About a robbery in Greece (Free Alfredo & Christos!)

October 28th, 2009

They’re old things, from another century. Two anarchists get arrested after a bank job. The first robbed it, gun in hand. They say the second helped him, holding the money. It happened in a small Greek village, this past October 1. And so? There are things that happen. And then that is a far away country, with an incomprehensible and untranslatable language. Who do you want to be interested in it? Read the rest of this entry »

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Against the Hallmark Nickel Project (Philippines)

October 28th, 2009

Information about destructive mining project in Mati, Davao, Philippines.

From anarchists in Philippines involved in resistance:

“Autonomous resistance against eco-destruction and social turmoil carried out by capital needs to develop unbounded and analyzed upon creating a revolutionary plight in reclaiming direct control towards freedom- liberatory space and unconstrained desire and capacity beyond the bondages of imagination to put into action -without compromise. The struggle against domination, the enemy- state, capital and religion acquiring and exploiting the earth landscape as extractable resources manifests the ever-growing contagious outbreak of various oppositional elements and social conventions concealed within the legal framework and morality of lobbying, servitude and pacifism until natural life is mechanically being reduced and controlled into the hands of conservation experts, scientists and sustainable management schemes as a means of reaction to such atrocious events. Ideological dogma, reformism and centralized administrative structures often becomes the product of deeds and academic indoctrination consequently suppressing the burning rage of defiance and revolt against the social order and ecological havoc maintained by the ruling forces. Such logic is inflicting coercion over other life forms- a totalitarian mindset taking place within the driving stages and development of social experimentation and control”.

The Hallmark Nickel Project is one of the 23 priority mining projects that are part of the Philippines government’s 2004 Minerals Action Plan. Spearheaded by President Arroyo, the plan aims to revitalize the Philippine mining industry and encourage foreign investment as a driver for national development. Hallmark demonstrates the complexity of international mining projects and the challenges in ensuring sufficiently high social and environmental standards are met by international mining companies and their joint venture partners. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eco-Struggle in Kulon Progo – Solidarity Needed (Indonesia)

October 28th, 2009

For more background on the community of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia and their resistance to the planned Iron Mine on their land see: 325 #7

We hope that comrades from abroad can make a solidarity action for the farmers of Kulon Progo and make a presence to the nearest Indonesian Embassy regarding this case. Our dear comrades of Kulon Progo are in one spirit with us. They are our friends in struggle and daily lives. A recent statement from the Sultan of Yogyakarta dictates that they will continue this megaproject and so the consequences are more repression to come. But for sure, from recent gathering and since the beginning of resistance, the Kulon Progo’s peasants remained determined in their resistance and ready for the next social war. This is just a beginning.

For a video from the news media, see this video

Thousands of Kulon Progo Farmers Resist Corporate Evil, Fighting the Police.

This morning (Monday, 20th October 2009), around 2000 coastal farmers connected to PPLP (Paguyuban Petani Lahan Pantai = Shoreline Farmers’ Association), took to the street in front of the office of the mayor of Kulon Progo, in the town of Wates. Twenty-eight trucks full of farmers, who wanted to convey their wholehearted rejection of the planned project to mine iron sands, arrived to demonstrate at the public consultation event. They were in the mood for action, just as they had already carried out many times before. Read the rest of this entry »

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Open Letter from Christos to the Minister of Justice (Greece)

October 26th, 2009

Christos Stratigopoulos is a Greek anarchist who recently got arrested for bank robbery together with Italian anarchist Alfredo Bonnano. They are both in prison

Christos Stratigopoulos, detainee in the Amfissa prisons, wrote the following letter on the 9th of October 2009. The letter was registered to the Minister of Justice, Mr. Ch. Kastanides.

Honourable Minister Mr. Kastanides

I am an anarchist detainee in the Amfissa prisons, where I have arrived recently. Obviously, you can understand that today, I have the same relation to socialism as you have to antiauthoritarianism. I am telling you this because just yesterday, I heard on the television news that Mr. Giorgos Papandreou* urged his new ministers to “act as antiauthoritarians towards authority”.

