attack is dedicated to anarchists and fellow subversives held by the state. And also for the brave Mikhail Zhlobitsky. Solidarity with the entire Combatant Indonesia and the World.


Maverick Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation

Kami (Maverick Cell – FAI) bertanggung jawab serangan pembakaran pada tanggal 20 Oktober 2020 di kantor pos polisi depan Universitas
Tanjungpura-Pontianak karena kemarahan dan kemuakan tak terbendung lagi terhadap aparat kepolisian (musuh dalam diri manusia). Kami menyangkal, mereka yang mengingkan sekaligus menghidupi aparat kepolisian agar mengayomi seseorang, dengan serangan. Kami tidak akan menuntut “anda” untuk merefomasi kepolisian karena brutalitas. Tidak solusi yang akan kami berikan – melainkan kehendak keruntuhan tanpa kompromi -, dan “anda” harus mengambil kendali untuk diri sendiri karena kekacauan muslihat yang diperbuat oleh negara dan kapitalis yang “kalian” dukung. Dan juga tindakan ini adalah kecaman untuk para mahasiswa progresif mengatas-namakan rakyat(secara khusus di Pontianak) namun masih mengkultuskan identitas politik dengan berkata “Hidup Mahasiswa!” Dan bersekongkol dengan aparat kepolisian atas penangkapan saudara-saudara dalam aksi massa!

Titik awal kami sebagai anarkis ialah yakin bahwa anarki adalah menyangkal otoritas. Ketiadaan atas “membenarkan” ototarian sebagai wujud yang alami mesti dihancurkan. Pemikiran ini menemukan bahwa dalam diri kami sendiri : otonomi, jaga diri, cinta kasih; mengambil kendali dari diri sendiri untuk diri sendiri. Titik balik kami adalah terjebak dalam kerumunan aksi massa yang menentukan satu waktu dan sikap dalam bertindak. Kami terlena atas moralisasi tersebut, dan karenanya gairah kami terpendam. Kami menjadi yang bukan diri kami sendirinya. Ini tentu kelumpuhan namun bukan kematian ; rekan-rekan yang menyerang lansung adalah antibodi bagi kami -kami merasa begitu- dan “pemberian” ini adalah titik api yang harus beresonansi.

Serangan dengan klaim ini kami dedikasi untuk rekan-rekan anarkis dan subversif yang ditahan oleh negara. Dan juga buat Mikhail Zhlobitsky yang berani – sang kalatisator. Solidaritas untuk Kombatan seluruh Indonesia dan Dunia.


Sel Maverick – Federasi Anarkis Informal

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Arson of Labour Offices Building in Regent Complex of Keerom, West Papua by ‘Long Live Eric King Revolutionary Cell – FAI/FRI’

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

FR | Keerom, Papouasie occidentale (Indonésie) : Incendie des bureaux de l’agence pour l’emploi

PT Freeport Indonesia (FI) has been present in Papua for decades since the start of the annexation of West Papua by colonial Indonesia. What PT FI produces is only natural destruction, expulsion of indigenous people, and genocide. We think Freeport’s existence can only be destroyed if West Papua is separated from Indonesia, but it is not the formation of a West Papua state that we want, but the West Papua Confederation, people control not state control!

We (Long Live Eric King Revolutionary Cell – Informal Anarchist Federation) send our greetings to Lekagak Telengen, Egianus Kogoya, and other West Papuan guerrillas who are among the lush forests of Papua. We invite our comrades who live in cities to start urban guerrilla units and start attacks on the symbols of capitalism and the colonial state of Indonesia.

We clearly declare our hostility towards the opportunist politician Benny Wenda and other shits at the ULMWP who can live comfortably in a foreign country while trying to take struggle for West Papua liberation leadership control. True liberation is from gun and civilian insurrection, not lobbies in air-conditioned buildings!

We also don’t forget to send our hugs to comrades in Indonesia who are starting a rebellion against the Omnibus Law and Joko Widodo’s neoliberal regime, to our comrades in Malaysia who have to face repression for fighting the fascist kingdom of Malaysia, to the YPG-YPJ guerrillas in Rojava who are facing asymmetrical war against Turkey, and anti-authoritarian insurgents around the world.

We claim the burning of the labour offices building in the regent office complex of Keerom, West Papua during the riots on 1 October 2020. We are among the masses angry at Indonesian colonialism, this is just our opening attack and this is not the last. Get ready for explosion and explosion that will keep on the track!

If the state and capitalism still exist, peace will never be realized. Therefore, the state and capitalism must be destroyed at once !!

Let the fire light up the liberation of West Papua.

