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Support Nicole Vosper – Green Anarchist / SHAC Prisoner

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Nicole is a green anarchist with an irrepressible love for the wild. She has been fighting for animal communities since she was a child, starting her first animal rights group at school aged 10. Nicole has been vegan since she was 14 years old to nourish her body, revitalize the land, rivers and forests and end the mass domestication and exploitation of animals of which modern-day meat eating is based upon. (more…)

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Solidarity with imprisoned eco-struggle farmers in Java, Indonesia

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Once again we have to face another obstacle in stopping the corporation from destroying our environment, cultural and economy. Together with the plan to built the cement factory in Pati, Central Java that caused lots of conflicts and problems among local people because the factory will be built on the North Kendeng mountain where are most rivers and lakes are located, the authorities has arrested nine farmers and activists that join the protest. (more…)

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Legal process against Nazi-skin eco-camp attack (Russia)

Monday, May 18th, 2009

The case of the nazi-skinheads’ attack of the environmental protest camp
in Angarsk was passed to the juvenal court

Special juvenal court will consider the criminal case about attack by
Nazi-skinheads of the environmental protest camp near Angarsk town (in
Eastern Siberia) which happened summer 2007. The anti-fascist from
Nachodka (Far East) Ilya Borodaenko perished after being seriously
injured. The court will consider 45 volumes of the criminal case on a
charge of 20 young men, 11 of which were not 18 years old at the moment
of attack. (more…)

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