As for myself, I was always a supporter of actions and not of vague talk. This is the reason for me to be incarcerated right this moment and not of course because of my beliefs. Read the rest of this entry »

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News from Berlin (Germany)

October 25th, 2009

This weekend was heavier than normal in Berlin.

The temporary release of left radical prisoners Alex and Christoph bouyed spirits in the German capital. The comrades were imprisoned on separate charges of arson following the autonomous days of action for free spaces. They were granted temporary release this week after both trials collapsed over lack of evidence. In the vicinity of a solidarity party for prisoners a car was burnt and the attending officers were greeted by stones (unconfirmed). On Saturday night the police were attacked on two seperate occasions in Kreuzberg. Near Schlecses Tor they were attacked with bottles and then again on Kopernicker Strasse with stones.

Four police cars were damaged in the latter attack including one civil cop car. In other parts of the city three cars were burnt. The antagonism between the police and the left radical scene continues to grow….

Alex and Christoph still face trial but they are not confined to prison in the meantime.

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Amadeu Casellas stops hunger strike after 100 days (Catalunya)

October 24th, 2009

Amadeu Casellas has confirmed that last Wednesday the 21st of October he abondoned his hunger strike which had lasted 100 days. He began the action on the 15th of July this year. The same Wednesday after two major complications he was practically in a coma.
He decided to stop the hunger strike and signed the authorization of the judge for the authorities to attend to him and allow him recover.

In these moments he is undergoing tests to determine the general state of his major organs after the hunger strike. His sugar levels do seem to have normalised. So far he has been able to take liquid soups and today a yogurt.


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Shipyard workers and Anarchists clash with police in Poznan (Poland)

October 24th, 2009

Clashes in Poznan over fired workers

Clashes in Poznan over fired workers

On 23rd October almost 4,000 workers from different trade unions took part in a demonstration in defence of their workplaces. About 500 people are going to be fired from the Cegielski factory due to the so-called economic crisis. Anarchists and members of anarcho-syndicalist trade union Wokers’ Initiative also took part in the protest.

The demonstrtors first gathered on the premises of the factory and then moved towards the Provincial Office. The bloc of Workers’ Initiative and Sierpien ’80 together with the anarchists was chanting slogans such as “Government out to the pavement, paving stones on the government”, “One, two, three, four, stop those damn dismissals”, “A worker dismissed, a boss hanged”, “Capitalism isn’t working! factories under the control of workers” etc. Rhythms of Resistance samba group from Poznan supported the demo with their rhythms. A banner saying “A worker dismissed, a boss hanged” was dropped from one building on the route of the demo.

When the demonstration reached the Provincial Office, the leaders of Solidarnosc trade union (which organized the demonstration) were declaring a radical fight in defence of the workplaces and even “burning the office”, at the same time they were buring car tyres. When the anarchists joined the shipyard workers in the back of the office building clashes with the police broke out, then the shipyard workers retreated as they were told to by their leaders.

After the demonstration had finished, the cops on horses surrounded a group of anarchists and WI activists, also those from Cegielski factory and took their I.D.s. At the same time one of the WI activists interrupted a live TV interview given by the boss of Solidarnosc and said “The members of our union are being nicked over there, and people from Solidarnosc are doing nothing about it, where is your solidarity??!!”. This event was trasmitted live to the public TV news. None of the demonstrators was arrested. Three cops and one unionist got injured and hospitalized.

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Attack on Berlin police station claimed in solidarity with German and Greek Prisoners (Germany)

October 22nd, 2009

13 October 2009 : From the German press: Unknown persons attacked a police station in Lichtenberg and created high damages. Nobody got injured. Clearly the perpretrators acted in solidarity with people who are in prison accused of arsons on cars. State security investigates.