Long Live Eric King Revolutionary Cell – (FAI-FRI)

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia: ‘CCF / Nemesis Action’ take responsibility for the arson of a luxury car

Friday, October 9th, 2020

FR | Yogyakarta (Indonésie) : La CCF/Nemesis Action revendique l’incendie d’une voiture de luxe


GR | Ινδονησία, Γιογκιακάρτα: “ΣΠΦ / Δράση Νέμεσις” – Ανάληψη ευθύνης για τον εμπρησμό πολυτελούς αμαξιού

Yogyakarta – Indonesia : We claim the burning of a luxury car in front of the Sinar Mas office last night on Ring Road Utara Yogyakarta. And it’s not just solidarity for combatants on the streets against the Omnibus Law. But because we understand that the Sinar Mas Group is responsible for the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia to be converted into the palm oil industry.

Solidarity for all combatants throughout Indonesia. Solidarity with Belarus. Solidarity for anarchists in Chile, Greece, Hong Kong, Rojava!

Long Live the Rebellion!

“We want the world and we want it on fire”.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / Nemesis Action

Kami mengklaim pembakaran mobil mewah di depan kantor Sinar Mas semalam di Ring Road Utara Yogyakarta. Dan ini bukan hanya solidaritas untuk kombatan di jalanan melawan Omnibus Law. Tapi karena kami paham bahwa Sinar Mas Grup bertanggung jawab atas penghancuran hutan hujan di Indonesia untuk dikonversikan ke industri Sawit.

Solidaritas buat semua Kombatan seantero Indonesia. Solidaritas buat Belarus. Solidaritas untuk kaum anarkis di Chile, Yunani, Hongkong, Rojava!

Panjang Umur Pemberontakan!

“We want the world and we want it on fire”.

Konspirasi Sel-sel Api / Aksi Nemesis

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Berlin: Two excavators torched on Implenia construction site – Defend Liebig34! (Germany)

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

On October 9, the Anarcha-Queer Feminist House Project at Liebig Strasse 34 is to be evacuated. Another eviction that joins a long list of forced evictions and displacement processes of recent years, which are always enforced with all violence and political will, no matter what government. Just like the “Schwarzer Kanal” car park, which resided on the banks of the Spree on Michaelkirchstraße until 2010.

Today, Kreuzberg is the figurehead for marketing strategies to attract nouveau riche and technology companies. And what is still missing there is of course nothing other than luxury apartments and start-up offices. So even this last fallow area of the former car park is disappearing beneath the concrete. Pressure to perform, competition and smart separation are promising. The Elements, as the construction project is called, is being implemented by the Swiss construction company Implenia, which recently achieved some notoriety for its involvement in the new prison building in Basel.

Whoever came up with this name in his or her styled office, whoever is responsible for the construction in the executive suites and political rooms – let them know that we are not forgetting the history that this place actually tells us. Just try to bury it with your diggers, it continues to grow between us and in other places. These are the moments when we discussed at the fire bucket and laughed under trees. Moments when we met in places like these, became rebellious and organized against the monotony and cruelty of the conditions that surround us.

We have no hope in the political theater of parliaments. Politics puts its protective hand over capital and sends its willing henchmen to beat us out of our homes if the law so wishes. There can be no dialogue, because the rulers have long since made it clear where they stand. Innumerable occupations of the last years have been mercilessly cleared away. Tenants are thrown onto the street in the middle of a pandemic, while at the same time there is talk of consideration. There is actually no more dishonest way of doing things.

Well, we will not leave this eviction unanswered either. Because what we are left with is solidarity and the knowledge that we can strike back at any time. Like last night, when we used incendiary devices to torch two excavators at the construction site of “The Elements”. Maybe you should think about the four elements again, fire doesn’t seem to get you very well at least.


Some chaotics

Translation from IMC DE.

More solidarity actions here.

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Bath, UK: Solidarity Burn for the Six Arrested 5G ‘Orange’ Arsonists in France

Monday, September 28th, 2020

FR | Bath (UK) : Incendie en solidarité avec les six inculpé.e.s de l’attaque d’une antenne 5G en France

We torched an Orange mast in the South West; a few miles outside of Bath (UK), to show that we too despise the dodgy technology that promises to enhance our futures, while imprisoning our minds. Solidarity with the six comrades who were arrested for an arson attack on an Orange relay 5-SFR antenna that was burnt in the industrial zone of Douai-Dorignies, France.

Act locally, give solidarity globally….

….especially solidarity with those on the streets across the world who have resisted lock-downs, and pushed beyond the mediated options of social media, to physically attack the racist police, and all the structures that support them.

See you on the streets. Stay safe, stay rowdy.

