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Insurrectionalist Anarchism (Part One) – Alfredo Maria Bonanno

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

In this previously untranslated and unreleased Elephant Editions pamphlet, Alfredo Maria Bonanno attempts, in conflict with his better judgement, to set out the fundamental elements of insurrectionalist anarchism anatomically. This first section released here forms part of a larger body of work by Alfredo, which is translated by Jean Weir, which will appear in the future with Part Two, and also with previously untranslated and unreleased material as a full book. Until then, let this sharpen your thoughts and actions.

Original title: Anarchismo insurrezionalista, Edizioni Anarchismo, “I libri di Anarchismo” N. 10 June 1999

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Out Now! 325 #7 – An Insurgent Anti-Prison Zine of Social War & Anarchy

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Fresh from the frontlines and hot off the press, the seventh issue of the rebellious and anarchic zine known as ‘325’ is out now. For 5 years this publishing project has existed and thanks are due to all those who have contributed a letter, article, report, stone, barricade, molotov and flame of insight.

The second issue produced by the Anti-Copyright Network since the start of 2009, clocking in at 88 pages of photocopier friendly black & white, the PDF is listed here for your reading, consideration and replication.

325 #7 Features “International Resistance News”, “Conversation on Affinity Groups, Intermediate Struggle and Insurrection”, “Texts from the Greek Insurrection”, “Why a Vanguard? The Organisational Question”, “Insurrectionalist Anarchism – Informal Organisation”, “Letter from Francesco Gioia”, “Germany 2009 – An Overview”, “Agitations in Italian Prison”, “Attack the Arms Factories – Solidarity with the EDO defendants”, “About the Prison Revolt in Caxias, Portugal”, “Letter from Vigo”, “A Tale of Sand, & Those Who Feed From It”, “Black Bloc Communique, Strasborg anti-Nato”, “In Gaza Like Everywhere”, “Secrets & Lies”, “Repression & Reports” + an extensive section about the anarchist resistance in Chile, an exclusive excerpt from the new Elephant Editions book, “Adios Prison” by Juan Jose Garfia (as spoken by Xose Tarrio) and much, much more.

Available from switched on people, groups, social centres and squats across Europe and Beyond! If it doesn’t appear in your area take the initiative to copy some up from the PDF or contact us to arrange distribution – We mail out individual copies and bulk, there is no minimum order, you’ll also get a few stickers, posters and whatever other free publications we have to hand.

Our new website is online and beginning to gather steam, keep an eye fixed for updates, new PDF zines, reports, communiques and articles coming soon…

Anti-Copyright Network (Nameless Hardcore Unknowns)

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