Around 12.30 the group showed up in front of the police station and smashed several windows with stones, afterwards they lighted smokebombs, their smoke reached the inner part of the building through the damaged windows. Also they left some calthrops on the streets which damaged the police cars who wanted to search for the authors, who instead could flee away. The police first arrested three persons in the area but had to release them quite fast. Civil cops found a bag in the near of the action containing flyers who had a connection to the ongoing arsons on cars.

The following claim was published recently on the internet:

„At first we want to condemn of again innocent passer-byers who just finish in the search-framework – an arrest we read in the press about. Now follow informations about the attack on the police station in the Rathaustr. in Berlin Lichtenerg in the night from the 13 to the 14 of October: solidarity knows no borders…

You keep our comrades Masouras, Hadjimichelakis and Yospus prisoners in Athens. You took Christoph T. And Alexandra R. in general preventive kidnapping, you want to make an example with the prisoners of the first of May, you organised a farce process against alleged members of the MG, therefore we visited you. In solidarity with all the ones who are on our side of the barricade and take action against your social terror-control ansd your anti-insurrection combating. A special greeting goes to Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos, kept in pre-trial detention in Greece.

We do not know borders and we will hit your agencies everywhere”

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Once again the Police show their true colors – Nicosia (Cyprus)

October 14th, 2009

In the evening of 10th October (Saturday) like almost every Saturday of the past 6 months a street party was taking place at Phaneromenis Square. Never has there been any problem and people always had fun without them ending on a false note. The party was going well with over 200 people attending. People were dancing, laughing and having fun.

At some point people realized that 3 individuals in formal clothes were beating 2 young individuals who were on the ground. This took place in a corner in the courtyard of church. Flowingly, various people gathered to see what was going on. Subsequently the 3 individuals in formal clothes were proven to be policemen on duty… Read the rest of this entry »

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Insurrectionalist Anarchism (Part One) – Alfredo Maria Bonanno

October 13th, 2009

In this previously untranslated and unreleased Elephant Editions pamphlet, Alfredo Maria Bonanno attempts, in conflict with his better judgement, to set out the fundamental elements of insurrectionalist anarchism anatomically. This first section released here forms part of a larger body of work by Alfredo, which is translated by Jean Weir, which will appear in the future with Part Two, and also with previously untranslated and unreleased material as a full book. Until then, let this sharpen your thoughts and actions.

Original title: Anarchismo insurrezionalista, Edizioni Anarchismo, “I libri di Anarchismo” N. 10 June 1999

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Attack in Solidarity with Amadeu Casellas, Barcelona (Catalunya)

October 9th, 2009

5 October 2009 : Anarchist prisoner Amadeu Casellas is over 85 days in hungerstrike. Unknown rebels in Barcelona acting in solidarity with Amadeu have attacked the Catalan Police Force, Mossos D’Esquadra, who are known for their hatred of anarchists and the okupa (squatting) movement. Here is the communique used to claim the action:

“On the dawn of Monday 5 of October we decided to attack the Mossos. Amadeu, companion, we are with you. The situation: Carmel, workers district of Barcelona. The urbanistic chaos of the pro-Franco development policy created hundreds of districts like this, all decided by the state. Narrow streets, multiple stairs and drawing up roads without apparent order, with anticipation of that and knowledge of the terrain, it is a perfect scene for an ambush. The method: Containers burn in the street and a call warns the Mossos of the event. With luck a little patrol arrives at the place in 5 minutes. They get out of the car and they approach the containers and a rain of stones falls on them from a street that is at a level superior, to about 2 meters. The result: Both police agents flee terrified down the street looking for refuge. The windows of the patrol car are burst the same. The ingenuous security that characterizes them we saw once again cut short. One of the things that we can learn from our Greek friends is that with determination and creativity we can overcome any obstacle.

For the extension of the class struggle.

For the destruction of all prisons.”

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Call Out for Anti-2010 Olympics Solidarity! Oct 29th – 31st 2009

October 8th, 2009

International Call Out for Direct Action:

“Our struggles come from before 2010 and will reach beyond!”