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ES/EN – Santiago, Chile: Barricadas previo a octubre y en memoria del compañero Javier Recabarren

Monday, September 28th, 2020

Santiago, Chile: Barricades before October and in memory of comrade Javier Recabarren

On the eve of October – when the protests against Piñera’s government are expected to resume – and at the end of Black September, barricades were erected in commemoration of all those who were arrested, disappeared, murdered, mutilated and imprisoned before and during the revolt that began almost a year ago.

Pamphlets were thrown and a canvas was hung in memory of the young fighter Javier Recabarren, who lost his life after being run over by a Transantiago bus. Javier was a vegan, hooded, anti-species, animal lover and a fellow fighter who fought tirelessly until his death.

Recorded by the comrades of Photographic Front

Some date, some places.
Santiago, Black September/Antispeciesist 2020.

Santiago, Chile: Barricadas previo a octubre y en memoria del compañero Javier Recabarren

En vísperas de octubre -en el que se espera que se retomen las protestas contra el gobierno de Piñera- y términos de Septiembre Negro. Se levantaron barricadas en conmemoración por todos/as lxs detenidxs desaparecidxs, las asesinadas, lxs mutiladxs y las encarceladas antes y durante la revuelta que se inició hace casi un año.

Se lanzaron panfletos y se colgó un lienzo en memoria del joven combatiente Javier Recabarren, que perdió su vida tras ser atropellado por un bus del Transantiago. Javier era vegano, encapuchado, antiespecista, amante de los animales y un compañero que luchó incansablemente hasta su muerte.

Registro por lxs compas de Frente Fotográfico.

Alguna fecha, algunos lugares.
Santiago, Septiembre Negro/Antiespecista 2020.

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France: Vincennes (Val-de-Marne) – Fire at night in front of Vincennes Castle – EN/FR

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

The world has heard, through their direct consequences and through worried voices in the media, of a large number of arson attacks on communication infrastructure. Independent and biased demands have long since drawn the image of clandestine rebel activities, not only on French territory, against a society of organized putrefaction. These activities are always thought of as complementary, never as a substitute for more visible, more reachable and yet equally radical struggles.

And now the state is trying, with a repressive blow against a few revolutionaries, to lighten the darkness a little. 14 people are accused of having organized themselves to systematically sabotage the relay antennas (https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2020/09/10/haut-rhin-quatorze-mises-en-examen-pour-neuf-incendies-dantennes-relais/). We are far from giving credit to the information from the police, because it is a common practice of the oppressors to project their fantasies and fears onto a few officially elected ones and to brand them with the violence of justice. This is done in order to make examples at any cost. This method is called terror.

Although we may not believe in the propaganda of the State, we are sure that the practice and organization of violence from below has once again become a reality and a necessity. Mass gatherings of people in the struggle against the state and capitalism and their dynamics are necessarily subject to fluctuations. We have seen how the state apparatus as a whole can be shaken by a wave of collective rage when it underestimates its enemies. And we have seen and experienced in our own flesh and blood what this state has done when it has observed the problem and tackled it with scientific precision: it has invested money in its forces of law and order and freed them from almost all control, until they are once again in a position to massacre the population. Many of them have, unfortunately but with good reason, been taken off the streets for the moment. (more…)

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Bradford, UK: The 90th Mobile Phone Mast Goes Up In Flames

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

via: Sans Nom

At around 4am during the night of Thursday September 10, in Otley Road, Bradford (West Yorkshire), a pylon topped with a 5G antenna was set on fire. The fire lit at the foot of the pylon rose right to the summit, destroying everything along the way.

The next day. Given the structural damage to the pylon, it had to be cut in three and disassembled. At least 90 mobile phone antennas have been sabotaged [in the UK] since April and the last period of lockdown, often by fire, according to official figures.

As has now become customary in some countries, vultures and State parrots immediately jumped on the hypothesis of conspiratorial opponents to 5G, while this attack is anonymous and there are plenty of other reasons for taking on this kind of telecommunication structure.

These devices contribute to alienation and the alimentation of this techno-scientific world, that empties our existence and perfects the exercise of power through control. Against all viruses, including that of the technological pandemic, fire is in any case a good remedy. Next!

[summary from the English press, 11 September 2020]

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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Barcelona, Spain: Claim for an Incendiary Attack Against Mobile Phone Antenna

Monday, September 14th, 2020

ES | Barcelona, España: Adjudicación de atentado incendiario contra antena telefónica
FR | Barcelone (Espagne) : Incendie d’une antenne-relais
Technological domination is a giant with feet of clay. All it takes is a little bit of determination and caution to make it wobble. On the night of August 31st we set fire to a mobile phone antenna in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona).
Solidarity and complicity with all those who walk with their heads held high, both inside and outside the prisons.
And long live anarchy!

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