This is a call out for direct action and solidarity. At the end of October, the Olympic Torch will come from Greece to Canada.

As we’ve seen here in BC, the true project of the Olympics is the enhancement capitalism, colonization and social control. New surveillance infrastructure and the training of police and security forces in counter-insurgency here will be exported around the world. The Olympics effects us all, the world over.

Direct action, disruptions or confrontations generally and against the torch relay can be part of a strategy to discourage economic development, exploitation and destruction of people and the land in “British Columbia.”

Between October 29-30th, (and beyond) we welcome acts of solidarity in the form of whatever makes the most sense for your context.

From everywhere in the world let these acts strengthen our common rebellion! Read the rest of this entry »

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Amadeu Casellas again over 80 days on hungerstrike – Solidarity now! (Catalunya)

October 8th, 2009

Amadeu Casellas is a prisoner who has spent more than 25 years in jail due to his participation in dozens of bank robberies, helping with that money to the funding of worker’s struggles in the late 1970’s. None of his felonies involved blood crimes. Amadeu has always been a committed and active person, participating in many actions, in the streets as well as in prisons.

When he was 14, in 1973, working at a factory, he discovered anarchism. He believed in the armed struggle and in essential revolution. In 1976 he robbed the Banco Mercantil de Manresa. During the next two and a half years he robbed more than 50 other banks. In 1979 he enters prison and is welcomed with a brutal beating. During all the time he has spent jailed, he has participated in many hunger strikes and other types of protests, he has sewed his lips and has made countless denouncements: about the prices inside prison, against the irregularities and exploitation of the inmates work, against the faking of blood analysis or penitentiary reports… All of this has caused him many  “first grades” (isolation) and transfers from prison to prison, with the intention to make him give up. He has reported abuses of prisoners rights and of the entire prison system. Read the rest of this entry »

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Freedom for Alfredo and Christos – Comrades arrested in Greece

October 4th, 2009

Well-known Italian anarchist Alfredo M. Bonanno and Greek anarchist Christos Stratigopoulos have been arrested in Trikala, central Greece, on suspicion of carrying out an armed robbery at a local bank. Police sources definitively named the men as Alfredo M. Bonanno, 72, and Christos Stratigopoulos, 46. Bonanno has served 18 months in jail for his essay called “Armed Joy” and was also given a six-year term in 2003 in the farce of the “Marini Trial”.

According to police, Stratigopoulos carried out the robbery at a branch of Piraeus bank on Thursday. He forced employees to hand over 46,900 euros, which he then apparently handed to Bonanno, who was waiting outside in a rented car. A witness noted the license plate of the vehicle and informed the police, who stopped the car on a road leading to Kalambaka. Officers found the stolen cash in the vehicle.

Alfredo and Christos are being held in the prison of Amfissa, Greece.

Christos has been charged with robbery, Alfredo with concourse in robbery.

Lawers are making a request for house arrest for Alfredo for health reasons.

The comrades can receive mail addressed to:


Solidarity benefits are being organised in Greece and elsewhere. Comrades
wishing to contribute to solidarity fund should contact this email address
for bank details.


In struggle with Alfredo and Christos and all those against this world of
prisons and banks

Solidarity action – Freedom to Alfredo & Christos!

On Friday October 2 at about 8.15pm, a low-intensity bomb went off only a few meters away from the podium where Prime Minister Karamanlis was delivering his last speech, signalling the end of the pre-election period (elections are on Sunday the 4th).

The “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” claimed responsibility with a communiqué published on Athens IMC. The writers of the communiqué deny the previous police claims to have arrested 4 members of the organisation, whilst another 6 remained on the run. The “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” describe the placing of the bomb in detail and send their revolutionary greetings to Alfredo Bonnano and his 46-year old Greek comrade, Christos Stratigopoulos, both arrested and charged with a bank robbery in the northern city of Trikala on Thursday.

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